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Her moms reaction to seeing her lip tattoo that says daddy : WatchPeopleDieInside

Just a big ole reminder that rule #1 is BE CIVIL.

1. Be civil: Racism, sexism, general bigotry, personal attacks, threats/advocation of violence, and lewd descriptions are all grounds for immediate bans. Do not respond to incivility with more incivility.

If you want to disagree with her life choices, that's fine. "That's not something I would do" "I would also be disappointed, as her mother" "This choice doesn't make sense to me" "That's a weird thing to do, especially to show it to your mother" " I hope she understands the choice she made, with this". Do you see how easy that is? Not one derogatory term or assumption of her promiscuity.


janny out here defending this foid with his broomstick. just sort by controversial for more people defending some random foid on the Internet who doesn't care or ask.

Redditors once again beeing prude af and brutaly judging people for absolutely insignificant things. Name a more iconic duo


It's under her lip. It's fun. It's a laugh

Not that serious prudish people 🙄

:marseyseethe: omg guys it's not that serious stop judging her :soycry:

Blowjobs (this mouth belongs to "daddy"), gives me the heebie jeebies

yeah sorry we gotta keep this line of questions going. What is wrong with giving someone a blowjob, or enjoying giving blowjobs. Some people like the sub dom fantasy, some like to be experience this in sex. If her sexual partner gets off on it and she in enjoys it so what.

Edit to the point below: The issue is the fathers inability to deal with it and put negative connotations, not that I am impkying that he should want to fuck his daughter or something.

The only problem with this is the idea of the daughter in the head of the dad. Like the dad cannot see his daughter as a sexual being. Which just seems like a weid thing. Like why is it not the dads issue for having trouble not sexualizing his daughter and on top of that making it a negative thing.

The other issue is people fucking aweful reactions to it. So what if a women has 30 sexual partners. Its mens reaction to that that is the problem. Like it doesnt effect her in the same way as society is effected by it. Like if there was no negative conotations to it, then it would have no effect on her life. and there is no real material cost to her for doing it other then some form of repressive puritanical relgious understanding of sex and gender roles.

just think of your daughter as a sex object you religious, puritanical chud

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Are jannies just failed cops? Like, they have a hard on for authority and love to act like cops :marseythonk:

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They're failed hall monitors

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Average reddit janny

Ralph is too pure.

Hi :marseywave:

They have very little control over their own failed lives

Failing to become a cop is a hilariously low bar to be unable to clear.



California supposedly has the highest requirements to be a cop, and its essentially be 20 and a half years old, have an associates degree or at least 60 college credits and be able to the minimal US Army physical requirements in sit-ups, push-ups and mile run time. The bar is incredibly low.

>the minimal US Army physical requirements

That unironically excludes like 2/3 of americans at this point

They just need to do it to get in then never again. Tho the police stations near me will give u a bonus if u maintain some shit level of fitness

They are failed abortions.

Wow im pro-abortion now!

What a slut lol.

Also the whole "daddy" thing generally is gross


It's simple: I'm a father and everyone calls me Daddy in my house.

It just means something different when my old lady says it.

Also the whole "daddy" thing generally is gross

I'm gonna misbehave

Ikr, just call me "oppa".

Pretty sure “big brother” has its own problems..

Opa! Artyom!

Also the whole "daddy" thing generally is gross

Isn't that the point?

Honestly, think about it rationally.

Okay but do you call ur gf "baby"

Having your dates call you granny for kink :#chad:


"Mommy" on the other hand....



Wonder if tattoo removal would work on lip ones.

Also lol Redditors defending it thinking they'll get to fuck a girl like her if they simp hard enough.


Wonder if tattoo removal would work on lip ones.

It’s unnecessary. The skin on the inside of your lip is different than outside, like on your arm. This tattoo will fade until it’s unrecognizable within a decade, maybe less.

My friend thought that when he got one... still there 10 years later.

![]( ![](

Tell him to try exfoliating with a cock

He needs to chew dip like a man.

Damn didn't know that. Thanks!


Stablest dramafoid friend.


I pity the scote that gets roped in.


