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Oi 'arry ye wanka. Wanna go down to the pub and have a cheeky pint or twa? Tis 'appy hour innit?


lmao she looks like a goblin. really committed to the part.

She looks like 48-65 year old

I present to you, the ALL-TIME UNDEFEATED CHAMPION: :marseywall:

When you arent minority enough for the adrenochrome drip

Are you fucking r-slurred?


Factcheck: [REDACTED].


it is possibly the worst pic you could find of her but she definitely has some angles better than others.

September 2021

Thats not an angle lmao that's photoshop, JFC image editing and its consequences have been a disaster for the moid and foid races.

That forehead is so big it looks straight out of DragonBall.

She is growing mustaches



That photo has been edited, here's the original


Damn that's pretty good quality shoopin


Doesn't work with her because she's a posh bitch since day 1.

She is demi française

Looks like she came out of a silent hill game

Would you put a ring on that?


:marseydisagree: I may be into older women, but I have standards

Christ, aged like milk

5/10 brit impression, strangely went a bit Shakespearean towards the end there

I've only been in bongland for a couple of years, Im still learning their ways

Because what everyone really wants to see is Harry Potter and the Mid-Life Crisis

I wonder if Emma Watson will slowly become more socially conservative now she's a bit less attractive as is the tendency of less attractive foids



She has breasts and she still looks like a 14 year old boy. How?

Reported by:

This is why she is attractive. :marseyhomofascist:






Waters cold :marseybooba:


I've seen better bolt-ons on actual 🚂🚃🚃s.


Has she given birth?

Damn those are lopsided af


Either I have turned buddhist or this gal has nothing sexual about her.

Yep, peepee is totally uninterested

She really needs to lay off the coke


Which HP movie would you say she was hottest in?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, ya paedo

>Principal photography began on 19 February 2009

>Born: 15 April 1990


Yep the math checks out, you're safe

Yup, nice and legal.


Wait wtf she was legal already then?! Man, hollyweird is suspiciously good at making adults look like children :#marseypedobear:

philosohpers stone


She once walked past me and I thought "that looks like a tiny pixie girl version of Emma Watson" before realising it was actually her.

Brutal height mog

You must be like 2m tall, she's 165cm, not super short

She seemed absolutely tiny IRL, I guess she was very slim too.




She has a shlong


literally a 16 year old boy from the neighborhood. How?

Its the shoulders


There's a reason why most women's fashion hides the jawline a bit I suppose

JK Rowling should write another book where three powerful wizards fall out over how to end the trans problem once and for all.

One from Ravenclaw wants to use magic to change them into the sex they "feel like".

One from Griffindor wants to use magic to cure their mental condition and cease their foolishness.

One from Slytherin wants to murder them en masse.

All three of them succeed to some degree and it's left up to the reader's interpretation to decide who was the villain.

Emma Watson isn't involved in the movie adaptation because she's a terrible actress.

terrible actress

I used to like her a lot. Then I saw her in a moving picture. Stills are much more kind to her than a video of her trying to pretend to be literally anything.

JK Rowling is more interested in shutting up her character lore via Twitter than writing any more big HP Novels. To her credit that more than we can say for George “Hard-R” Martin

Let’s be honest: most TRAs are women. Now, I tend to see the very worst TRA takes (e.g. trans women belong in MMA) from men, but the fact is, polls show that women are more accepting of TRA ideology than men. So it’s not surprising to me that Emma is bending over backwards to slag off JKR. Sadly, I’ve seen many women go out of their way to prostrate themselves for ‘trans rights’, and it never fails to remind me of teenage girls who make horrible generalisations about women in order to score points from their male peers.

Patriarchy has really done a number on us, and women like Emma are the proof.

While TERFs are consistent in the end of they day they're still absolutely r-slurred.

>Foid does stupid thing

>Muh patriarchy!

What did you expect them to do? Take responsibility for their own shortcomings?

(e.g. trans women belong in MMA)

Based and wifebeater pilled :#marseydomesticabuse:

... Bardfinn.

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>source: dude trust me lmao

Imagine hand-picking a girl for enormous fame, wealth, and success. Then later on in life she turns on you just because she doesn't like one thing about your belief system.

Man, if I were :marseyrowling: I'd be :marseyraging:

Wow she really hit the wall at match 5


:marseyimmortanjoe: :marseywarboy:

:marseytruck: :marseymaxrockatansky: :marseyfuriosa: