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Finally, a we can abuse canadians as much as we want and ruin their lives if they say anything!

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:marseyderanged: :marseyrake: Hey, you cute twink leaf! What are you doing there being a huge cute twink?

:!marseybattered: Sorry, sir.

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Mendicino said that the new bill would “ensure” Canadians have “robust free speech.” But, he then said the bill would “also delineate some clear boundaries on what is not acceptable.”

You're free to say what we say you can, chuds.


I hate Leftoids. Get raked, Leafs.

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these people really think free speech means "only things i agree with" and they see absolutely nothing wrong with this...

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is there any beast on the earth more cucked than a canadian

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ameriKKKans. They have that pesky first ammendment, so they decided to privatise mass censorship and thought-control.

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I have a business proposal: Any leafs getting bullied online can contact me and I will bully them back for you for $200 ameriKKKan freedom dollars. Someone being a chud, but you can't fight back? I got your back! Help me help you! Very cheap great price!

God bless ameriKKKa :marseyusa:

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Report maxing IRL

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It's over chudbros.


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The flag is a fricking leaf!

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Good. The more leafs suffer, the better.

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I'm going :marseysal2: to fedpost


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You are not “anti-work” if you reproduce.

Why would you condemn your child to be a wage slave? Essentially, you are just contributing to the problem by creating more people to be exploited. Or even worse the future adult human has the money and power to exploit other people!

Please think logically and be realistic. Do not create more lives to gamble with.

Peace & love ❤️


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