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Marsey also went on Fox News this week

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Added to the sidebar and granted the badge. Fucking hilarious and topical!


Since I'm pizza-awarded, let me use this opportunity to plug my smugpost on r/redditalternatives, namely this one: Feel free to join the party.




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"I would love to teach-"

"Teach! Well, what would you teach, Marsey?"

"Well, drama mostly-"



“Well of course. He was one of the most prolific Black writers of all time”




Loved how our girl kept chanting "Black Lives Matter" and demand reparations so she can "hit it big at dem slot machines". The in-depth excursion on why exactly white women fuck dogs was also great, but I don't know if I would've spent 45 minutes on that. Sadly I think she lost most of the audience when she insisted all white men should be force-fed estrogen and become sissies for black bulls. All in all it was a pretty good interview even though she was clearly as high as a kite!

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My favourite moment was when Jesse brought up r/friendsofbrian and Marsey went crazyeyed and started screaming shit like 'you're in on it with the bear!' and 'he cant keep getting away with it!' at him.

Great drama, but i'm not sure it was good pr for our movement.

:marseygeesepat: he cant keep gettinh away with it! HE CANT KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT!!!





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You see Jesse, the problem whit this country is the lack of bussy



!slots100 !blackjack100

!slots100 !blackjack100

How would a journ*list even react to the average non-agendaposting dramanaut? How do you respond to "dude (mans anus) lm*o?"

The man above me is a groomer.


Your drop trou, obviously

And if you dont youre obviously gay.



Also that room is way to brightly lit. Doreen likes it gloomy.

♻ Devez-vous vraiment imprimer ce courriel ? Pensons à l'environnement ! ♻

Where getting too popular where gonna have to create even more cryptic normanclature

*poplar *crate *triptych

trans lives matter


Marsey would take off if she ever got wife exposure. Every post Ive featured her in on reddit she was universally loved.



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:#marseysheepdog: :#chudsey:

:#marseysheepdog: :#chudsey:

Keep glowing, Queen! :marseylove:

With all this I'm worried we're forgetting about our favorite train janny and the bardfinn counter might get too high.

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We’re never in danger of forgetting our queen

@Marsey good job girl!!

that guy is wearing some shit around his eyes though. I swear i can see eyeliner and concealer

isn't that the norm for tv cute twinks?

I assume everyone on tv is positively caked

Jesse really needs to cool it on the makeup