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Old pic of pseudo cuck gets posted on cringetopia

Why are y'all being so weird about this, I don't understand. The dudes helping a single mom care for the kid yet all y'all assume that he wants to fuck, it's so weird


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Ok, so to give you some context, I'm mildly "poly flexible." I would be totally OK with my wife banging some other dude sneakily on the regular (while practicing safe sex, of course) as long as I'm getting at least as much sex as her with my own side-chicks. I know it sounds weird, but I'd be OK with that. As long as both people are getting the same amount of sex, I'm not a jealous guy. I may be divorcing my bitch wife for cheating on me, but that's totally reasonable - cheating is very different from a mutually negotiated arrangement.

The reason I mention it is because as a neurodivergent, I'm much more tolerant of unconventional relationships than most people, and I still think this is weird and crazy. Imagine working to raise somebody else's kid and you're not even getting any sex out of it! If it makes him happy that's cool I guess, I'm not gonna kink shame. But most of these men aren't really happy, they're just wasting a lot of their own valuable time and energy trying to score a few crumbs of :marseypat: . Worrying too much about other people's problems is not a good way to find self-fulfilment or happiness.



the only time it's okay to be a cuckold is if the woman is really out of your league like me, a 4 being with an 8. any other time it's embarassing. hell it's still embarassing if she's a 10 and you're a 3. imagine taking care of another man's orgasm.

We live in modern soycity. Every woman thinks she is 10/10 now. He looks better than her only his height is bad, but for her it’s enough to reject him and the fact he chase her a woman with a child only makes things worse for him since subconsciously she lose respect for him like what kind of loser would do this ?

He is legit good guy and cares for her but that’s not what woman respect especially young one.

She knows she has like 3-5 more years to hoe around and if she fails to make Chad commit (she will fail) she can always settle for this simp.

Woman legit think like this I was in high school class with 18 foids and 2 other guys so they feed me good with blackpills

Foid hoism is so advanced now the science is playing catch up. I would argue less than 25% of foids are in monogamous relationships. The biggest blackpill is that cucks, aka normans, are so in denial of their girlfriend/wife cheating on them they get offended and attack you. Average girls night out is literally them having sex with other men, many times with their girlfriends lmao.

Girls probably start using tinder since they are 12 now. Like 2 years ago I matched up with a cute girl who said she was 19 and had some tattoos, I got her ig but she is from another country. She has like 10k now followers and follows 300 people and she follow and unfollow new Chad’s constantly and just recently I found out she is 17 so she was 15 when we matched jfl.

For underage kwins tinder is probably a super cheat like they can find a non dangerous guy ask him to take her to a fancy restaurant. Order expensive stuff and when he pays for it tell him “I am actually 15 and feel their is big gap between us” the guy fucked he can’t do anything about it.

People are molded by their behavior. The average foid has a body count of 25 by 25. If you think such a person can engage in monogamy then you are more delusional than the people @ FDS. I can't believe in current year people deny behavioral patterns and human incentives as to why so many foids cheat. I smh at all the niggas I know are with foids, I know every single one is getting cucked. Yet I'm the cute twink for dating a transwoman.

Yeah that Will Smith pill was jfl. Like he is the most successful black dude in hollyweird he is favorite nigga around the world. Racist Slavs, Chinks, Arabs etc love him. Yet he wasn’t good enough for the kwin and she went banging the rapper with biggest dick and that’s not the joke it’s even stated on Wikipedia. Like black man are more often married to a non black woman than to a black woman and will Smith with infinity possibility picks a hardcore rappers toilet that gave him top tier autist kids. He also aged as fuck in those 2 years because of all the stress he probably gets but she didn’t gave a single fuck and made a new documentary or something about her ex Tupac. So if Will Fucking Smith is not good enough for a bottom tier toilet no guy is enough for a foid

Will Smith is a little bitch lmao, he is cucked because he exudes cuck energy

The fresh cuck of bel air

The problem is that most mothers are good to their sons but most men can't disconnect that from general foid behavior. Therein lies the disconnect onto why mentally realizing AWALT is a very hard concept. The sooner you realize there's a 75% chance you married/in a relationship with a whore, the better you can navigate your life. Start seeing foids as someone who can cook for you, take care of you when you're sick, have sex etc instead of a loyal partner. Feel no ill on cheating on your foid because you must realize the foid brain will make her cheat sooner or later. Remember it is not possible for most foids to be loyal unless they truly believe in shit like hell or somehow you hit the lottery and get a nonwhore woman (sub 30% chance). Or just live in denial I guess.

Every woman is a 10/10.

Now watch this drive.

especially your e-gf

:bruh: ok nigga

lmao are u saying a 🚂🚃🚃 is out of your league

lol yea, she's passing that's like 1 in 500.

