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Most Homeless people are homeless for reasons they can change, but refuse to. - r/unpopularopinion

Jesus Christ. This isn’t an unpopular opinion it’s just an ignorant one.

It's just a weirdo using a sub to vent his petty issues

Like this isn't a opinion it's just a dude upset he tried to get cheap labor under the table and it bit him in the ass

weirdo posting his opinion on /r/unpopularopinion

This is an unpopular opinion because it's ignorant and flat out wrong.

your opinion is incorrect sweaty :soyjakanimeglasses:

Yeah? How many homeless people have you housed and or put to work only to be robbed and have your home destroyed??

Yeah honey how many have you? You said three earlier; there are thousands and thousands of homeless people, 3 do not speak for all of them.

you just haven't met the good ones chud

Most fat people are fat for reasons they can change, but refuse to.


This isn't an opinion yr just a POS


I like the lack of elaboration XD /lh

this!!! /lh /j /s

Wow you are complete bullshit.


Until you house homeless people and they rob you, stfu

Maybe don't house homeless people if your not a rehabilitation center eith actual help and a way tonrender necessary rehabilitation not just cash for work to save you some money


I thought redditors said all they needed was housing and they'd instantly do well once they got it

This sounds personal, if you're letting homeless people live with you and they betray you, it's your own fault.

:marseyhesright: imagine letting random addicts into your house and expecting things to go well

Same goes for poor and pretty much everyone else who cries. Poverty's a practice and a mindset, not a status.


Theoretically no one (at least in my country) has to be homeless. But there are homeless people, many of them. There are plenty of reasons for that, and often, it's not the fault of the homeless.

> I don’t have the energy to type out what has reaffirmed my belief (actually is proof!)

Translation: I have nothing to back this up, but trust me bro.

Actually, I hired them to do work. Payed for all supplies. They used my supplies to rebuild their trailer and ran out of flooring in the middle of my bedroom and kitchen. Destroyed plumbing and left mounds of trash in my yard

lol did OP hire random hobos to renovate his house :!marseylaugh::marseygigaretard:

In other words, you tried to get cheap renovations by hiring an unqualified person(probably paying under the table too) and are now upset that your shenanigans bit you in the ass.

Actually, I paid them very well. Fed them. Gave them clothes, household goods, even babysat the kid.

None of that makes them qualified to do the job you hired them to do.

And stealing building materials to fix their trailer, while shitty, sounds like the thing that may have been of the most help to them, which is what you were trying to do in the first place.

lol redditors justifying stealing

This is not a good answer, come on.

You help them by letting them rob you?

It might not have been seen as robbery. She's got a big pile of materials and is sharing stuff, you fix your urgent trailer needs, work on hers and realize you don't have enough. I've worked several jobs where taking stuff that's surplus to requirements is totally above board, and might even be part of the pay.

Some randos who don't know much about renovation could well think we have enough for everything, and then realize they didn't.

We are only getting one side of the story, after all.

they didn't know they were stealing bro

You’re right, this is an unpopular opinion because it is just flat out wrong. Sorry your personal experiences have given you such a bias towards people in need but most homeless people are victims of an environment that lets too many slip through the cracks. Still, this post follows the rules so here’s my upvote😜


Jump in the discussion.

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I had a jarring experience when some old schizo homeless guy was ranting on about free will, fixed fate and foreknowledge absolute right in front of a bunch of kids playing soccer. I kinda realized that the guy had a full life arc going from one of those happy kids to this ranting Terry Davis lite before my eyes.

i mean seriously, when is the last time you've even looked up a damn manga and read a freaking story, I am a human and not some detached, unfeeling animated doll who can't even think for myself I will fucking kill you. Give me a fking break. I mean seriously... If your a teenager I would slap you, there is no amount of education, science, or enlightenment that can save you. Oh and the stupid shit that you think is cute but I find too fucking disgusting? That is called ignorance. And then I'll go even farther and tell you to fuck off. I seriously don't give a shit what you think or don't think of anime.





