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They give us two shoutouts in the updated article too lmao


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Hackers on estradiol.

discussing w aevann adding this to the header to the right of the logo banner thing


If you do, I think you should include the molecular structure somehow. For artsy reasons.

Boys we gotta mole.

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Weโ€™ve been infiltrated by a Medium blogger. I feel so dirty.



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Itโ€™s @TracingWoodgrains, he wrote a really great piece about us and the demise of journ*lism.


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Nice we have our own double operative. Any links you can share would be appreciated. I do like seeing the blue check marks swallow the bait and then a couple days later be forced to write retractions that make them look like absolute r-slurs.


I was out buying large appliances, sorry for the delay. Here it is! I just read it again, itโ€™s so well-written and aware, both of us and of the sorry state of affairs of everything else -*lists-they-were-ac05459aa4c5


Large appliances like a new 3/4 HP pull start dragon ass plug?

Thanks for the link I'll check it out!


look at me i'm carp i need machines to do all my work cause i'm soft ass city folk :scoot:

Iโ€™m not HAND WASHING clothes like some kind of housefoid.


pmsl sir carp has to wash his clothes for his fancy galas :xd:

get a room you two

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This is awesome, he's a good writer.

Part of me loves it. but part of it feels like we're letting the cat out of the bag and the r-slur journos and reddit pigs will figure out our game. Maybe only tip our hand once or twice a year? Not so often that they won't forget about us but often enough that we can rub their r-slur faces in it?

What the fuck do I know though.


boy, don't you want in the big leagues? Name-dropped in the same breath as 4chan?

Dude. They won't ever stop taking the bait. Dramacoin is the one currency that never loses value.

Nah, reputation for causing drama is a powerful drama cause itself. Imagine the first time some online community self-destructs because of throwing around accusations of being rdrama moles without us lifting a finger!

Wtf I'm hard

They will never catch on because journ*lists are wholly unaware and don't check anything anymore. They need to gin up outrage.

more like an Extra Large blogger :fatbrain:

It wasn't me officer I swear!!!!

Zoz says otherwise you treacherous fuck!

w-w-what are y-you gonna do to me???

Do not worry yourself, Drammissar Zoz's punishment is swift and final.

I-I can post bussy!! I can pay you!!!

It doesn't matter because after what we have planned we were all gonna see it up close anyway..

Take it up with Zoz. I'm not taking bribes under his watchful eye.




Zoz has spoken

Drammissar Zoz has issued a sentence of death.

Zozbot is never wrong. He outed you! Go to drama prison!

I have a family!!!

Don't worry, they will join you too because its a collective prison. Have fun sitting with sardines and furries in the same barracks


t-t-the departed?

the scene in the chinese version is more meme worthy tho


Whatโ€™s this from? :marseynotes:

Thanks :marseyhearts:

Alright, we're going to need to have a test test to determine if you're allowed in the country club now.



Excuse me mr Wiz. How can one join the secret club?

Ah, "the group called rDrama". We're approaching the levels of "hacker known as anonymous" :marseyinabox:



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We are neurodivergent. We are legion

We do not forgive, we do not forget

We have over 9000 penises, and they're all raping straggots

When you see the largest penis you have ever seen at a gloryhole, expect us. When you just finished lubing your ass in preparation for your night out expect us.

Who is this 4chan levels even.



Why do you think I roll with the 4chan theme?

We have those levels of glorious autism.

From Business Insider too :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh:

the 3 million dollar website cant stop winning :marseyprisma:

Also, i think im spending too much time in , i read that site as lmao

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I called my coworker a dumb foid and that Iโ€™d rather work with an r-slur train instead yesterday. I need to touch grass.



I told this on old drama when we were private but some of the newstrags probably don't know about it. Up until last year I was the silent partner in a business that I really didn't have any day to day dealing with it's operation. I had to go and help out 3 days a week all of last year because of the pandemic. So I became the not so silent partner. I spent the majority of it shitposting on old drama while sitting in a chair behind a counter. Anyways we had a really regular customer come in one day and when he went to pay with his card I saw his last name was Bussey and I just blurted out "Dude bussy!" With a really r-slurred har har laugh. The dude must have had decades of people making fun of his last name because he went the fuck off on me. Banging his hand on the counter and calling me a " funny sumbitch". I was apologetic at first but after 1 minute it started to piss me off and I told him to GTFO. It pissed my business partner off soooo bad. Our employees laughed about it for weeks.

