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Fasting Tips

On a day you plan to fast, make a list of things to do to keep yourself :marseykys2: busy and your mind off food.

You're going :marseysalmaid: to want to rest the first :marseywinner: three :marseydilbert: days.

You feel more emotional during a fast.

Prepare for the fast. Eat fruits :marseycornucopia: and vegetables :marseycarrots: beforehand so you don't get as hungry :marseyemptybowl: while fasting, raising the chances of a binge.

Carry around gum, bullion cubes, or zero cal sodas.

When done with a fast, start with low calories (50-100) and slowly bring yourself :marseydespawnurself: back up to regular intake.

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This is like when John 'Elon' Musk made himself the default option on the twitter search bar. Truly kafkaesque. I think that Aevann is a horrible narcissist who cannot cope with a reality where he is not the majority of the world's friends. It's truly horrifying. And I hope that he gets some therapy or at the very least kills himself so our suffering can end. But I think that everyone aware of the man's situation understands that this too is a fruitless proposition - Aevann will continue their march until there is nothing less than total RDrama Subjugation under his iron heel. And we're going to let it happen, not because we want to, but because we can't get rid of the bastard. He created rdrama.net, and he's the only one who can truly understand its inner workings and machinations. Maybe that's why we must always hate and oppose him, because of we ever let our guard down, the Aevann will be let loose and destroy this final bastion of Internet Sovereignty.

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