I'm in the airport right now waiting on a flight to Seattle. Never been there before. @911roofer where you at


You won’t be able to rape me that easily.

No but hotels are expensive, so i was thinking of peaceful-protesting a nice tent and squatting on your property


Every trip to Washington in the past has been a bad experience for me. Literally told the guy sending me out here


At least this time they're being more reasonable with per diem. Normally we get 120 for food+hotel which is plenty anywhere else in the country, but that's not enough for a fucking Motel 6 in Seattle. He said "book a reasonable hotel, then whatever it costs add $30 for food and put that amount on your timecard"

I drove from Wisconsin to Ohio on Sunday, drove back to Wisconsin last night, flew to Seattle today, and I may only have literally 30 minutes of work to do before I fly home on Saturday. I'm here because a project is getting final inspection and they need my license onsite when the inspector arrives


They don't pay taxes, get high, shit themselves and do nothing. They like this life.

The government should force every redditor who posts in these threads to house bums

The conservative take on homelessness always seems to be something like "Round up all these shiftless layabouts and send them to the death camps!" while the liberal take is always "If you don't allow a homeless man to sleep wirh your wife and daughter, you're not truly compassionate!"

And I know most people aren't like these outspoken extremist idiots, but gosh, it sure would be nice if we had some politicians who had the guts to call out these r-slurs as a problem. If I ever run for office I think a major highlight of my campaign is going to be that I promise to hurt the people in our society (on both sides) who put out the dumbest extremist hot takes. Nobody likes these extremist idiots because they're human garbage who make the world shittier, but because our politicians are too gutless to take out the trash, this human refuse is left to grow and multiply unchecked, posting their dumb opinions online. I may be a sociopath, but I'm also an altruist, and I believe that the most valuable service I could provide to society is to attain power and then use it to punish the dumb human garbage who come up with these r-slurred hot takes, so that reasonable centrism can make a political comeback. I believe that I'm uniquely qualified for this role, and I would greatly enjoy doing it, because what could be better than doing what you love while making a positive difference in the world?

I stopped reading after you said you would hurt people with extremist hot takes because 1. Anti-Drama and 2. This is an extremist hot take so you need to start with yourself

True pacifism doesn't exist because the true pacifist who renounces violence entirely will always be a slave to those who are willing to use violence against him.

Therefore effective pacifism when translated into practical terms will always involve a willingness to use extreme levels of violence to maintain peace through strength. The best way to maintain peace is by ensuring that war will have such horrific consequences for your enemies that they will never want to face you on the battlefield.

Extremism works the same way. Violent extremists can only be beaten by violent centrists. That's why extremist leftism or extremist rightism beats normal centrism, but radical centrism beats extremist leftism or extremist rightism. The extremist leftoids and rightoids make up only a small fraction of the population, so the only advantage that they have over the more popular centrists is that they're willing to leverage violence against their political opponents. But if you're a radical centrist (like me!) who is also willing to leverage violence against your political opponents, then you have a huge advantage against the pathetic leftoid and rightoid extremists because not only are you willing to play the game just as vicious and dirty as they are, but you will also have a lot more popular support for your much more reasonable political platform. A lot of reasonable people hate all these stupid loudmouthed left-wing and right-wing extremists who think that civility and rule of law doesn't apply to them because they're special and their cause is so righteous that the ends justify the means... so I think that there's honestly an untapped market for politicians who are willing to just make these narcissistic filth STFU, in a very subtle but painful way that the voters don't even have to worry about. It would certainly improve society substantially, that's for sure.

I think that's a pretty dramatic take, don't you? I mean sure, my political positions themselves are shockingly reasonable and great for society, but I'm willing to use wildly inhumane and vicious tactics to make sure no extremist Leftoids or Rightoids dare to attack me, so I think that there's certainly some dramatic potential there.

Why does that mean it doesnt exist? By your definition it means it does exist and the consequence is being a slave.

What I mean is that it doesn't exist for very long.

We should probably keep an eye on this guy, he's been :marseyglow:posting lately.

