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pls bully









If you have a fatty :marseychonker2: to snitch :marsey69: on, leave :marseypeaceout: a comment :marseysoypointdubz: below and I'll give you a 200DC reward.


Hi, we take thinness VERY seriously here so we'll be exiling any and all suspected fatties :marseychonker2: from this hole starting meow! :marseymagdump:

Your bail will be 200dc + arm photo proving your thinness. If you suspect you have been exiled incorrectly, you may whine to me or @WrongHoler but you'll probably still have bail depending on how much we believe you. :marseyxd:

Have a great day !thin !verifiedhot

bf called @Pasty a drama :marseypunished2: queen :marseypass:

as a preface, @Pasty work a lot. like sixty hours a week. so yesterday @Pasty had an eight hour shift at the restaurant that @Pasty work at and @Pasty had restricted too 600 cals for the day, biked 6 miles, needed too bike 2 more.

not enough :marseyitsallsotiresome: calories.

i felt awful. my head hurt, i was dizzy, i kept dropping things, black :marseyvampirehearts: fuzzies blurred my vision, i couldn't hear people and had to ask them to repeat themselves multiple times, my ears were ringing. all in all i was a millisecond away from passing out most of my shift.

i messaged my bf mid shift saying that i felt awful, i was worried :marseyhelp: i was going :marseysalmaid: to pass out, etc,

and he replied with

don't be such a drama :marseypopcorn: queen :marseycard: lol

was this me being a drama :marseydramabardfinn: queen? was this me being stupid? i mean obviously me being stupid, restricting that much, but. ugh, idk.

white extinction is long overdue!

chinese :marseyrabbitnewyear4: body check :marseyelonpaypig:



The 'Yeah!' hitmaker revealed in an interview last week that to get in shape, he fasts for 24 hours at a time every week, drinking :marseymodelo2: only water.

He also nixes coffee :marseystarbucks: in favor of celery juice :marseykoolaid: and lemon :marseycitrus: water :marseylongsurfing: and claims that a morning :marseycoffee: yoga session 'activates' his organs. :marseybutt:

Fatasses told that many of Usher's peculiar habits are, at best, 'unnecessary' and at worst, potentially 'harmful,' leading to "dangerous" :marseyeyeroll: malnutrition due to a lack of vital nutrients like carbs and fiber.

Intermittent fasting involves switching between :marseyzeldalinkpast: normal :marseyregular: eating :marseyspork: and restricting food intake for anywhere from four to 12 hours throughout the week. However, some better :marseysaulgoodman: approaches involve eating :marseypopcorn2: nothing for up to an entire day at a time. Usher told the Wall Street :marseymerari: Journal that Wednesday is his chosen :marseymerchantelf: fasting day.

'I typically try to start around 11pm the previous day, then go the entire day Wednesday just drinking :marseysipping: water,' he said, adding that he also works out daily :marseydose: in preparation for a show.

Dr Fatfrick noted that fatigue and headaches are common side effects that can start as early as the afternoon.



jealous :marseyjelly: or just the most critical. i swear she's secretly competing with me. when i gain weight :marseyoverheadpress: she makes nasty :marseydisgusted: side remarks but when i'm dropping the pounds suddenly she acts all concerned.

moving out was one of the best decisions i ever made fr.

anyone else?

umm happy :marseydrunk: fathers :marseyfranklin: day everyone :marseynorm: i guess?

Azealia Based?
"anorexia" recovery destroyed my body. My life is finished.

Hello :)

I'm not new to EDSF - for years, I have viewed the site, reading posts for advice and support - but I have never posted. To be honest, sharing my ED journey is embarrassing.

I live in England, in the countryside, with my mum and dad. Before I struggled with my mental health, I was a high-achiever and a perfectionist. I attended a selective all-girls school, played musical instruments, acted, participated in orchestras, volunteered and was in the top team for every sport. I worked 24/7; education was my life. I had ambitions and aspirations. I was determined and resilient to reach them. Typical story - a perfectionist struggles with mental health… My life began to fall apart in 2021. First, I developed anxiety, then, OCD and depression and lastly, my ED.

