:marseymexican: Meccicans go full 3rd world when Bongland :marseybong: tries to send in civilian Divers to rescue 6 British soldiers trapped in Alpazat cave

Do you guys remember that world famous Thai cave rescue by uber experienced British Cave Divers? The one in 2018, when 13 schoolboys and a teacher had to be drugged, and then slowly unconsciesly transported underwater across like 2km of underwater passages? Rocket Daddy called one of them a p-do man on twatter. One of the divers was known as Rick Stanton, a mega neurodivergent boomer bong loner, who had like 30 years of cave diving, and cave diving rescue experience.

Well our story takes place in 2004, about 15 years earlier in Mexico, when our boi Rick Stanton was called by the British military to help save some bongs who got caught trapped in Alpazat caves after a flash flood, very similar to the Thai cave rescue incident.

Well the way it works is that Rick isn't actually part of any actual institution or rescue organization. Not like Burgerland's coast guard. His dayjob is being a firefighter. But because diving underground and in caves is so astronomically dangerous, there's very few peeps on planet earth's Billions who actually has garnered the skillset and capability of being able to stay calm underground, underwater, andd with no capacity to even orientate yourself upwards or downwards. Dozens of cave divers end up dying each year, because even experienced open water divers continiously underestimate the dangers of underground diving.


So the way it has worked for the past 35 years was that Bong military would call Rick and any other of his fellow renowned Cave Diver rescuers, every 2 yearsr, to come and help whenever some british peeps got stick in watery caves; danger zones where the usual brit special forces or special rescue workers could not even dare for fear of getting stuck and drowning.

The point is that Rick and his fellow diving autists don't belong to any miltary arm, they are just experienced regular civilians whom are often deferred to by the british equivalent of seals and stormwater rescuers. They only belonged to the Cave Rescue Organization https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cave_Rescue_Organisation


In 2004 6 British Navy and Air force guys, who were part of a british Caving Association, decided to goof off during their official work hours, and set their off time in an "official military expedition to support adventurous training." These cavers wanted to partake in the cave rich region in which they found themselves. Totally unoffical like :marseywink:

Unfortunately for these chodes, a flash flood occurred right as they were in the Alpazat cave, trapping them behind sumps of underground waters. This moment would result in frosty diplomatic tension between Britain and Mexico for the next decade.

Luckily for these dipshits, there was prefabricated emergency camps in a drier part of the cave, similar to mount Everest where they have several intermediary camps, as the Alpazat cave system was very large. So they were ok, and wouldn't immediately starve or drown like the Thai schoolboys, they were still stuck like plugs. They even had a radioset with them to communicate with the outside.



At this point in time Mexican President Vicente had a low approval rating from his constituents, and seized upon the moment when reports came that not just Brits, but British soldiers were trapped in Alpazat cave. He drummed up controvesy, in order to be seen as a strong and decisive leader who would take on foreign intermingling.

The 6 morons trapped in the Mexican cave were just fools goofing off, but now their presence in an awkward place was threatening British-Mexican diplomacy. If they were just civilians, it wouldn't have mattered, but because they were British armed forces personnel it looked dodgy as frick to the mexican press.



Basically the Mexican prez was all like WTF are ur soldiers doing in our natural environment!? The gossip :marseygossipshock: and tall tales in the Mexican media made a rumor that British espionage forces have been secretly digging in Alpazat caves, looking for Uranian deposits to mine in secret, but the Flash flood made them be caught red handed!! :marseygossipsmug::marseymeangirls:

This event was fire onto oil, because prior to these 6 fools getting stuck, the very month prior to this, a secret report got leaked which proved that Britain had been spying on Mexico, so the mexicans were already fired up.


The british diplomatic arm, was all like: What the heck are you talking about?? But because the cavers had radioactive-detecting equipment with them when they were rescued, it all but confirmed the rumor in the mexican media at that moment. But these radioactive detection devices were more used to detect dangerous gasses in isolated caves, and were standard equipment - not something you can mansplain to angry mexican special forces barking in your face.


The biggest force for contention between the Bong and Mexican ambassadors was that the Bongs refused the mexican rescue forces. This enraged the mexicans who believed they didn't want to be rescued by mexican personnel so that they might have time to stash away incriminating evidence of their secret mining whatever. Meanwhile, the british military didn't trust the local mexican rescue operator's capabilities, and wanted their own men, including their cave diving specialists like Rick Stanton. They knew full well how dangerous under water cave rescue operations were, and weren't in the least bit diplomatic in their statements that they didn't trust mexico to safely rescue the 6 bongs.




When the Mexican general came to the Alpazat cave and demanded the British rescuers there to show him where the 6 other divers were stuck, because he didn't comprehend they were blocked off by vast underwater bodies, he was lead to the 1st sump under which the cave tunnels disappeared into the dark waters. Exiting meekly like a r-slur, he finally consented to the british cave diving specialists to get on with the rescue operation.

Cave divers Richard Stanton and Jason Mallinson assisted the soldiers one at a time to exit the caves, and the dive for each to 13 minutes - just so you guys can appreciate just how fricking deep these guys were stuck at. The dive was 300m long.