(X) Doubt

She unironically looks kinda like this without the makeup and filter






So this is Chloe Roma/Chloe Sunderland,or Roma Army, that’s what she goes by on TikTok and YouTube until she gets banned and uses a variant of that name. She’s a “Men’s Rights Activist” who profits off of a very strange Patreon that she swears isn’t for NSFW things, but some NSFW content has come out from it, she large profits off of men who don’t look too deep into her or what she comes out with, but she’s pretty toxic.

IIRC the dude here is actually dead now, she made a video about it and some posts but I could be misremembering so take that with a pinch of salt.

Edit, found all her social media: That thot's earning 9k per month by hypnotizing MRA simps.

dumb moids getting grifted


It’s a good way to get close to mommy. She’s already demonstrated she’s fertile. Plus women instinctively want to breed with a strong provider. Don’t take the blackpill. That’s for losers. You’re not an incel. You’re a temporarily embarrassed chad. Be a strong male provider. That’s what the female secretly craves. What do assholes have that women crave? Confidence and power.

Well I guess props for trying to stay positive despite being a delusional virgin without a clue

Delusional cope

Plus women instinctively want to breed with a strong provider. Don’t take the blackpill.

alpha fux beta bux buddy boyo

Alpha and beta are outdated terminologies from wolves . That’s wolf prison behavior. In the wild wolves are just nuclear families and random hanger ons. The mother and father bully the children even when they’re adults and bigger than their parents. In gorillas its the silverback who mates with the females and the blackbacks who get pushed around and bullied by everyone. The silverback is also the oldest ape in the group.

Don't listen to this advice. Have your own kids within a stable marriage and watch them grow up more successful and superior in every way to the children of single "moms".

neohippie look

Every time. Good on her for losing the baby weight, though.

The man above me is a groomer.


If she could afford food after she spends all the welfare on drugs she would still be fat

you are my best friend

lmfaoooo never even began for cuckcels

When he jumped on Facebook and saw her post


Yikes pretty weird no matter how you look at it. Quite disturbing Redditors think this is acceptable.

Just picturing if some random floppy-haired dork wanted to spend loads of time with my kids my only thought would be :marseypedo:

Certainly not super wholesome guy who just wants to help!

On 9/5/18 I met my best friend. Nearly 5 months later she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Just a reminder that being a father is not about “blood” but about being available with unconditional love and support

hits pipe

Indeed snappy, indeed

*somebody else pipe

you don't even get a hit off the pipe, more like you just clean it so someone else can smoke it

Pseudo-cuck? :marseythinkorino:

Can't be a cuckold if you never fucked the chick to begin with.

Exactly, the proper term is "Beta Orbiter".

Assuming he's not gay (least bad option) or a groomer like others have suggested.

Turns out there is something more cucked than having a daughter.

Not having a daughter and still raising one

Is he a cuck or is he a groomer?

I mean, i hate to be the one to say it but there is that possibility.

She has the body of a middle school girl with that complete lack of curves so I’m leaning groomer


Is he

You meant "was". Dude literally died (or killed himself) :marseyrope:

He looks gay. And "Gay friend" least disturbing option.

It's also possible that he friendzoned her... i mean, she's pretty skanky looking.

I have friendzoned some single mom kwins and I never hangout with them. He also put real effort in how he dress. When a guy hangout with a girl he doesn’t want to bang he put zero effort in his looks.

She has like 3-5 more hoes years in her before he becomes good enough to be father of her 3 childeren.

the fit is pretty good but boots in what appears to be the middle of summer :marseydisagree:

Without them he is shorter than her that’s why he put them on.

sometimes you just gotta stop coping and go to greener pastures

OK, so we return to the groomer hypothesis and the most likely scenario, unfortunately.

Man, If I had a bestfriend I'd do the same even if that person is someone I'm not attracted to. Imagine seeing your bestfriend crying and struggling to maintain a child, wouldn't you help?

no lol the fuck, thats not my kid

I am unironically triggered by people who spell "best friend" as "bestfriend."

an old friend of mine actually did this, he got attached to the kid, but then she found some other guy, married and moved away to some other city.

if i had a best friend


Id only consider helping if we fuck on the reg but I have a strict ‘no single moms’ rule

Single moms don't usually go for 16 year olds anyway so I think you're safe

Why even have dating apps when you have this principle in addition to your height?

Id help if it was a single father because i love my boys.

Single mothers probably have a rolodex of simps, so :chadno:

The man above me is a groomer.


Redditors and their strange language. "Maintaining" a child? And why assume it's a struggle and would lead to crying?

Redditors are perpetual children. They think childhood is something to be maintained, rather than "raised" out of.

And why assume it's a struggle and would lead to crying?

Have you seen what redditors cry about?