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Father of Colorado gay bar mass shooter - "I'm just glad he's not gay" :#marseyunpettable:

Holy frick this guy wins the Chud of the year award. Highest IQ republiKKKan takes on the journaloids and answers questions about his son doing a mass shooting.

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darn that daddy though...


I'm gonna have to look up some of his videos.

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someone posted them in another thread

100% strag vids, nary a homo to be seen

i think we've been lied to

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I'm not your personal smut-merchant.

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A lot of anal, but nothing jumps out as :marseykink:

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you gotta use the IMDB for :coomer:s on this one, IAFD.

510 credits, one of which is all-male (MastOnly).

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I guess its technically not gay if you're just doing it for the job?

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New cooming tech discovered :marsey4chan:

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I was assuming they were straggot pornos.

b-wordes are easy to mute.

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He gives me Hunter vibes :marseynut:

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Got the same skull phenotype

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110% alpha

200% test levels

0% inhibitions

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