Hilariously, when Rick and Jason exited the caves towards the waiting press and cameras, the other mexican rescue workers, that did frickall during the operation, would exit with them shoulder to shoulder, as if they had a hand in the rescue to look good for the cameras. :marseylaugh:


Anyways after much Polandball tier diplomatic peepeewaving, the british military personnel was allowed to frick off back to Bongland.

Another amusing story before the rescue took place - When Rick and Jason, the two experienced cave divers, arrived in Tacoland, they were immediately shadowed (comically badly) by mexican espionage personnel. When they were met at the airport, a mexican woman with flawless english would ask them really weird questions, like: to which branch of the british military do you belong?

Rick and Jason would stare at each other dumbfounded, and be like: mate we're only civillians!

But no matter how much they tried to convince the mexican authorities that they were merely two nondescript civilians, the more the mexican spies attributed more outlandish identities to the divers, until the mexicans had convinced themselves that these two troublemakers were dodgier than pinballs. I mean what nation would just contract ordinary citizens to come to another country in a rescue operation!

That's all i got, GOOD NIGHT:marseyretard2:

For reference, here are the racial demographics of Huguenot High School:


Suspect in custody but no info released yet besides his age (19).


The winner is determined primarily by intent. While a shooter may be an Indian, for example, if he targeted a sorority or left behind incel ramblings, the Incel option wins, rather than the pajeet one. Similarly, if an Indian dude shoots up his place of employment, former employee wins. If he just starts unloading in public or at some unlisted sort of locale or event, then and only then would the pajeet option win. Further examples: mayoid attacking a political rally that he disagrees with => Xoid extremist; mayoid with a robust Reddit history detailing his love/hate for Trump attacks a mall or something but gives no indication that it was politically-motivated => general schizophrenic. And so on.

Administrative discretion will determine the winner. Any questions should be asked promptly as these situations develop rapidly and there is typically a very limited window for betting.

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I have infiltrated a high-level jannie cabal modmail. Our queen Dr. Oaken and the crying Dutchman have feelings.


!bardfinn !merari

Is it legal to wonder the cornfields brandishing a sword /r/iowa?

OP in questions roast me post


He claims most Japan's homes have a katana rack, his source is a weeb YouTuber:

That's why most Japanese homes have katanas on stands.

He can also control a sword much more accurately and precisely than a firearm:

Let's say I'm holding the gun, and the thing fires in my hand. A sword is simply safer, and I prefer it.

There's a lot more good stuff in here that I don't have the time ATM to add to the OP.

I hope this cow stays around /r/Iowa.


That whole threads is fricking crazy lol. Joke country.


No, really. Could we reportmaxx subreddits like /r/HeGetsUs and /r/StopHeGetsUs under that pretense and get results?

The 2nd coming of Christ :marseycrocodile:

'Virgin birth' recorded in crocodile for 1st time ever

Scientists have announced the first ever recorded case of a crocodile "virgin birth" after a female that had been isolated for 16 years was discovered with a clutch of eggs. The discovery provides "tantalizing insights" into the evolutionary origins of the trait, potentially shedding light on the reproductive capabilities of dinosaurs, a new study finds.

The ameriKKKan crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) was taken into captivity in 2002 when she was 2 years old and placed in an enclosure at Parque Reptilandia in Costa Rica. She remained alone for the next 16 years. But in January 2018, a clutch of 14 eggs was found in the enclosure.

Virgin births, also known as facultative parthenogenesis (FP), is a type of asexual reproduction in species that would normally reproduce sexually. Scientists have documented it in birds, sharks, lizards and snakes in captivity, among other species. Until now, it had never been recorded among Crocodilia β€” the order that includes crocodiles, alligators, caimans and gharials.

Related: Italian shark has 'virgin birth' after 10 years in all-female shark tank

In a study published on Wednesday (June 7) in the journal Biology Letters, researchers said seven of the 14 eggs produced by the crocodile in Costa Rica were viable. Zoo caretakers incubated these eggs, but they didn't hatch, so after three months, they opened the eggs. The contents of six of the eggs was "not discernable," but one contained a fully-formed, but non-viable fetus. Genetic analysis showed it was almost identical to the mother.

The team, led by Warren Booth, an entomologist at Virginia Tech, wrote in the study that it was "disappointing" the egg failed to hatch, but that it is not unusual for offspring born this way to suffer abnormalities and fail to thrive. FP, they added, may be more common in species on the brink of extinction, and studies investigating wild populations could reveal more cases.

They also said the discovery of a virgin birth in a crocodile means FP has now been found in both birds, which descended from dinosaurs, and a crocodilian, suggesting a common evolutionary origin. Birds and crocodilians are the remaining representatives of archosaurs β€” the group that also included dinosaurs and pterosaurs.

"This new evidence offers tantalizing insights into the possible reproductive capabilities of extinct archosaurian relatives of crocodilians, notably the Pterosauria and Dinosauria," they wrote.

