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I just found a medical research paper that's actually just the author (who is obviously a woman) malding over people who want to ban male circumcision because apparently doing so takes the spotlight away from banning female genital mutilation


Not much drama, obviously, but all in all it was a pretty interesting read.

BTW, do you guys know abt any place I could post this in to farm seethe?

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Redditors actually get very angry about circumcision. I'm sure you could just post it on r/science.

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LMAO reading this rubbish "research paper" by Dr Pointekensteingberg might get 1 ledditor to start asking (((questions)))

I hate most redditors but I have to side with them on circumcision. The arguments in support of it are truly some of the most r-slured takes I have ever heard. It's something only burgers defend so fervently and it borders on creationism levels of dumb.

It’s because we can never have our foreskin back and banning the practice means admitting we were mutilated.

Despite the fact that 1 in 3 males currently are circumcised, some controversy remains about the procedure’s medical and social value.

Oh so if we just needlessly chop off the end of a baby's dick enough times we should be able to dismiss any controversy?

A fucking 'scientist' wrote this and makes a laughably unscientific statement in the first paragraph. I'm a r-slur but once you pass 30 and have a functioning brain you realise that 90% of people are fucking idiots.

Diving into the pro-circumcision scene is honestly some of the most depressing shit I have ever seen. I was fairly neutral on it until I saw the kind of people shilling it and the ABSURDLY misleading science being used to support it.

There's some weird cult-like mentality among these people. I'm not even talking about jews or Muslims, but like feminists with no skin in the game that are rabidly in support of it for no coherent reason.

It makes dicks look prettier and plebbitors seethe, so I'm 100% pro-circumcision.

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Pizza, are you an expert like her? Did you go to college and study about circumcision like her? No? Then what makes you think you can comment on it? Trust her science. You aren't a scientist.

Fucking cry some more bitch. I don’t care about circumcision, and you can’t make me. Nothing makes anti circumcision dipshits angrier then the fact that I don’t care and never will.

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Author: Elizabeth Pointek

If anyone doesn't want to become anti-semitic, by the way, do not Google "metzitzah b'peh".


Is that the sound he makes when he spits it out? That's hilarious.

It sounds like you're suggesting that this PEER REVIEWED SCIENCE is in some way misleading or false. Surely you're not that dumb. SCIENCE DOESN'T LIE, BIGOT. Do better.

What do you mean, academia is 99% trash articles that only serve to justify your preconceived notions by giving it "scientific" backing?!

For every valuable scientific article, there's not one, nor ten, but easily a hundred that are completely worthless. There's simply far too many researchers and the pressure to pump papers out is far to strong, so academic rigour has gone completely down the drain.

The average paper is read by a whooping 3 other people, by the way.

And those 3 were the reviewers

Despite the fact that 1 in 3 males currently are circumcised, some controversy remains about the procedure’s medical and social value.

Despite the fact that 1 in 3 females are currently being wrapped in garbage bags, stoned for getting raped, whored and pimped out in africa, banned from basic education or beaten into submission, some controversy remains about the ho's place and social value.

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actually just the author (who is obviously a woman)

literally two authors

one is a man


The first author on the author listing is the author who most contributed to the article

Which one of the authors is the first one?

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simple removal of the male foreskin for health reasons

there are no health reasons. There’s a like 5% increased chance of infection with foreskin if you don’t wash it, but that’s also true of any body part

there are no health reasons

phimosis :marseyakshually:

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