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:ben10: Required Reading The guy that played Shang-Chi claimed that Tarantino's movies aren't diverse which is hilarious because his filmography is objectively more diverse than Marvel's

He basically implied that if Tarantino was in charge of the film industry, minority actors wouldn't ever be cast. My immediate reaction was "What the frick are you talking about?". Tarantino unironically probably has more diversity in his movies than any other white male director. Even if Simu Liu was talking about Asian actors specifically, did he forget that Lucy Liu was one of the main characters in Kill Bill? It's probably her most iconic role.

Out of the nine films Tarantino has directed, only two of them had exclusively white male leads (Reservoir Dogs and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood). Basterds was mainly white and male too but Shosanna was also one of the lead characters which is why I didn't count it. Marvel has made four movies with non-white leads (Eternals, Black Panther 1 & 2, Shang-Chi), Tarantino has made five (Jackie Brown, Hateful Eight, Django, Pulp Fiction, and Death Proof). And this is despite the fact that Marvel has made more than three times as many movies as he has.

Marvel was run by a guy that actually was blatantly racist until 2015 (Ike Perlmutter). I really have no idea how Disney has convinced people that they're some champion of progressive values. They literally never have been. They didn't have any non-white leads in their animated films until the 90's and they're just now starting to slowly acknowledge that gay people exist.

Their PR department must be really good at their jobs. The Mouse has somehow managed to appeal to right-wingers by basically never being controversial or pushing the envelope but they've also somehow gotten zoomers to believe that they're leading the charge for social justice. It genuinely is kind of fascinating to me how Disney can somehow play both sides successfully.

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I really have no idea how Disney has convinced people that they're some champion of progressive values.

virtue signalling works if you do it right

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Usually it was always like a three second gay kiss that they could quickly edit out for the MENA and Chinese audiences too lol.

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It's funny to remember that there was a 5 year period from like 2009-2014 where the only thing tumblr foids and clickbait mills wanted to talk about is how pRoBleMaTic old Disney movies are. All Disney had to do was declare war on the chuds and suddenly every she/they acab blm hufflepuff was on their side again.

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the only thing that matters

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It's not that hard to manipulate d-list actors who would be in Netflix slop otherwise

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You must be really stupid if you think it's hard to manipulate d-list actors. They're just a bunch of washed up has-beens who would be lucky to get a role in a Netflix movie.

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