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Gay chad hates cute twinks
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tbh not liking the aesthetic of something is probably the slightest slight you could make against it. it's a shame that gay dudes are encouraged to embrace more feminine aspects of the culture rather than listening to village people's macho man, getting really buff then getting your neghole pozzed

That's basically prison, lmao. Nothing to do but lift all day and blast bussy. It explains the resurgence of buck breaking.

You say you don't like wearing bright colors and rainbows despite being gay, even claiming that it's not due to internalized homophobia.

Let me write you a novella of :marseylongpost: :marseylongpost: :marseylongpost: of how it's actually a result internalized homophobia to not dress like that

then they came for the straggots and i did not speak out because i was not a straggot

I would definitely bum this man just out of sheer respect and admiration.

Take my semen up your arse, king.

I feel the same way, and what sucks even more is that somehow I've been conditioned so that if I don't act like a whore, I start to rag on myself about possibly being an incel. Trust me when I say it's a super shitty, unhealthy thought pattern.

Literally me. The only rainbow for me is:


I thought liking garish gaudy garbage was what made people gay

How about you suck my dick? I have an advanced engineering degree, speak 3 languages at near native level, know 6 high level programming languages at an advanced level, am a C++ metaprogramming guru, can do software design and architecture, have written kernel modules, know both analog and digital electronics, have programmed FPGAs, can even do fucking webdev and REST APIs if someone asks me, am a one man devops team and know Kubernetes, can do ML, am a decent scrum master, hell I can probably even fuck your wife better than you do.