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Father of Colorado gay bar mass shooter - "I'm just glad he's not gay" :#marseyunpettable:

Holy frick this guy wins the Chud of the year award. Highest IQ republiKKKan takes on the journaloids and answers questions about his son doing a mass shooting.

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— No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen


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Based inferno cop poster


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Thanks, dramachan! :marseybow:

After listening to the first 2 minutes out of 20, I can confirm that his dad is indeed a Chad. I wouldn't be surprised if he was happy his son was a straggot, but BTC didn't provide that clip, so I'll remain skeptical. :marseyshapiro:

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is he the one that was molesting the kid on meth or was that a lie/someone else

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It came from ED, so big :marseyxdoubt:.

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Ed is the most credible source on teh interwebs

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darn that daddy though...


I'm gonna have to look up some of his videos.

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someone posted them in another thread

100% strag vids, nary a king to be seen

i think we've been lied to

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I'm not your personal smut-merchant.

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A lot of anal, but nothing jumps out as :marseykink:

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you gotta use the IMDB for :coomer:s on this one, IAFD.

510 credits, one of which is all-male (MastOnly).

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I guess its technically not gay if you're just doing it for the job?

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New cooming tech discovered :marsey4chan:

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I was assuming they were straggot pornos.

b-wordes are easy to mute.

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He gives me Hunter vibes :marseynut:

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Got the same skull phenotype

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110% alpha

200% test levels

0% inhibitions

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Huh? All the other stories have his dad as a meth addicted gay porn star? I call shenanigans

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Meth addicted porn star, yes. Gay, no.

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Meth blurs the lines between gay and not gay

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trusting journ*lists in this day and age


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Cue the track, snappy

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Over/under on the total time this guy spent in xhey's life: 2 months

What a trash family

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There is no fricking way this is real, like none, nada, zilch.

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Da Nile ain't just a river in Egypt gorlfriend.

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why are mormons always so good looking

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high selection pressure from polygamy only allowed the fittest men to breed, at least with real OG utah ones.

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50% of them start to bald after their mission (at about age 21), the other 50% have rugged good looks their whole life.

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they are God's chosen people

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This entire story glows :marseyglow2:

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100% ameriKKKan beef cake right there :marseychadthundercock:

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>family abandoner

>Chad looks

>Male pornstar


>peepee Delaware

>Casual Methsmoker

>Conservative republiKKKan

Based Department Founder

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All the people in this saga are psy-ops

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He's nonbinary :marseymicrosoftpride: though. He still lost. :marseyshrug:

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Methamphetamine josh brolin

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most functional ameriKKKan family

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We're doing drugs. If i wanted to hear “don't do it man” or any other sort of social stigma about wanting to put meth in my butt I would have asked my mom what her thoughts were. Obviously if I'm ready to put meth in my butt and I want to know whether or not I should take a shit first, I've already made up my mind. It's going up there.


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Which Tom Waits song is this?

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"God's Away on Business" may fit.

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This shit reeks of glowie. Praising a super milquetoast California republiKKKan while ranting to national news about how you're super republiKKKan, and taught him from a young age to be violent because it gets results. :marseyglow2:

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"everything I don't like is the feds - a rightoids guide to life"

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Why has nobody provided any sauce yet :marseycoomer:?

Each has mostly different videos but tbh they're all pretty mid. Dude's decent looking but other than that he's just unimpressive.

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He's glad that their not gay.

This means the right wingers can't use them to say gay people are dangerous mass shooters as a father he must be relived that his child wont be used to demonise gay people. :marseysigh:

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WTF LOL. The balls on this guy.

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