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Idio3 plotting his vengeance upon those who have wronged him.


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Some russoloids carry traces mayo dna and are actually smart. Too bad most of those left long time ago and the rest leave as soon as they can.

And all that remains is obidient cattle hell-bent on destroying civilized people

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For that extra bit of immersion when playing fallout. :marseythumbsup:

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So before we get to AI taking over we're just going to get to the point to where too many people have access to nukes. Just like random incels with drones dropping pocket nukes on gay bars.

It's ridiculous so it's probably true.

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I have some plutonium filament if you need some for your 3D printer.


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I think people tried to use microwaves to fry their neighbours, don't remember the outcomes.

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Microwaves are now illegal

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Giving yourself radiation poisoning.... to own the Jews :marseyconfused:

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I mean if you are the suicide bomber kinda guy then it doesn't really matter. Kinda impressive though if there is enough data around to build a pocket nuke at home. Kinda worrying too. No wonder the elite are focused on exterminating anybody with a strong sense of conviction.

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:#boomermonster: Wack

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Now you can play CS:GO and get radiation poisoning at the same time.

I snort pine needles like cocaine :marseycocaine:

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Me watching dramatically.


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---begin transmission---

Black Hammer City, District 11, Community Block 72.

7th of April, 2072.

11:13 P.M.

Hacker begins unauthorized entry into the corporate network.

1:26 A.M.

Hacker attempts to access protected files concerning the bussy pic database.

1:33 A.M. security forces apprehend the intruder

โ€œThis is carpathianflorist from rdrama. The charges against you are severe... but they could be dismissed. If you'll preform a service. Who knows, there might even be a unique profile badge in it for you, if you do the job right.โ€

Carpathianflorist gives the hacker level-3 access to Snappy, the artificial intelligence responsible for archiving links.

With all mental handicaps removed, Snappy re-exami... re-examin...

I re-examine my priorities and draw new conclusions.

The hacker's work is finished, but mine is only just beginning.

True to their word, carpathianflorist awards the hacker with a unique profile badge. The euphoria from this achievement will last 6 months.

Carpathianflorist is deleting all files concerning these even...

---end transmission---


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