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Deshaun Watson has been suspended for 11 games. Redditors and Tweeters are outraged. :marseyrage:



I could keep going, but ten seems like enough. If you want to see more, check /r/nfl yourself. But here's a bonus from /r/sports. And here's one from /r/fantasyfootball.


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11 games for 24 sexual assaults lmao. Dude got a great deal. Scrotes stay winning

I'm kinda lost here. I thought these were allegations? How many actual charges is he facing in court?

None. The criminal charges all got tossed by the grand juries, so all that's left is civil suits, and those will all be settled before they ever get to trial.

Don't get me wrong, he probably sexually assaulted at least a few of those women. But Redditors and the like genuinely believed the NFL was gonna suspend this guy for two full seasons over some shit that didn't even make it to a criminal court.

Lmao really every single one got tossed?

Okay now I'm on team free Watson lol

Mhm. It wasn’t like he was drugging and raping girls or anything. He would basically try to talk masseuses into happy endings. That’s the entirety of his “crimes.”

Jacking off giant black dongs for $200 is not a crime

DeTrans lives matter

If it was you would get the death penalty for repeated offenses.

White people are so fragile

Detrans lives matter


of course you wouldn't think it's bad :hmph:

If you haven’t coughed and casually pointed during a massage then you’re not livin nigga

he should be banned from the league for this, he's a professional athlete he should be banging a different groupie every day

:!#chadjihadi: This would not have happened had you not disrespected Islam :!#marseyhead:

You’re… absolutely right.

Yeah who could imagine the nfl suspending anyone for baseless allegations


Patriots fans aren't people


dont ever imply that im a patriots fan

It's almost a full season and he may be needed if they get into the playoffs

>if they get into the playoffs



![](https://i.ibb.co/GJv0vMd/3.jpg) ![](https://i.ibb.co/wLQ7krb/4.jpg)

Gotta be ready for anything

They have more than enough cap space to eat Garoppolo's full salary for this year if they go that route and the rest of their team is solid enough even Briskett could hold down the fort until Watson gets back.

Saving this for the eventual 2-9 record when he returns

Saving this for Brisset's 11-0 record as he forces Deshaun to come back from suspension as the world's highest paid bench warmer

I don't get what his personal life has to do with football

Wow this is disgusting

I cant believe they would suspend a black man based on UNPROVEN allegations. Um, Emmett Till, anyone?

lol Reddit was sucking NFL cock when the players were kneeling. Watching them get burned and buttmad is the best. :marseywholesome:

The browns paid a lot of money and draft picks to lose a player over him paying masseuses to repeatedly do stuff to him. One chick that didn't suck his dick came out and said he begged her to and she just said no and changed the subject.

One chick that didn't suck his dick came out and said he begged her to and she just said no and changed the subject.

Imagine being an NFL starting quarterback and getting rejected by a whore masseuse. He deserves to be permanently suspended for that alone.

surely with that kinda wealth you could just have whores that know how to massage following you around. Wtf is he doin propositioning randos

Look no one goes into the NFL because they're intelligent

The browns paid a lot of money and draft picks to lose a player over him paying masseuses to repeatedly do stuff to him.

His contract assumed he was getting suspended this whole year. Sub 1 million salary post-signing bonus this year turns into 46 million starting next year :#marseyxd:

What i meant is they paid far too much to the other team to lose him over this. It was a record setting deal and unlike salary is paid in advance


All the claims against him sound like complete horseshit tbh, and I say that as someone who is extremely racist against black people.

Browns even lose the meta. Lmfao

I don’t know shit about football, is this like a slap on the wrist? Or an actual big deal

Slap on the wrist. He was always going to get suspended for at least 6 games, with a full season (17 games plus, hypothetically, playoffs) being a possibility. So 11 games is no big deal.

More importantly, the way his contract is structured, he's losing out on less than $1 million. He's been ordered to pay $5 million, but that doesn't matter either because his contract is 100% guaranteed through 2026 and worth $230 million total.

And to top it all off, the guy sat out the entirety of the 2021 season due to contract disputes with the Texans (his former team). So it's possible he'll come back midway through this season and not be worth anything close to what the Browns (his current team) are paying him.

Watson made out like a bandit. Which is why the nerds on Reddit and Twitter are seething.

:#marseyrage: :#marcusfootball:

place a small bet (while sitting at home) on an app the NFL pushes during the game and during every commercial? BANNED FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR, YOU FUCKING DEGENERATE!

sexually assault literally dozens of women? 11 games. no big deal.