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Reddit user u/6ft3indian wonders why he was ghosted after an “amazing date”


He also posted:

In /r/AskRedditAfterDark: Can I put I have money please love me on Tinder? Crave some intimacy that now I am a lonely idiot?

Don't do it. Half of us will see you as desperate which is a big no no, and there are some who will take advantage of you and possibly rob you. Just be yourself

(him) Aren’t we all desperate for some love?


He met with a hiring manager who has an OnlyFans which he subscribes to

Just had an interview with a hirings manager from faang who has a onlyfans page and I subscribe to. I don't know how I landed on her OF but it was the most awkward interview ever try to not imagine her naked. Did anyone face similar situation or knew the hiring manager from a different job. I know it shouldn't matter but I just felt uncomfortable in this situation.

That’s him:


There’s also pics of him with his peepee out

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>hirings manager

>has a onlyfans page

Women in tech, everyone.

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>"this is a programmer"


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He said woman in tech, it's very accurate

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have you seen the women in tech?

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Yes, and they're all valid


I snort pine needles like cocaine :marseycocaine:

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It sounds like moids found a way to get around diversity quotas. Transracialism is next. Tech will still be dominated by asian/white men 40 years from now, they'll just be men that identify as queer disabled latinx birthing people.

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I snort pine needles like cocaine :marseycocaine:

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It sounds more like a fantasy of his than reality.

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Mate needs to know his body better. He's not fat fat, but he's too heavy to be going for a sexy shirtless pic. He's also either a peepeelet or posting unerect flaccid peepee shots which is weird

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Which all wouldn't be an issue if he would just be a bottom and get TOPPED.

Literally would have zero problems.

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He's literally 11" taller than me someone get me a ladder


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get me a ladder

Everyone's the same height when they're laid out flat on the mattress.


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Thats lame pick me up and spin me like a fidget spinner

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Sorry I'm into men, not femboys.

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Your butt after its done with me

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It's the shitty levis boxer briefs that push me over the edge. If you're going to get a brand slapped across your waistband and blast it to the world you should at least pick one that doesn't remind you of back to school shopping as a prepubescent.

:marseybooba: :marseycoin:

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/r/normalnudes specifically requests flaccid peepee pics FYI

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Look on the bright side; she didnt block you, her husband did

Not a bad idea. I wouldn’t share her if she was my wife

ooff, this dude is hopeless

The girl probably wanted to bang sexy indian dude on first date but he was too busy trying to marry her

I think it’s cause you said heya

Definitely!! My bad… should have started my Beautiful sunshine would you wanna be love of my life.

Missed the subtle clue

Good'st morning bejeweled princess

:marseyxd: m'lady x broken indian speak

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taking dating advice from other people who can't get laid is the most backwards thing I've ever heard

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There’s also pics of him with his peepee out

"It’s bit cold here in Midwest" :marseydicklet:

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I bet she messaged a 6'3" indian and a 5'8" indian showed up for the date

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haha he thought his height was all he needed

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Not bad honestly. Good hair, good face, good frame. Just needs to lose a bit of weight around the midsection and get a bit or arm muscle.

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This sub is what happens when minimally educated unintelligent people join together to find common ground and project their own self loathing to the rest of the world. There has never been anything clever that I have ever seen from this sub. I will continue to look for humor but I am just starting to think that loss and anger plus unemployment equals humor



Can I put I have money please love me on Tinder? Crave some intimacy that now I am a lonely idiot?:

He met with a hiring manager who has an OnlyFans which he subscribes to:

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