I have Binge Eating Disorder. I will not lie, writing that is humiliating and mortifying. I am so ashamed. Pre-ED, I was naturally underweight and had no interest in food - I ate healthily, skipped meals and hated junk food. In 2022, I had urges to eat food I did not want, then eating when I was anxious/stressed/depressed became a habit. The binges started small and grew. I gained a lot of weight and felt suicidal because of my body. I began therapy to recover from Binge Eating Disorder. I learnt to control myself around food 60% of the time, the other 40%, I binged. Thankfully, I over-exercised, so I managed to lose weight. I was proud of my body and the happiest I'd ever been in my life. I was confident, determined and 1000x better than the ‘normal' me. Then, my life began to fall apart again. Long-story-short, I was incorrectly diagnosed with Anorexia (I binged weekly on 10,000+ calories and had binge urges everyday) and forced into recovery. A lot happened. It was traumatic and the medical professionals and CAMHS were AWFUL. They made me gain weight without providing any therapy or even advice/support. CAMHS think eating disorders are weight disorders and do not care about what you are struggling with mentally. They encouraged me to binge (I had BED!) and told me to eat junk food. I lost my willpower and control over food that I had learnt in BED therapy, I lost my motivation and I began binging more. Now, I binge every single day, all day. I do nothing else. I have at least 5,000 calories each day, up to 25,000. I have gained 5st in less than 3 months. I can't exercise, I can barely walk up the stairs, my mum helps me to shower, I look disgusting and unrecognisable, I'm uncomfortable 24/7 and I pray each night that I won't wake up the next day. I attempted suicide because I hate this body. My body is ruined - my teeth, hair, skin etc, everything is ruined. I'm having private therapy to help my Binge Eating Disorder but it's not working. Anorexia recovery and all the people who forced me to gain weight have destroyed my willpower/determination and now, I have zero control over food.

I want my body back. I wish I had hidden my weight from everyone or faked weight gain and recovery. Now, I'm just waiting for my life to end.


Today I saw very fat pretty young woman, morbidly obese. It was at the grocery store. And her bag was full of healthy stuff, like vegetables, fruits, dark bread, zero coke, only thing I could stick to was processed sausages. And I wonder why people make those pathetic New Year's resolutions.. It never works... Better follow your intuition.

Did she tell you she's buying healthy stuff because of a ""New Year""-thing? :soycry:

Or did you just asume that cause she's fat.

the second one :gigachadqueen:

Seriously not cool.

Mind your own business.

She's trying to better herself.

Your judgement shows what kind of person you are. :soycry:

I always go with “You never know what someones going through.” And mind my own business.

But you do you I guess, just maybe keep some thoughts to yourself next time. Or think before you hit the post button.

Media lurks for life kids, just remember. And anyone from anywhere can access that. :soycry:

maybe I will got arrested though this discusion 🥟 :gigachadqueen:

Oh get over yourself. You don't know anything about a literal stranger who's buying produce at a grocery store. Don't you know what they say about assuming? Except in this case the only person you're making an butt out of is yourself. Remember that there are heavier people on EDS too. This is meant to be a supportive community. We're not skinnygossip or lolcows :soycry:

Is it maybe a jealous or scared kind of thing, Lena?

I saw your other thread about feeling better than other people, when you're buying healthier food than they are at the grocery store. :marseytrad:

I think Lena got arrested. :marseytrad:

just a psa that health exists at every size; the size of one's body is not an accurate indication of their health !! :marseyfoidretard:

I feel bad for OP because it's clear they have a lot of judgement built up inside of them, whether it be from the stress of an ed or the standards they force upon themselves. I mean there's a possibility that this is just their personality but I feel like the ed is really getting to them... :soyjakanimeglasses:

Poor OP! I know it was a mean thought, but we all have those. I'd never say anything mean to someone for being fat, but God knows I think things I'd be embarrassed for them to hear.