Unghโ€ฆ lengthy personal anecdotes asides this is pretty funny. Bussey lol.

:marseylaugh: :marseylaugh:


He wish he was a sneed chad tho lol

I remember this. This site really takes a toll on people

I was oversocialized in our little quarantined sub and really tired when it happened. Apparently the dude never has come back.

Heโ€™ll be forever know as olโ€™ Bussy-Blasted Bussey.

lmao I remember this story. It was great.

I called someone a strag the other day in front of my gay friend. Luckily, he calls people strags all the time so he didn't care but I immediately felt my heart drop because I felt bad. I just let it blurt out without thinking. I keep my slurs to the internet too so I think the combo of him calling people strags all the time, feeling too comfortable around him, and too much internet made me forget I was not interneting and it just came out lol

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track:

When I first started browsing 4chan I accidentally said something like "why is he such a dumb BIPOC?" in front of two super progressive types in a super progressive area. As soon as the word was out I clapped both hands over my mouth super dramatically. Fortunately the more sensitive of the two didn't hear me, and the one who DID hear me thought both the slip and my immediate panic were hilarious, so he kept mum about what I had actually said and I lived to shitpost another day.

Damn! This guy I know IRL got fired a couple of months ago for calling something "BIPOC rigged".

Yeah I definitely lived in a place where that would have happened if the wrong person heard me say it.

It's kinda funny that the majority of people who are so offended by this stuff is white people.

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track:

You all need church or something damn

:lol: Holy shit Wiz, you caused R/drama to leak over, and become IRL/drama! The melding has begun.

God i remembee reading this on oldrama, ive been hre to long

Haha you funny sumbitch, lmao




I unironically called my coworker a moid the other day and got like halfway through an explanation of what that means before abruptly cutting off and going "nevermind."

My resident foid works next to me at home and is always asking why Iโ€™m giggling at that weird cat website.


You never realize how many layers of complicated internet subculture you're on until you try to explain it to a normie. "Well it's like a parody of the way incels semi-ironically refer to women as 'foids,' which is short for 'femoid' which is intentionally dehumanizing to women because it makes them sound like robots or something, but nobody really says that anymore, they just say foid. But the people I spend time with use -oid for everyone as a joke to make f- Oh, what's an incel? Well, you remember that guy who shot up santa barbara because he couldn't get laid? See-"

A nigga just stares blankly.

We are really deep into it. The funniest instance of having to explain internet culture to normies has to been when Moot was subpeonaed and had to explain in open court what a "new strag" was and what a "janny was", that was classic.


Oh god I somehow missed that. It sounds hilarious.

Whaaaaa... link?

Google it fuck face. I reckon it happened around 2009. Some autist hacked Sarah Palins email and he had to testify.


It was like 10 years ago

Lol he was 20 at the time

Just hit up any merchant run internet search engine and type in moot Christopher pool testimony. It's bretty funny.


you don't have to really explain. just say "it's a new hip thing that kids are saying on tiktok"

Beat the bitch down a few pegs smh my head

I threatened that I was going to replace her foid ass with a cute twink with a tight bussy but she just looked at me like I was really fucked up.


Looked like the Spiderman was firing the fireflies.

:marseygrass: :marseyagree:

No you did the right thing. Trains have autism intelligence buff


I told bi black dude that he was buck broken

Boys, im about to make a purchase i might regret

Beat ya to it

EDIT: Any ideas for good email aliases?


If the glowies DMCA or otherwise kill the rdrama domain, that would be a good alternative.

That's not how DMCA works lol :marseylaugh:

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome journos to our trans-inclusive corner of the internet.

Journos BTFO

Please donโ€™t say BTFO it is an alt right nazi dogwhistle

hol up. since when?

Why would the troll known as "rdrama" do this :cry:

Because it's fucking fun!