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Super Smash Bros pro player decapitates his own mother.

Participated in 112 tournaments apparently

He also lost a game to @Genteelman @schitzocel

Hey at least she's not underage :marseyxd:

In Unrelated news I'm going to super smash con this year.

"So still the scene,It must have beenThe sighing of the breeze."

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what if the prison has a sweet switch setup with online

He should be forced to only play brawl forever

As a 3DDD main, I unironically love brawl.

Trap sprung, nerd

I miss Dedede chaingrabs. I still main him in Ultimate but he's not the same.

What, you want Nintendo to just bring back chaingrabs without changing anything else? That's not how game design works, you have to make tradeoffs. Dedede's chaingrabs were too strong and Nintendo had to nerf him. Get over it and learn to play the new Dedede.

I did learn how to play the new Dedede and I like him, I just think it would be cool if Dedede could still get someone to kill % off a single grab.

Your opinion is garbage and you should feel bad.

Dedede is cool and would be a more interesting top tier than "sword cute twink #12" or "combo monster skinsuit lady #7."

In your dreams, nerd. Dedede is a washed-up has-been who couldn't cut it in the big leagues. He's nothing but a glorified miniboss who belongs in the trash heap of history.

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You should feel bad about feeling strongly about a childrens "fighting" game

You should feel bad about being a judgemental asshole.

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Go outside.

He'll be too busy getting his shit pushed in since criminals hate criminals who fuck with kids or moms

All weapons on, no Final Destination.