Does he know she used to suck dick for crack?


If he doesn't care about minor details like that then there's no harm in telling him right? Though maybe it's just his fetish, scrotes and all that.


Least alcoholic dramafoid


I barely drink at all, wine is just grape juice so it doesn't count

Archived as my wallpaper and I pray every night that drunk goth mommy will notice me :taypray:

I was hanging out with a foid that "doesn't drink anymore" and I could tell she was an ex alcoholic by the way she cringed when I dumped out the last third of a can of wine

Not finishing your wine is pretty pathetic, ngl

It's also the sign of a responsible alcohol enjoyer. I couldn't exactly ride in their car with an open container, I don't live in cousinfuckersville

All of this is baffling. Who cares about open liquor, just don't drive like an idiot or be waving bottles out the window and who is going to know?

Also, a can of wine is tiny in the first place, just drink the rest of it quickly lmao wtf

I have a very sensitive tummy please be nice :#marseypleading:

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If you buy wine in a can you need to unironically neck yourself

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Wheres your "pothead" tattoo? Is it the one on your arm?


You're going to have to be more specific


>Farty is an inked up dangerhair


ex-dangerhair! :na:



They're practicing their shadow woman-interacting.

It's going to be gone by itself in a few years no?

Just learnt this fact today lol.

Mods: You are allowed to post something that someone did and their parents reaction, which is dying inside, because it shows the parents realizing their child is a slut and wants everyone to know it

Also mods: don't explain the context of the post out loud!

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Nice, OP! Your trad gf will definitely go out with you now.


Hope she sees this bro


I have a trade wife

After she's done laying pipe for her job, is she laying pipe in your bussy?



Most asian foids are happy to do that assuming their deranged asocial schizoid has a good job.

Can someone inform this white woman that her tattoo won't grant her access to Wakanda.

These lip tattoos don't last. It'll be completely faded within a year. It's a pretty harmless prank, you're reading way too far into this.

She was probably told the same thing.

Reported by:


It'll get rubbed off, no doubt.


>white cock


Don’t pretend you weren’t buck broken already son.


Whitu cocku only looks good when it is inside in rice gussy and rice bussy, it looks absolutely disgusting in all other instances, period. :!chadasian::!chadwomanasian::chadnordic:

However, BBC looks good in all gussies and bussies! :!chadarab::!chadasian::!chadcambodian::!chadsikh::!chadjihadi::!chadjew::!chadlibleft::!chadwomanasian::!chadwomannordic::chadblack:

Factcheck: This claim has been classified as misogynistic.

AJAB what a strag :marseydicklet:

women like her would bully him

What a nice and interesting young woman!

stupid parents either over-repress or be over lenient

step 1: slap the friend who egged her to get the tattoo

step 2: honor killing

I wish my mom was a dentist. Shit is expensive

God I really hate poor people. Don’t most dental insurance plans cover preventive care? How awful are your teeth.


Poor people don't have dental insurance cute twink, because they are poor.

Because they are unemployed

Shitty jobs don't offer dental you fucking r-slur, I know its cool to hate on the poors but try not to be ignorant sweaty

Dental insurance is kind of a joke. Like it’s necessary for routine stuff yeah, but if you need anything actually done, you’re paying a few grand out of pocket because your dental isn’t going to cover more than like 2k at most per annum.

Yanking my wisdoms cost me like 2200 and that was after almost maxing my dental plan for the year with pre-extraction shit like x-rays and whatever.

Not a ton of money or anything, but when you can max your insurance - and there’s really not much variance between top tier and bottom tier dental - just doing basic required shit before a basic, almost inevitable extraction and then end up owing more than your insurance is even good for for the extraction itself? Fundamentally r-slurred system and one I actually feel bad for the poors because of.


Tattoos are badass. I have two but am too broke for more rn. Trashy tattoos, are exactly that, trashy. Lip tattoos are fine. Had a camp counselor who was hardcore vegan and got the word "Vegan" on the inside of his lip. Sick AF imo, but "Daddy" ?


this guy is my favorite

Having a daughter is a curse

I got banned for calling her a whore.