120g of Protein sloppa
Minecraft Curseforge mods compromised, see below

tldr minecraft mods have wirus on your computer now. see below on how to check etc. dont download mods.


Why do some people hate India so much? : bangladesh

They are kind of the biggest South Asian country with the most geo-political influence. Kind of like the big brother who is also a bully. We are also always getting the shorter end of the stick when it comes Teesta .

:marseymanlet: :m!arseybuff:


:marseybuff: :marseybattered:

a lot of indians think every bangladeshi is a hinduphobic half-fish half human border-crossing cattle smuggling religious extremist who loves pakistan over india. if u show this comment to one of those indian subreddits, the ppl wont see any problem w my statement

@whills what is the problem with that statement, I don't understand? :marseyconfused:

They spread lies against us in their media and keep giving unfair policies to us. Majority of Bangladeshis are also muslim, and you don't even need to be an extremist muslim to dislike a country that is demolishing muslim homes and mosques and sees muslims as some sort of national enemy. Half the Indians I met personally also behave like this and love Modi. One of them even told me that Bangladesh is occupying land that is rightfully India's since they "saved us from pakistan". I wasn't even having a political conversation with her. I'm sure there are many great Indians but many of them are literally brainwashed from BJP

Based sexy Indian dudea :marseyclapping:

Bhangidesh should be our testing ground for the final solution to the Paki question.

Some ultra toxic right wing nationalists view India as an aggressor that can create impact on our culture and economy.(which sounds vague though,culture literally evolves as man's material conditions evolve from time and it tries to integrate outsiders culture to modify itself, for the economy part they think that if an Indian guy investing his business in our country will make them think that we're occupied by them. Sounds retar*dedly dumb by them tbh)

Yes that's right we'll pozz your backward shithole culture and have you dancing bhangra in multi day weddings. Civilize your lot. :marseycool:

To keep it simple ask an average indian who is on there 20's and 30's about their pov of Bangladeshis, the answer will give you the vibe, As if you were a neighbour of someone, your neighbour tries to get benefits from you in every way while not giving any to you and then try to degrade you and control your family.

Such jilted lover vibes.


While I do acknowledge the support India has provided us in '71, we have to understand that the reason behind India's support was not solely for humanitarian purposes. dismembering India's arch-enemy Pakistan would serve India's interests, that was the main reason. And just because you supported us 50 years ago, this doesn't mean we'd be your loyal servants. You can't use something that happened 50 years ago to justify today's policies.

How about using the fact that we can atomically annihilate every last one of you and no one would care.


I think it's mostly jealousy. India is better than us in countless ways and they rip off bd on many things. I used to honestly hate India as a kid as well but now I left bd and I'm used to staying with international ppl all the time, so hatin n stuff chole gese


So even Bhangideshis can gain a bit of wisdom.

@whills I believe in you, you can do it too :platycheer:

[not really drama] πŸš‚ asks bog witches weird question

Knew they were a train before @FrozenChosen even saw the photo. Who would pull a skirt down in a bathroom??? What does this have too do with witches?

Not pinging followers bc this is stupid

Trans furry lives matter

:marseywave3: Leaving rdrama so it's time for a CALLOUT POST :marseyhomofascist:

I am either leaving or taking a giant break because I realized this website is not only pointless but barely even fun like other ones. It's better than reddit and 4cuck but that isn't saying much. :marseysipping:

Now onto the callouts!! :marseyropeyourself:

@Aevann Namelock and Flairlock, especially being so cheap, ruined the site for me. Any buttmad incel with 100000 points can continually harrass you this way for days on end. :marseydomesticabuse:

Carp (I cant be assed to keep up with whatever your handle is) you are a disappointment for running a site with, as the poll showed, majority userbase of straight males :marseydisagree:

Speaking of buttmad incels, I am actually convinced @Shreddedmanlet is a woman playing satire of a straight white male on rdrama, cause ive literally never met a male as insufferably unfunny and butthurt as him. :marseymoidmoment:

@FrozenChosen should start up a blog with the amount of boring blogposts they think the userbase outside of 3 people care to see on their feed :marseylongpost:

@fluffygroyper im calling you out offsite if I ever see another marsey on the sharty. youre all right otherwise :marseysoy3:

@Transgender_spez's new legacy is spamming UHG pol threads with 'ru 'jaks and that's hilarious :marseylaugh:

@Kangkrazy has Like 4 alts and none of them are funny in the slightest. He may have legit autism doing that weird marsified donkey kong roleplay, at least I think its the crocodile from that game

I dont remember Ritalin Rx's handle but it is apt, as you need to take your meds and stay offline. big pickme energy too :marseymeds:

@snallyspastor or whatever your tag is, you should literally request to delete your account because you are an annoying unblockable simp. You're not even laughably sad like Manlet, just sad.

@PlsNope go back go reddit :marseyfoidretard:

Am I missing anyone? If I didn't list you here, you're probably all right. Or you've been under my radar. Please note that someone being listed here does not mean they're a notable poster, most are just annoying ones


bye now

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