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:donkeykonggenocide: Mozilla sends popup AD overlay in FurryFox for their own VPN :firecat:


Hello and welcome to @Corp's semiannual laughing at Furryfox users thread.

Little background. There are three groups of people I feel need to go.

1. Nazis.

2. Commies.

3. FurryFox users.

It today's FurryFox drama we have something not related to coping about there ever shrinking user base as Chromium browser supremacy ravages onwards to near domination.

Ads? In my FurryFox?


I suspect the poster is a chud due to hiding what he is reading on twitter, a known alt-nazi website :chudsey:

Also a massive ad that dims the background and makes you click? :marseychefkiss:

Listen! We filed a Bugzilla! It's just a bug, right? RIGHT!?!?!!?!! :soycry:

Orangesite deliberates

This is pretty terrible.

And no, supporting this under the guise of trying to earn revenue away from Google is a bit silly. A pop-up is a pop-up.

A browser that goes to great lengths to block all of the annoyances of the web (e.g. pop-ups) allowing their own annoyances through is just favoritism of itself. It is no better than Google Chrome plugging Google or > > > Edge plugging Bing Chat or whatever is new on the block.

Last thing Firefox needs is to be browser with built-in ads. In this arena, the first experience is the only one that matters. Do not let it be ads.

Funny thing is Chrome has a very clean UI. It's by nature because Google automatically benefits if you use the web, and more so if you use it through Chrome. Chrome doesn't really plug Google considering Google is the default search on all major browsers except Edge, and switching to a different provider is very easy (Google services do plug Chrome, on the other hand).

Meanwhile on a new Firefox install, I have to disable pocket, sponsored shortcuts, the new pinned tab, sponsored news articles (which are also present in Chrome iirc), and skip through the faceless girl telling me about diverse colors or some shit. Firefox is still by far the better choice, but yeah it's initially a bit annoying on a fresh install.


I've made several people switch from Chrome to Firefox this week because of the Manifest v. 3 fiasco. I told them "you'll see, it's not a memory hog like Chrome, and it's much less intrusive."

And you do this.


I love how fast the mods are locking down conversations relating to this topic.

Firefox is really sticking out for the wrong reasons today.

They do it for free for free software :marseyjanny:


Hehe, we didn't k-know y-you gois and gruls would be so upset. We will have another meeting about this thing we definitely had multiple meetings about previously and got signed off on.

Lots of upset Furryfox users. If you're a FurryFox user there are several cures.

Chromium Mastercels

Be Brave :marseybraveglow:

Violin w/ Vivaldi :donkeykongbass:

Cute Twinks

Buy an Apple product and use Safari :chadstevejobs:

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>pressuring you to give into unreasonable demands isn't r*pe because it's unto your mind not your genitals.


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>ergo, ads are r*pe


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So if they just consent the issue goes away.

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