:#marseywholesome: :#marseywholesome: :#marseytrain: :#marseytrain: :#marseytrain: :#marseyscooter: :#marseyscooter: :#marseyscooter: Alright Dramatards, TIME TO VOTE! :!marseyridin: :marseymagahat: I have found FIVE (:5:) ARTISTS :marseyemo: on DeviantArt :marseypainter: but I can only pay to commission one :marseyohno: THE ARTIST WITH THE MOST VOTES WILL MAKE THE NEXT HIGH-EFFORT MARSEY CAT GIRL ILLUSTRATION :marseycatgirl: :marseycatgirl3: :marseycatgirl2: - rDrama site banner
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Alright Dramatards, TIME TO VOTE! :!marseyridin: :marseymagahat: I have found FIVE (:5:) ARTISTS :marseyemo: on DeviantArt :marseypainter: but I can only pay to commission one :marseyohno: THE ARTIST WITH THE MOST VOTES WILL MAKE THE NEXT HIGH-EFFORT MARSEY CAT GIRL ILLUSTRATION :marseycatgirl: :marseycatgirl3: :marseycatgirl2:




  • Korean :marseypoorpat:
  • Fledgling artist, so not only would she be eager, but we could help jumpstart her career
  • Limited posts show decent but consistent art quality


  • Hasn't actually stated whether she'd accept commissions or not
  • Fledgling artist, so she might lack the skill to do Marsey OC :marseysweating:
  • Only 3 posts

ARTIST 2: Yunann



  • Good at drawing developed adolescents - perfect for Marsey
  • Large portfolio
  • Only 500 watchers so she's up and coming


  • Westerner :marseysick:
  • Art seems to vary in quality

ARTIST 3: Eloru



  • Large portfolio
  • Consistent quality
  • Exceptional in details and embellishment


  • Westerner :marseysick:
  • All of this chick's faces have the same overly neotenous features that look more childlike than adolescent




  • She from Thailand! :marseyluckycat:
  • Consistent quality
  • Alternate art style from others - soft like Marsey's heart


  • They/Them pronouns :marseysick: probably a ladyboy :!marseyfemboy: (wait is this a con?)
  • Seems keen on using chromatic aberration
  • Art is good but not great, nothing that eyecatching

ARTIST 5: ShimayaEiko



  • Massive portfolio, Marsey would be in safe and experienced hands
  • Consistent quality
  • Art quality is exceptional across the board, is capable of doing multiple styles
  • Latvian :marseypoor:


  • 5 thousand watchers holy shit
  • Probably has a ton of other commissions already in queue
  • Was once a brony :!marseypony:


UPDATE: Artist 1 flaked, Artist 2 responded and is underway!

Jump in the discussion.

No email address required.

Give 1$ to Chapose to draw some more degenerate shit and the other 299 to Aevann

This tbh


All Democrats are bastions of purity and wisdom while all Republicans are Adolf Voldemort.

:#marseyyes: :#marseyridin:

:#marseyno: :#marseymagahat:








So basically, all dramatards should vote republican.

Even the Russian ones


ESPECIALLY the Russian ones.

None of these artists ("artists") have ever draw non-humanoid characters, the commission will look like shit no matter who you pick


It's gonna be a Cat Girl not an actual cat. Like this:




I've searched for 2 hours man, I'm going to bed. If you can find artists on Deviantart that could do what you are thinking of - not an emoji but full-blown original art of Marsey the Cat in a unique yet faithful style - link me.


These are all cringe

Look mate I spent the last 2 hours browsing deviantart and 90% of it is anime, landscapes, and porn. Couldn't really find someone with a style that I believed would suit a cartoon marsey, let alone any watercolor style that was exceptional

If you want a marsey that is in the traditional marsey style, look for people who make twitch emotes, not deviantartist foids

I'm not looking for traditional style. I'm not commissioning for an emoji, but for potential sidebar art as well as assets that could be photoshopped out for future projects. If I wanted an emoji I'd just go to the emoji request megathread and offer dramacoin instead of my own hard earned USD.

Look mate I spent the last 2 hours browsing deviantart

That might have been a good place to check 10 years ago, but it's been shit for 10 years.

Bongs are idiots.

Is nothing sacred?

Number 6: @chiobu


He is one of the chinx so he obviously knows the style.

He was recently featured in :marseytrain: form on another post.

He makes neat marseys.



Obvious choice.


He was recently featured in :marseytrain: form on another post.

:marseyspit: what?!

thank you bb but I can't/won't do deviant art tier weeb stuff :marseyhomofascist:



Just a joke about you being this birthing person.


Fuck deviant art stuff, I found a more pressing issue for you to solve. There is no “marsey wink” for jokes. :marseyannoyed:

You interested in making a new marsey, for the right price, of course?

oh that :marseylaugh:

:marseythumbsup: marseywink = this wink but different pose?


I’m r-slurred, I not only forgot that one but I just realized the blow-kiss one I used is also winking lol.

