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The duality of the female mind.

Tbf these girls are all really stupid hood rats.

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Definition of ratchet fr.

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That room is a nightmare. You can smell the weave chemicals from here

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hood rats know you can't trust a hoe, and they don't want their son getting mixed up with that

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It's the closest they have to a job skill

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Exactly, but why do they be hoes themselves?

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Ez money

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It's like in the Sopranos where Tony tries to keep his kids on the straight and narrow whilst being a mobster in the background :marseygodfather:

I snort pine needles like cocaine :marseycocaine:

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cuz they're dumb and/or desperate

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Because someone trying to defend their unreasonably hated interests is just soooooo fricking funny. I'm only here for this post. Sorry kid, but I don't get off on laughing at other's expense so I'm going to gtfo of this degenerate cesspool asap. People wanna get rid of furries. Well how about places like this instead? The world would be infinitely better without drama. This website is like the young people version of watching the Hallmark channel.


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