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when did you realize that you enjoy eating used tampons?
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This is sooooooo bait. This can't NOT be bait. The fuking sub name is UsedTamponTrashcan. I refuse to acknowledge this any further. It's satire I'm moving on with my life and NEVER thinking about his again TYVM.

Straggotry knows no bounds


Why wouldn't you want these people thrown from extremely high places

:marseysalat: emoji Slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them.Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites! :marseysalat: emoji

The others would gather around the point of impact to lick their mushy remains of the curb.

Nature is beautiful :marseyhappytears:

I’ve not found one for a while now but I love to slip my cock inside them, it’s lovely lube. Jerking with all that cum around my cock head !! I normally do taste most of them but not much. Like you I’m not gay but still love doing it.

Lmao look at this absolute coomer's account

Can't have subreddits dedicated to cumtown or actual sitting presidents but this "man" can type one handed all day. :!marseyeyeroll:

:marseyceiling: :marseyceiling: Are the white wom*n extinct yet?! :marseyceiling: :marseyceiling:

:!marseyextinction: :marseyextinction:

That guy is way too proud of his dick.


This is our bait sub right? Pretty please tell me it is

Remember everyone, it can't hurt you if you don't believe it.


Did we make this?

absolute degeneracy

I didn't need to know about this subreddit

eating used tampons

Damn, I guess ShoeNice is an even bigger degenerate than I thought.

But I'm going to need assurance in this form: ground your son. Don't ever let him use again. Take his phone. is super toxic because it's about enjoying and creating internet drama. For your kids sake don't let him use it