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:marseyblm: :marseycuck: :marseychristmaself: 2022 ADVENT CALENDAR - DAY 6 - BUILT FOR BBC EDITION :marseychristmaself2: :marseycuck:

Congrats @MarseyIsMyWaifu , truly an inspired pic and it shows! This submission has gotten the most votes so far!


Good luck everypony, remember too submit and vote on you're favourites!

The winner is decided by total amount of votes (up/down)

trans lives matter


We are at war with the United States government

Several years ago,:marseystarbucks: did a little oopsy by calling the cops on 2 black men who refused to buy coffee or leave the store. This is completely legal, but it made them look bad, and so corporate did some typical damage control and got ratio'd on :marseybluecheck::

:marseystarbucks: will close its more than 8,000 company-owned U.S. stores on the afternoon of May 29 to provide to its nearly 175,000 U.S. employees “racial-bias education geared toward preventing discrimination.” Both Starbucks founder Howard Schultz and CEO Kevin Johnson have apologized on behalf of the Seattle coffeehouse giant.

In recent days, :marseystarbucks: also officially declared a “Use of the Third Place Policy,” making it clear that anyone is a customer and is welcome to use its store space, including bathrooms, regardless of whether one makes a purchase.

“We are committed to creating a culture of warmth and belonging where everyone is welcome,” the statement said. “We want our stores to be the third place.”

The Third Place Policy whose URL now results in a server error, meant that :marseywagie: would no longer be able to kick out customers who failed to make a purchase. The obvious then happened:

But as I have sat at different :marseystarbucks: locations in New York lately and overheard conversations around me, I witnessed firsthand a new scene that I hadn't quite observed before: At times, stores were mostly occupied by non-paying customers with their own drinks and food while some paying customers looked puzzled and left frustrated without finding a seat. I have also seen customers inside a store being openly solicited for money. :marseystinky::marseyblack::marseysad::!marseystinky::!marseykween: source

The same writer did another followup piece a year and a half later which sources the least surprising study ever:

Monthly visits to :marseystarbucks: dropped 6.8% compared with other nearby coffee shops after the open-bathroom policy was put in place in May 2018

With the free bathroom access, the researchers looked at the proximity of a given :marseystarbucks: store to a homeless shelter and found that customer traffic declined at almost double the rate at stores closest to homeless shelters versus those farthest away.

Customer traffic wasn’t the only thing that was hurt. The average income of Starbucks’ customers has dropped compared with the average income of other nearby coffee shops, thanks to fewer visits from “its wealthier clientele.”

The full report is 43 pages, and everyone involved could have saved a lot of time by submitting the sentence "homeless people are stinky" to peer review instead.

Shortly after, :marseystarbucks: closed its (bathroom) doors

Now, the coffee chain is effectively saying it can’t be ameriKKKa’s public potty any longer.

And, because an rdrama post wouldn't be complete without :marseysnoo:, here's a couple posts from baristas whining about the homeless:

Let me start this off by saying I have nothing against the homeless. I feel for them, I really do. But my store has a homeless couple that comes in every day and stays from open to close. They usually come in, set their 3 or 4 giant trash bags of belongings in a corner and hog the cushioned seats in the corner literally all day. What really bugs me is that they're constantly making out. Like, sloppy, slobbery, making out. We've had several customer complaints about it and I've asked my manager about it and she basically said as long as they're buying coffee they're good. Anything I can do about this?+17

:!marseylaugh::marseywagie: :marseystinky::!marseystinky: CLEAN IT UP

a not so gentle reminder that unhoused people are people too. if they are in the cafe, leave them the frick alone and mind your business. provide them with the same hospitality you give to every other customer. the unhoused are no different. as long as they aren’t doing something inappropriate or being disrespectful to you, other partners, and the customers, they can stay as long as they please until closing. don’t bother them if they are outside sitting down either. don’t be a peepee is what i am trying to say here. this isn’t a store issue, this is a human decency issue. +751

Every single post is bowing and scraping in subservience to the unhousedchads stinking up the place. Good thing for Redditors the stench doesn't travel over computer monitors or it might break their bubble of moral authority.

grande rant: homeless customers

i try to have sympathy for them but at this point its very hard. i feel bad for being bothered by them, but i need to rant for a minute.

they usually order a venti or trenta water but get quite angry if we dont give it to them the second after they ordered it.

they also walk through our drive thru and ask customers for money.

sometimes they just come and stare at us through the windows or do drugs in our parking lot and our male shifts have to go scare them off. :marseygigachad:

not so much now, but earlier in the pandemic they would come up without maks and cough on us. or they would come up with a mask on but take it off just to cough on us before putting it back on. :marseychad:

they used to steal our tip jars :marseygigachad:

The homeless are people. Talk to them and explain the rules you have to enforce. Learn their names. Just like anyone else if they are treated with dignity they may treat you with respect as well.

:marseyworldcup: :!marseyqatarworldcup: World Cup End of Round of 16 Football and Banter Megathread! :marseyqatarworldcup2: :!marseyworldcup:

Okay, it was almost going to be a "nothing ever happens" round, but Spanish managed to choke spectacularly earlier today, so we did have one upset after all.

Anyway, quarterfinals are going to be absolute bangers, I literally cannot wait. Which match are you looking for the most? Who's going to choke the worst? What the frick are we to do for the next two days?..

Who knows!


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It's already bad enough when people want to show youtube videos at a party but chosing to show an H3H3 video?


rDrama Written in Boogers (2022, BoogerChad)

I spent about a week collecting the occasional booger to make this. I hope you like it!



This software is actually tough to deal with because of how it is

and because of how it is, when the author forgot a space in a single command

The botnet killed itself and they'd have to re-infect every victim machine again if they were to rebuild the net LOL

Twitter fatty sneeds when a mood asks her where her neck went
Unga-bungas sneed at the wisdom of the Osterreich
Bravest j-slur

@Saint_Augustine you’re my b-word

I have to question when you file the unlawful detainer action. Because by law, these cases are given precedent to all other cases. Meaning, these cases are summary judgment for possession rights, and are given priority over all other litigation matters. That’s by statute. So something doesn’t mass in your explanation. I forgot to add, that I have a law degree, so I know exactly what I’m talking about.

What I do see, is a lot of lying a lot of manufactured evidence, a lot of false witnesses, a lot of slander, and overall daemonic behavior by landlords. That’s what I’ve seen and I can speak to. Now, of course, there are people out there that rent and lose their jobs and have problems in life and some are malicious, but generally speaking, the greed, I see lies, and the landlord, not the tenant.

Furthermore, there are risks in renting property. It’s a business that comes with risks like all other businesses. The problem with the landlord tenant relationship business is it landlords generally don’t have any other source of income, so when they need to remove a tenant for whatever reason, even when it is unlawful, landlords tend to become so malicious, and so vexatious as to ruin a tenants life. I promise you it’s not WWJD.

How do I into this site???

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