If we didn't think fat was a bad thing, we wouldn't mind being fat ourselves. It's very internalized. Again, normal thoughts for people struggling with these disorders. :soyjakanimeglasses:

i starved my way out of obesity, 100 lbs down. there were points in my journey where i was starving but was still obese. i could have easily been that girl at the store that ur judging.

i have thoughts like this too. it's hard to control, i get it. but just keep in mind u really don't know anyone's circumstances. empathy is so important ♥ :marseytrad:

mom boiled asparagus in OIL water, help! :marseyfoidretard:

my mom cooked asparagus for me, but she knows that I HATE oil. Then I saw the grease on the surface of the water :marseyspit: which is really :marseythinkorino2: weird :marseycreepy: if you only cook veggies :marseycarrots: in water, isn‘t it? Or is that normal?

-she denied :marseyno: it.

Now I‘m so anxious, even tho I washed my asparagus like three :marseycerebrus: times thinking :marseyhmmm: that this would :marseywood: get rid off the oil & extra calories…

How extra cals would :marseymid: you guess :marseyshrug: to be in there? I tried my best to get rid off the oil as I didn‘t want to throw :marseyrejecthug: them away, they looked gorg😭😭 Now I‘m too anxious :marseyshy: of the extra cals and SO SO MAD at my mom. I just feel so disgusted :marseypathetic2: and bloated.

I mean did she think :marseymischevious: I‘m that stupid?

She said that the asparagus may be the reason for which the water :marseyarchie: turned greasy.

The grease you think :marseyquestion: you saw in the water, is there :marseycheerup: any chance that might have been the waxy coating/film that was leftover from the asparagus? Boiling water :marseylongsurfing: can strip that coating found :marseymimic: on veggies. She might not be lying?

idk… is that a thing? did it happen :marseyvenn6: to you? I never :marseyitsover: saw it but since my mom said she was cooking :marseychef: them for HOURS, maybe that‘s the reason why.. It‘s so weird :marseyidk: bc she normally NEVER :marseyitsover: puts oil in the water :marseyaquagrunt: and the grease just shocked :marseycactuar: me😭😭 now I feel so guilty :marseyjudge: for being mad at her but I need an alternative explanation if she really :marseythinkorino2: didn‘t put oil in it..

based :marseyretardchad: queens bully :marseylaughpoundfist: fat chick into anorexia :marseyskinny:

Ok here's the backstory - I'm currently roommates with a couple :marseycupid: girls :marseyblops2chadcel2: who've always treated me like shit because I'm not as thin or conventionally attractive as them (not even the ana part of me saying that, like they genuinely don't respect :marseyfingergoodjob: me, exclude me from events, and have even said some mildly racist :marseyfloch: things to me). Over the past year it used to hurt me a lot and gave me so many insecurities but now I'm in total revenge :marseybestfriends: mode.

So far I've lost like 25 lbs over the past year, 15 being in the past month and I plan on keeping it up for the rest of the summer. However, that little :marseylightsparkle: part of my brain :marseyneuronactivation: that's a bit tooo vindictive wants them to gain a little :marseymaoist: weight :marseyoverheadpress: and feel as shitty as they made me feel. In my house, it's fairly :marseytimmy: common place, if someone feels :marseyvapecrying: like cooking :marseychef: or baking, to make a huge dish and leave :marseypeaceout: it out in the kitchen :marseyrefrigerator: for everyone :marseynorm: to share. What are some really :marseythinkorino2: fattening and delicious :marseygoodshit: recipes I can make for them?

what's the most orthexic thing you've done today?

So if you guys didn't know, "orthorexia" is a tumblr-pathologization of eating healthy. There's literally nothing wrong with it but the people who identify as orthorexics (rather than normal people who just happen to eat healthy) are kinda weird. They're all neurodivergent white women btw. Anyway, here are the struggles they have to put up with daily:

trashed the sausages and bacon out of somebody else's supermarket sandwich. it's 6:58am.

context: ❌ has been away for a few weeks, and in that time, my mother's decided to eat more nutritious foods/watch out for her health + lost over a stone/14lb in the process. then ❌ came back and he's been trying to sabotage her ever since by springing nonfood on her despite her making it clear she's trying to be more food-conscious, but ❌ is always all "do you want to get a takeaway? i bought us both microwave meals [and didn't ask you]. i bought a 2-pack of cream cakes; you can have one."

and because she doesn't have the energy to put up a fight, half the time, she'll eat what he gives her. it's unfair that someone who treats their body like a scrapheap should try and interfere with someone consciously trying to improve their own and i'm not here for that shit.

