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Twitter users can't detect sarcasm, more at 11

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Do people actually stay up for the 11 pm news on the east coast? What time do you start work in the morning?

I thought 10 o'clock news was already late.

"Monica Lewinsky is a fuckin hoe and Bill Clinton is a god damn pimp!"

-Kid Rock

My dad doesn't understand my switch to Linux or open source software in general. He told me to print a document today, something I hadn't done and never planned to do on Linux since I ditched Windows. I connected the usb cable to my laptop, did an lsusb, it was connected. I went into LibreOffice to print the document, it was undetected. My dad asked, "what can your garbage linux do?" and left the room. After 10 minutes I figured something out and printed the document. I handed it to him and told him my laptop isn't useless. He laughed at me. It almost looked like he proved me right. I knew it wasn't true but something about it just hit me. I don't know why I'm crying rn. Is it because I feel defeated by windows-only hardware or because I'm an incompetent wimp?


Rightoids tend to struggle with detecting sarcasm :marseyautism: