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Hiking is walking that white people have made complicated

Snappy, pull up the obesity rates per ethnicity.

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If there is a lie here I can’t find it.

I've always thought you just needed good, comfortable shoes. 🤔

I've absolutely been passed on trails in fancy shoes with people in flip flops 😭


Kind of a piece with how part of the reason for creating the national park system was to create another excuse to drive indigenous people off the land

Some1 call the new york times, I have a new Pulitzer price potential for 1619 Project part deux

Teddy Roosevelt wanted to kick the Indians off of Yosemite but he didn’t want to get cancelled by the printed press for being racist so he invented national parks.

Teddyboy came to the great forests of commiefornia. He loved the nature but wanted to get the feathernïggers out.

I just walk trails with a water bottle in tennis shoes

Jesus could have transcribed passages into the Bible that would have ended sexism, racism and slavery forever.

But he didn't