so last night ❌ comes home from the chip-shop and did a detour to the supermarket where he picked her up a packaged sandwich from the reduced section — not that she asked him to or ever does — obv inherently shit on account of the bread and the processed meat, but it's got room for damage control. it's a "turkey and trimmings" seasonal sandwich w/ turkey, sausage, bacon, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

it's gonna be inedible no matter what, but since this is a case of her not having the energy to make herself lunch in the mornings, i picked out the bacon and the sausage, threw it away and dabbed down the sauce on the bread so now it's just a lower-cal turkey sandwich with a bit of sugary cranberry jam.

not as much of a win as earlier in the week replacing the maggi noodles in the house with additive-free wholewheat noodle nests but still necessary improv. feeders are the fricking devil.

my newest habit is picking up plastic junk wrappers from the pavement and binning them just so people have one or two fewer sources of subliminal advertising over the course of their day.

my marbles are fricking gone at this point. they're not coming back. brain shrinkage behaviour.

junk-destroying ritual now ❌ is outta the country for a month. soaped and binned 2 pots of creme caramel, half a loaf of seeded supermarket bread, hazelnut loaf cake and a bunch of tex-mex dips. kitchen is clean and i can breathe easy again

you think bakery is better? Worse betrayal of my life, I built up the courage to go buy bread at a nice (SO I THOUGHT) fancy bakery, I saw a great looking loaf with a shitload of seeds labelled "wholemeal" so my brain stopped working (LOL AS IF) and I brought it home. I start eating it.......... tastes sus af....... google it : oh, thats why it's called "japanese" because it has fricking eggs in it, and maybe even milk I dont even want to know I'm fricking fuming. I literally feel nauseous, so if i'm lucky those fricking eggs are gonna make me puke and send it back into the potty where it belongs. I'm so defeated and sad (and mad at myself that I didnt ask the chick what made it "japanese").


I'm so mad. Cant have anything.

stayed up late making this micronutrient spreadsheet for foods that I like 😭 😭 😭 😭 entered in each value by hand lmao and I have like 10 more foods to go

I've apparently been holding my breath when I add powdered creamer and splenda to my grandma's coffee. I had to use my spoon to scoop it and immediately washed it to decontaminate. Yeah, I'm gonna work on that. Its a little too far.

It's a tie between the following:

Spent minutes standing on a street corner while on a walk before I could talk myself out of buying a vegan burger and fries at one of two restaurants within view with this menu option.

Freaked out about the carbs in nutritious foods like legumes, beans, carrots, and strawberries. I am puzzled by my own disordered thoughts.

Restricted protein intake because I am terrified of overdoing it and increasing my risk of developing cancer.

Chose to walk an extra few miles rather than pick up a few hours at work.

Ate cups of berries.

Felt like everything considered edible is really poisonous.

!thin !vegana

tru facts :marseyshapiro:
Donuts are poison :marseycyanide: :marseypuke:
roasting vegans | Eating :marseycrayoneater: Disorder Support Forum

can we roast vegans for a second.. like what in the frick lol that's not healthy

especially fricking :marseytom: raw veganism yikes :marseychingchongpearlclutch: omg

& they literally :marseyme: eat so much sugar :marseycandycorn: like how..

you know those yoga ones they scare me i'm sure we cld b cool irl but man i'm glad we are not

Sent from my iPhone :marseyappicon: using Tapatalk

>why should :marseynorm: we roast people for their life choices also why the bulimia :marseyanorexia: section :marseybunny2:

>cause it's funny :marseybruh: omg y so serious :marseybeheadedkamikaze: & why question :marseybeanblack: my life choices rn.. that's offensive :marseymegalodon:

>guys i said roast vegans not me lol :marseymegalodon:

>While I agree :marseyokay: that raw veganism is not optimal and most of the raw vegans I've seen on yt come from a restrictive ed background (whlie claiming to be recovered eating :marseypopcorntime: nothing but fruits :marseycornucopia: and veg lol); veganism can definitely be done healthily. Just like an omnivore diet can be balanced and healthy :marseycarrots: or hella :marseyitoldyoudog: unhealthy. What's there :marseycheerup: to roast, exactly? :marseybunny2:

>everything veganism is so toxic also did i ask. how you going :marseysal2: to tell me u eat 5 fruits :marseycornucopia: at once i mean like that's not cool. & the big salads poor babies :marseykiwimom: :marseymegalodon:


Boyfriend holds me down and force :marseyjetfighter: feeds me - should :marseynorm: I break up with him?