All them words won't bring your pa back.

Like this isn't a opinion it's just a dude upset he tried to get cheap labor under the table and it bit him in the ass

Redditor protecting the working class!!

How can hustle and bustle-cels be so naive about hobos? Do they go their whole lives never actually interacting with them even though they are surrounded by them and are supposedly extremely concerned about their welfare?

Practically every person on the street at night wants to be there because that’s when they do the things that made them homeless in the first place. These aren’t hard working pure souls just down on their luck or beaten down by society. They are people so selfish and evil and have done things so horrible that every family member, friend, or person that ever loved them has been pushed to the point of hating them.

“Homeless” people in statistics are like 90% people who need to couch surf or live in their car for a few months. You probably don’t even notice them and they can be decent people.

Homeless people in real life are vagrants who choose to stink and live on the sidewalk because they want to do drugs or they’re schizo. They love to piss everywhere and harass pedestrians. They do this on purpose and they’re very bad people.

Redditors love to pretend the two groups are the same.

I don’t think hardcore homeless people can change anything about it generally. Usually it’s a hopeless case of mental illness or drug abuse, often both (drug use to self-Medicare mental illness)

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t forcibly institutionalize these people or offer tabs of fentanyl to get them off the street though.

Institutionalization is unironically the actual solution to this problem, but as much as leftists cry about the state not "supporting mental health", I guarantee they'd be against institutionalization.

There used to be those institutions but the nurses were mean to the patients. It's better now.

What are the odds that it was tyrone who slaps the shit out of cranky old assisted livingcels' great uncle

Most fat people are fat for reasons they can change, but refuse to.


Just buy a house lmao :#marseylaugh:


Jesus, ledditors worship the homeless


From afar

Yeah from their parents basements in suburbia

I once left out a sausage and woke up to 6 homeless scurrying around my front door like golems. I had to chase them off with the hose and I think one of them died in my neighbours front yard. We just put him out with the trash and by the next morning he was gone. Serves me right for trying to feed the birds.

Those might have been raccoons




It's just a weirdo using a sub to vent his petty issues

Isn't that the only reason to go somewhere explicitly for sharing unpopular opinions?

:marseybooba: :marseycoin:


The OP seems like a schizo lmao

She babysat some hobos' kid? Singular? But there were three hobos? Why would she hire three random people to renovate her house?

why would you hire hobos to renovate your house in the first place?

You don't like having cardboard walls?

I am sorry I cant do this right now the sister on the right in the sisters post is cute



Unholy Marsey


Eat the burger

Trade the food for some cocaine

Come on homeless person, chose the right one...



100% of the time.

Can we retire this emote, it's just boring "^this :soyjak:" posting but for dramatards



So much this


Deleting a marsey is worse than ripping a page out of the Quran. Unfuck yourself

Okay but what if I posted it in response to YOUR comment which would then make it IRONIC?????

Honestly was kinda expecting like three comedic geniuses to all have the same idea

I do agree we should either get rid of the emote or bully people who only post it relentlessly.




It's easy coin though


You should have to pay a DC tax for using single Marsey replies. Double tax if it's a wofly.










Using a single marsey should divert the DC you get to whoever owns the nft of the marsey.





triple tax if it's wolfy pretending to be marsey

I went to unpopularopinion and there was an unpopular opinion. He's wrong wrong wrong!


good morning i hate redditors

Yea go to 10thdentist instead

that contradiction is inherent to the subreddit

what are the most popular unpopular opinion posts



Redditors should teach the homeless to code.


This but unironically


WFH is great because you can smoke crack whenever you want

But I wanna crack Smoke at work.


Computers would be pretty useful to barter for heroin



>Be Schizocel

>Go to college to Learn To Code ™️

>Become hobocel

>Sleepmaxxx in school library

>Continue to schoolmaxxx and codemaxxx

>B average

True story

QED: The Science says it's possible



>Pawned teachers laptop for schizo-fentynal

I did smoke a lean blunt that semester which is the only time I have used schizoopiates

It's all connected