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Trains & enbies betrayed by they/them journo's :marseylongpost2: about dropping pronouns because it's not unique and special anymore :marseysjw:


These days, it feels as if an identity that, not long ago, felt unique to me in most rooms I entered has gone mass. Yes, part of what I’m personally upset about is the fact that this thing I loved isn’t so alt anymore. But more than that, it feels as if pronoun culture has contributed to nonbinary becoming just the third gender after male and female, more static and concrete than its original fluid intentions. The same nonbinary person who complained about nonbinary stereotypes lamented to me, “I don’t want to be a homogeneous normcore mashing of the two genders.” Ben hoped, “If man or woman can mean so many things, then so can nonbinary.” We all became nonbinary to escape gendered expectations, and now we’re stuck again. I can’t help but think that the walking-on-eggshells battle for pronouns is turning my gender into a human-resources-approved corporate product, more neutered than neutral, and, maybe above all else, profoundly unromantic. Next time, just call me by my name.



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Can this guy just :marsey41: already my brain's dribbling out my ears reading this garbage

So now you cute twinks realize that this pronoun shit is just for attention whores?


am a little proud to say that my generation was the one that forced — finally — the entire world, or at least the good-intentioned, progressive part of it that I am fortunate enough to reside in, to acknowledge something many queer people (and feminists and restless square pegs of many varieties) have long sought: freedom from the bright-line tyranny of gender and its accompanying expectations.

Forcing people to use words = everything is now different

Be honest, how many of you actually finished the article because I know I didn’t :marseyneet:

I was so angry by the fifth paragraph I had to close it

It’s like reading a caricature of everything we make fun of but in a very serious self congratulatory tone.

“I go to work. I’m wearing a miniskirt. Everyone asks me for my pronouns. To me, what that means is ‘I see that you’re a man. And I see that you’re dressed in a woman’s costume. And I would like to know whether or not you want me to participate in the fantasy you’re having,’ ”



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I see that you’re a man. And I see that you’re dressed in a woman’s costume. And I would like to know whether or not you want me to participate in the fantasy you’re having.

Was it ever anything else?

Based normies.

Who goes to work in a fucking miniskirt unless you're working at an actual strip club?

not a fetish


If you fire me for dressing inappropriately at work, I will fucking sue your bigot ass!


wheres the lie?

:marseyqueen: :marseyqueen: Long Live Queen Marsey :marseyqueen: :marseyqueen:

Oh so now you are supposed to assume people's pronouns based on stereotypes?

Skirt == girl and if you think otherwise you're a bigot

:marseybooba: :marseycoin:

Skirt = scottish

You cute twink.

I figured out a good default, “my friend”. It’s gender non specific but I’m still basically calling you a dude

just call them a whore. it's not gender specific (technically) and they know you hate them.

Why bother?



But I was told repeatedly by dozens of experts that this whole thing is not a trend

>“I don’t want to be a homogeneous normcore mashing of the two genders.” Ben hoped, “If man or woman can mean so many things, then so can nonbinary.”

Wow it's almost like gender identity has become a fashion statement, what an amazing thought.

My pronouns are the drum solo from phil collins in the air tonight and i need you to respect them.

Why can't zoomers just get a dumb fucking tattoo to feel special like the milennials do?

No way bro you got a tattoo of a stag's head thats half polygon lines like on a computer? Thats totally Unique and radical

At this point radtrad is going to be the most unique identity

Just not having a videogame or popculture tattoo is pretty rare too

Or that might just be :marseycope: from a guy that has tats ands prides himself on his "timeless" tattoo ideas. Im so fucking cringe bruh.

Bonus quip:

"Alternative" girls don't get a moth tattoo instead of a butterfly challenge. LVL = Impossible

Brooooooo, you don't get it. So there's, like, this anchor, right? And then right below that, it says: I REFUSE TO SINK. Y'know, how anchors, like, sink and stuff????

I knooooooooow dude. Thats why I had "Hold Fast" tattood on my boney fingers. Im totally rugged like a sailor feom the 1700's

>there are those who use she/they and he/they or dozens upon dozens of “neo-pronouns” like ze/zir and fae/faer

I've never met a ze or a xe or anything. I'm kind of excited to find out what my response will be when I finally do: I'm betting either involuntary vomiting or some type of violent aneurysm.

You should run because you probably entered a furry convention by mistake :!marseyworried:

Or stay if that's your thing :marseynut:


I accidentally went to a pizza place once with my family at the same time a local furry convention was... taking a lunch break? Idk but I had to stop my little cousin from giving the "cute fuzzy things" a hug :marseyyikes:

Pizza... Furry...



I began pursuing a major in gender and sexuality studies, taking classes on feminist and queer theory and reading all the things they have you read at a fancy liberal-arts school with classes like “Feminism in Trumplandia” and “Queer Modernisms,”

I'm sure it was worth the student loan to learn such valuable information

This is v terrific stuff

This is such a prescient read. Thank you for this.

Twitter is just the most mundane white and jewish bluecheck journos sucking each other off isn't it.

It's a shit article. If I met this cunt I wouldn't even talk to him.



Do better sweaty

Next time, just call me by my name.

It's almost as if your name is meant to be the thing that makes you special and unique, not your 'pronouns'.

I can barely remember the faces of people I’m around all day, you expect me to know their names too? I just start talking in the general direction of someone.

Take the "hey you! yeah, you!" pill.

“You” is too humanizing. Just talk at them and make direct eye contact.


Grug just point and grunt at people. Save time.

If I can't remember your name I just make one up. It's usually better than the real one anyway.

bud buddy and how's it going is everyones pronouns to me :marseyboomer:

I agree, people who name themselves really don’t know their place, your identity is entirely for the sake of the people talking to you, the fuck?

Shut up, Bernard

I'm not addicted to gambling, I just want my money back


Have you tried starting a Gofundme?

How about :#marseyrealwork: