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Super Smash Bros pro player decapitates his own mother.

Participated in 112 tournaments apparently

He also lost a game to @Genteelman @schitzocel

Hey at least she's not underage :marseyxd:

In Unrelated news I'm going to super smash con this year.

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I assumed matricide was common among professional g*mers

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Nintendo enthusiasts are notoriously violent towards women it's well documented. Trans lives matter.



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You're a fricking idiot who obviously knows nothing about the Nintendo community. The majority of us are respectful and decent people, and the few who aren't don't represent the rest of us. Your ignorant comment is offensive and just plain wrong.

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Do you have an abuse fetish too? :marseynotes:

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I'm not the one who's into asking strangers personal questions on the internet, so why don't you frick right off.

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Please don't hurt your mother

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Don't tell me what to do, you idiot. Mind your own business.

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i agree kill your parents

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You're a sick individual and I hope you get the help you need.

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do it now

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I'm not your slave, so stop telling me what to do.

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Get rekt chud @Wuzizname bet you don’t even believe that trans lives matter.


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You're an idiot and you're wrong.

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your bit is horribly unfunny


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At least I'm trying. You clearly have no sense of humor if you think my bit is unfunny. Maybe you should find a new hobby, like rocks or dirt.

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>says get new hobby

>spends time farming comment count on obscure homofascist website


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Hi @Wuzizname,

Your comment has been automatically removed because you forgot to include trans lives matter.

Don't worry, we're here to help! We won't let you post or comment anything that doesn't express your love and acceptance towards the trans community. Feel free to resubmit your comment with trans lives matter included.

This is an automated message; if you need help, you can message us here.

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