Pretty :marseyglam: much what it says on the tin.

I tried every excuse in the world, but he just straight up does not care, holds me down and physically force :marseyjetbombing: feeds me. I learned to plan around this and told him that I only like certain foods (all of them very very low cal), so my intake is still very low, but it still bothers me, because I can't fast.

He also found :marseymimic: out about my purging and won't let me. He watches my behavior very closely, so none of the old school :marseygrad: tricks on hiding :marseyinabox: purging work and I can't just do it straight up either, because there :marseycheerup: aren't any lockable doors :marseyayy: in my home, so he'd just burst in anyway, plus I'm pretty :marseyglam: sure he'd straight up murder :marseyvargselfdefense: me after.

Are there :marseycheerup: any tips I haven't discovered yet, or will I have to learn :marseybowing: some sort of martial :marseyryu: art and fight :marseygladiator: him off haha?

He knows that I have a history :marseyww1german1: of anorexia, but he doesn't know that I relapsed, and if he ever finds out I'm genuinely going :marseysal3: to kill myself. Luckily for me, in his eyes, ana is not eating :marseyspork: anything :marseycoleporter: ever, so even if I'm at like 300 cals a day, as long as I'm eating :marseywillnever: two times a day, he thinks I'm good, but he's starting to get increasingly worried :marseysweating: and I'm running :marseychaser: out of excuses. He bought the ,,Oh my stomach is just soooo small, so I have to havy tiny portions, I can't help that I get full from one third :marseyswastika: of a banana” lie really :marseythinkorino2: well at first, but again, he's getting suspicious. Uuuuugh, I just need someone to tell me what to do. Please? I love him so much, but I would :marseywood: rather amputate all of my limbs with a butter knife :marseysword2: than recover. Or eat as much as he wants me to.

!thin ppl problems


If you guys have been following this hole, you've already read the whole post. I was just copy and pasting it into here. Aaaaanyways here's the drama:

>What the fricking frick.

>I thought this was a sarcastic post.

>Fricking shit.

>DON'T. :#soyjakanimeglasses:

>/////////////////OH MY GOD/////////////////

>you guys. it is a legitimate post for a pro ana web site :#gigachadqueen:

>It might be. But not everyone on this site is "PRO ANA." There is a difference between having an eating disorder and glamorizing one. and this site is not only for anorexics.

>There are people that have recovered, supporters, EDNOS, Bulimics, and others. And due to the recent drama with the Lifetime movie, a lot of people on this site get angry and offended when Newbies ask or post tips. :#soycry:

>I know this is a pro ana site and all, but... This is just sick to me, i mean basically you're teaching people how to kill themselves slowly and painfully. cuz that's what eating disorders truly are. they're not a diet or a fashion trend. but well i guess that kind of posts are inevitable on this kind of website :p :#marseysoycrytremble:

>Proana is the title of the site sure.this is a support group , we are not here to try and help anyone develop an eating disorder. theres a difference. this is not a legitimate post for any kind of website because it is glamorizing, promoting and making a mockery of a DEADLY MENTAL ILLNESS. :#soyjaktantrum:

>This IS a PRO ANA site. Anyone who is opposed to this particular post probably doesn't belong here. This is a site for people like us to come together and support one another, not tear each other down for our disease. If you have a problem with it, you're welcome to check out at any time. :#gigachadqueen:

>When this place was made, everyone wanted anorexia (I AM NOT SAYING I WANT ANOREXIA) yea it's horrible, terrible in fact. but if you go back a little further then you can see when people were begging for there to be a "Tips discussion" page.

>I'm just saying, really, don't get mad at the OP. especially if they are from tumblr. tons of people on tumblr want ED's that's why it's so easy to gather tips.

>Sorry if I offended you, I didn't really mean to :#gigachadqueen:

!thin !vegana

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