One more dedicated to winking as a joke between dramatards I guess. You make nice animated marseys, maybe one that’s animated winking with a smile. Idk, you’re the artist, you’ll come up with something better than me.


i'll try, hit me up if i don't deliver in a few days cause my r-slurred brain forgets easily :marseyretard3:


No worries, take it easy this weekend and have fun with your BF or something.

Marseys are for the work days. :marseytroublemaker:


Korean :marseychingchong: so she's poor

Wait I though south korea is a rich country.

nope lol wagies are quite cucked


Korean wagies in the shipyards can go into wacko extreme labor action whenever they want. Actual chads just sitting on top of cranes refusing to work and enjoying the view while you're stuck in a cubicle. :marseywagie:

Yeah the cubicle wagies are cucked as hell, should have specified I was referring to them :marseylaugh:


She probably lives in the other Korea.

I don't think you can go on deviantart in Best Korea. Or use the internet at all, for that matter.

Flawless nation


Unironically the best decision I ever made was to do business with a Korean once based on absolutely nothing other than that I was an anti-mayo racist and Korean supremacist. Changed the entire course of my life. Always go with the 국.

Also if you're into weebshit, just look at Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children. Koreans are better at doing anime than 일본cels.

Koreans invested heavy into entertainment cos they have no natural resources lmao imagine having to make anime and twinks dance to eat

REEEEEEE that's not true the Park Chung-hee regime had a systematic plan to build an export-oriented economy from the 1960s. They went into textiles first, then gradually built up heavy industry like steel and chemicals and then shipbuilding, cars, electronics. Which was very controversial at the time and went against the prevailing wisdom of how poor countries should go for import substitution. They only started exporting their culture because it is objectively superior to the rest of the world and they wanted to help us learn how to be civilized.

Wait, you're not a mayo? :marseyspit:

I have to admit, I was assigned mayo at birth. :marseysad: I'm only trans-Korean.

Well, even though Im a balkanoid I've always been curious about the land of the yellow poon. Would you mind ranking the following yellow subtypes on a tierlist from S to F in order of overall competence?

-Mainland Chink -HK Chink -Singaporean -Jap -Best Korean -Worst Korean

  • South Korean - Noble, with a highly cultivated intellect and impeccable morality.

  • North Korean - Brutal and violent, but still have the soul of a Korean which counts for more than anything else.

  • Singaporean - Pretty based as far as Chinese go. Has a well-ordered society where only the guilty get their asses beaten.

  • Hong Kong - Often solve problems with kung fu or guns in both hands, which is quite based. Another high tier variant of Chinese but in danger of becoming extinct.

  • Chinese diaspora in SE Asia - Have a superior ricecel intellect but are somewhat suspect from being in proximity to jungle asians for too long.

  • Mainland Chinese - Trashy, always screaming at each other and getting in fights but not cool kung fu fights. Exact qualities depend on the province but these are low-to-mid tier asians.

  • Japanese - Not asian at all. These are a race of savage and disgusting dwarf pirates. The only things they are good at are being fierce and perverted.

Thank you for lending your expertise. You definitely should do a whole effortpost about this and expand upon it with a full tierlist.

It definitely wont trigger any dramatards :marseysmug2:

Good idea. I'll see if I can come up with some stereotypes about various kinds of people from SE Asia and add them too.


Don't forget to add some videos of their most r-slurred members which would obviously be an accurate representstion for their whole race :marseytroublemaker:

NNEMUINEKO has the most marsey compatible style imo


♻ Please consider the environment and print this comment ♻

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but chromatic aberration hurts to look at

Where's the non-weebshit options

I like #1 and #3 but I don't think the first one will be taking comms so I vote for the #3

You are a good artist so I value your opinion highly. Out of curiosity would you elaborate your thoughts on the artists? What do you see in 1 and 3 that isn't in the others that you think would make for a great commission for Marsey? What is something that I can look for here on out?

When I commission people some of things I look for is their style, their grasp on anatomy and the consistency in their art, out of the five options think the first one has the style I liked the most and the third one has the best anatomy + a really good use of effects and backgrounds. For the other 3 I feel they're either too inconsistent or they have some things in the style that turn me off, like the way they draw faces, hands/legs or the anatomy in general. However since we're talking about art these things are really subjective so what for me could be seen as a deal breaker for you it could be alright, so you should go for the one that you personally think is the best option as you're the one paying for it

Sorry I can't elaborate more on each artist but I'm bout to go to sleep and I'm on the phone so I don't really want to write much lol

Perfect ratio of face and boobs


Art hoes don't actually do anything artistic, they just adopt "artist bohemian" as a vapid aesthetic.

These are just socially awkward girls hunched over wacom tablets drawing anime boys tribbing

If you want non-westoids you should probably check skeb

spend it on rent.men and draw one urself or use ai art

Nigga theyre all animecute twinks

Number 3 will draw the best boobs

If you're still looking, I found some options on a quick twiter search:

https://chrvdcomms.carrd.co/#pricelist https://7sukasa.carrd.co/#about https://minoripinorin.carrd.co/#commission https://twitter.com/soratxn/status/1503531131265638402?t=nb5IgMyD4IqtfPt5Rl1w3A&s=19 https://twitter.com/eannagram/status/1509591030709952512?t=qqHjMvVz2iMoH7BUgcYLiA&s=19

If you search for twitter with "comms" or "cms" or "commissions" you can get some decent results. (If you need more help I can search deeper, I'm a big sperg that likes doing research)

That third one - Minori_Pinorin - is really good and shockingly cheap. The thing is I can't figure out how to order from her for a commission. I am in talks with Artist 5 atm but would commission this artist as well. Help a brother out?

Even though there isn't much, I like artist 1 the most. The others are little garish for my taste.

For anime style art, Pixiv is the best since all the japanese artists use it, at least before the exodus onto twitter (i think it had something to do with hentai/loli artists getting ya'lled). Pixiv requests is what you use to get comissions I think. I'm not an artcel so not entirely sure.

I vote 4, I think it's a necessity for Marsey to be drawn by a ladyboi, it's only right

> Japanese Cartoon art

> overly neotenous features

Say it ain't so. :marseyshook:

these are all men

brony girl

ask for a normal version and an abused version

I cannot elaborate on why i would pick one over the other without being relentlessly bullied for weebposting

What type of art is it we're looking for? I know some art people that might be interested

Interpretations of Marsey - either as a cartoon cat or as a cat girl (which Dramarama has done one that you can reference here).

Artist number 5 seems to be the best option. Please have her draw goatse marsey please

If you do this I will call you r-slurred

I'm already in talks with an artist


they all look the same

People actually still use deviantart?

Hello everyone! You can call me Semin

sold on the ladyboy NNEMUINEKO. gimme dat bussy!

@SergeLang like kapo because she's a poor asian girl and @SergeLang know what happens next

trans lives matter

I can't tell the difference between any of them, they're all amine girls they look the same

I instinctively clicked on the Latvian but after seeing they're all weebs, my real opinion is to not give any of them money :marseyno: :marseymacarthur: :marseychingchong:

Voting for a butthurt belter

The Lord would strike me down where I stand long before I would think to do so. Number 1 is the only correct option.

I vote for 5, because I support my eastern european brethren who also had so suffer from the muskal menace. :marseyblm:

She deserves the best, vote :5: :marseyvibing:

I picked the chick with the dick.

#1 is a scam. #2 is generic. #3 is meh. #4 is kinda better. #5 is the best of this shitty crap.

Thanks, OP.

:!marseycrusader: :!marseycrusader: :!marseycrusader: :!marseycrusader::space::marseysalad:

1 or 4 we need that authentic eastern autism

Artist 5 is Latvian, the only civilized slavic country.



im too drunk to read all this but where's the one that will draw a westie maresy

Whats westie. I'm not an artcel so I'm not familiar with that term

its a breed of dog and they are v cute



We already have this


lol that's actually pretty good

but not a westie

The difference between the two is a haircut.

typical cat person smh

Then what the fuck are you spending $300 on?

Top 5 things to spend your $300 (infinitely better than this colossally r-slurred shit)

  1. Me :marseyblowkiss:
  2. Making rDrama.net markdown less unusable.
  3. Buy like 4 jets for DCS
  4. Signed copy of Periphery II: This Time It's Personal
  5. T-19
  1. Me

Can you do art? There is actually a dramanaut here who oil paints and wanted to do a commission, but they are very expensive for what I'd get.

I can do m̷̦͔̲͕̫͑͊̀͊̾͝a̶̛̫̘̻̤͍̜̗̰̫̘̭͉͉͊̿͂͒͗͆͘͝͝n̴̢̢̡̛̲̟͔̭̞̪̩͖̞̟̗̈̓̔̈́̏̒̆̑̓͠ͅỵ̸̢̨̱̤̹͙̦͎̙̜͎͉͖͑̈́͒́̀͂̊̌̒̒̾̐̓̕ ̵̡̛͚̠͕̦͇̲͎͈͇̈́̾͌̉̎̈͋͐̎̏̓̈́̚̚ţ̵͚͔̙̫̼̪̙̼̎́̀̇̓͛̀̈́͘h̸͙̙͔͇͈̣́̒̿͜͜į̴̗̝͓̩̦̘̝͓̻͍̲̝͈̩̈́͌͘n̴̰̲̼̰͚̗̣͖̭͙̖̖͉̤̹̑͑͑͐͋g̴̹̫̃̔̒̏͋̆̓͝s̶̡̛̛̙̻͍͎̮͈̮̬̰̗̾͒̿̈̓̀̾̒̑́ but I make no promises as to how whether or not it will turn out well or even if you will get a Marsey when all is said and done.

i think 5 is the best, but all of them seem to have somthing off with their faces. Maybe its the noses


It would b e against our principles to choose someone other than the lady boy.

You can't deny the thai!

Who dat