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Activision score every character they create on a new diversity matrix

Every attribute is given a score from 1-10.

Reactions range from annoyed to mainly just baffled as Activision Blizzard once again stick their foot in it


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wtf this picture was posted here today


:marseysalat: emoji Slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them.Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites! :marseysalat: emoji

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Me on the right making rDrama the Videogame, Pizzashill is the final boss!


implying pizzashill can be deafted

Mfw After 20 hrs of fighting PS I finally bring his health to 0 and he enters his 2nd phase.


To win you must actually read the 170+comment chain he just posted and if you dont hurry it will keep growing :marseylongpost:


Problem Sleuth... Soul....

The good old days

boss music speeds up

What's the best strategy the pizza battle? Was thinking of starting with some sirens to raise his incel rage and drop defense

Hit him on the flashing part of his underbelly and then he gets vulnerable, after that just hit him with foid nonsense easy peasy

It's frustrating because you might have to respec. The unga bunga rightoid meme builds blow you through to endgame with no effort, but then pizza hard counters them. You have to play really evasive, don't commit to an actual position, and just poke at him until he throws out a big attack. Focus on dodging and then go for your punish. If you see him winding up Thousand Word Vomit just run away, It's too long to rely on your iframes unless you know how to exploit the AI.

It isn't very effective.

Act unimpressed, if he makes you angry he already won

the man has an answer for literally everything! definitely warehouse material :tayflex:

Whatever happened to that Marsey rpg someone was trying to make?

@McCoxmaul was too busy having sex to finish it.


God forbid. You know how rpgs and their fanbases end up right?

I'm a level 30 Bussymage.

Y no bussymancer

The best games were made by misogynistic metalhead alcoholics.

The foundational algorithms for literally every 3d first person video game was laid down by a coke and pussy fiend Ferrari enthusiast skinny white cis male who ate nothing but pepperoni pizza for twelve years in his Dallas penthouse office.


We stand on the shoulders of giants


Reported by:

My bible.


I bet the women you never bring over would love that shit

First off, I don't give a flying fuck what anybody I bring over thinks of my shit. This is my home, not a display village. And the twinks I bring back here are too busy sucking on my cock and/or biting my pillow to notice my awesome collection anyway.

Second, I don't own a single Funko Pop. Not a goddamn one.

Third, @August, this r-slur assumed I'm hetero so there's a good chance they are too.

Is that the guy from that shitty ubisoft hacking game?


You have bad taste in video games.

Watch Dogs was a genuinely good game. What the fuck do you play? Let me guess. DOTA. Apex Legends. Overwatch. Fortnite. Any weeb shit. Am I getting warm?

Im currently replaying Morrowind

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The dweebs of yesteryear look like chads in current year + 7 :marseydepressed:

So Doom? Lol

Someone make /r/LoveForJohnRomero

do people dislike John lol

Did you read that book Masters of Doom? Both Carmack and Romero seem cool as shit in there. (that's Hbomberguy's stream he joined and said it)

John Romero BTFO's chuds left and right :marseylibleft:

i guess coolness anywhere is an attack on dweebs everywhere :marseyshrug:

And afaik til this day John is still active on the COOM community and plays together with them.

Wolf3D you BIPOC.

Rightoid smuggies are shit 90% of the time and this is no exception

They're also correct 90% of the time :marseyagree:

Gayming BIPOCs deserve much worse tbh

This is why I play like zero western games

Japanese devs don't give a fuck about trying to be woke

Everytime I see this picture I think the πŸš‚πŸšƒπŸšƒ and the black guy are holding hands for a second which makes it even funnier

Are those grotesque abominations on the right supposed to sell this shit?



Yeah, it's easy.

Okay, gentlemen and foid, the game looks great, but according to our Diversity Space Tool, the characters could use some work. As you can see, we're only hitting a 26% on the BIPOC scale. Gotta get that to at least 39% because the US population is 13% black so of course multiply by 3. Fatass index is at 3/5 which is good, but the LoonyπŸš‚πŸšƒπŸšƒy scale is at an abysmal 60%. Needs to at least be at 78% for sales to soar. We've got one Male cute twink character, so that's enough for the legacy gays. Who am I forgetting? Oh right. The Foid Scale. It's sitting at 50% which seems fair but isn't. We should add more and pad them with more muscle mass. Call them ambiguously non-binary πŸš‚πŸšƒπŸšƒs or whatever and get them to kill the main character at the end, no alternative endings.

Okay, thanks bye~~!

and get them to kill the main character at the end, no alternative endings.




:marseysnowflake: :marseylaugh:

more muscle mass.

Muscle mommies😊

Bet a 100 dramacoin if you plugged Poochie into the model it would explode and release a radioactive mushroom cloud of smug