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Just a friendly reminder that a furry made the moderna jab

I’m Unironically shocked 😯

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86 comments of rightoid neurodivergency and not a single proof the furry is involved with vaccine in any way.

This is why you simp for #TeamPfizer

Trans lives matter


Who knew that the devil's lettuce was the cure all along?

@KAT_B0T just don’t even see how liberals aren’t even somewhat skeptical. These people have alway ran shit, they just blue now. I’d have been a Democrat in the early 2000/90s back for sure, @KAT_B0T truly hate Republicucks even now, but it’s literally the only thing opposing these ‘people’. @KAT_B0T don’t see how y’all do it tbh

Trans lives matter

No. Please no :platyfear:

Love em or hate em this is why pfizer wins

Well what is the world now



That's whack good thing I got the SinoVacc

Chink poster, I’m gonna guess Canada? :marseythinkorino:

calling me a leaf

Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo!

No, “research chemicals” import Set a crook to catch a crook afterall

Lol wut

All the rightoids were wrong, it wasnt the jews who were going to rule the world, it was the beastmen :marseypearlclutch:

Its not like he was the sole researcher there

Furries are just :marseytrans::marseytrain:s, so it makes sense when they put on their bioprogramming suits they gain :marseyautism:

OH FUCK. Can I get this shit taken out of me now?



So a rich successful furry made a vaccine that's saved thousands of lives? Maybe if you make fun of him it'll distract yourself from your own personal failures!

Rightoids are obsessed with idpol and don't understand what causes stuff like this, my mom thinks doctors are fake because 🚂🚃🚃s exist.

Conveniently you only ever see rightoids assume stuff like this makes you dumb, but the rich guy that thinks the earth is 6k years old and can't do basic math is actually fine.


Sorry sweaty the vaccines are fake and/or made by trump to control the population

yikes, antivaxx conspiracy theory? 4chan is down the hall, hun.

With how many furries there are in tech and science it really makes me wonder if there’s any Silicon Valley CEOs or billionaires that are secretly furries.

marissa mayer

This is why only trust sexy Indian dudes with tech shit, Its either furrys or currys.

He often integrates his furry lifestyle into his real-life activities, and has held job interviews at furcons, and has worn fursuits to his workplaces and offices.

Imagine the ceo of your company shows up to work wearing a fursuit and everyone just has to pretend its normal. Incredibly based

God I want to fucking strangle all of you

I love you too bb :wolfroses: