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Old pic of pseudo cuck gets posted on cringetopia

Why are y'all being so weird about this, I don't understand. The dudes helping a single mom care for the kid yet all y'all assume that he wants to fuck, it's so weird


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Man, If I had a bestfriend I'd do the same even if that person is someone I'm not attracted to. Imagine seeing your bestfriend crying and struggling to maintain a child, wouldn't you help?

no lol the fuck, thats not my kid


Redditors and their strange language. "Maintaining" a child? And why assume it's a struggle and would lead to crying?

And why assume it's a struggle and would lead to crying?

Have you seen what redditors cry about?

Redditors are perpetual children. They think childhood is something to be maintained, rather than "raised" out of.

Id help if it was a single father because i love my boys.

Single mothers probably have a rolodex of simps, so :chadno:

The man above me is a groomer.


Id only consider helping if we fuck on the reg but I have a strict ‘no single moms’ rule

Why even have dating apps when you have this principle in addition to your height?

Single moms don't usually go for 16 year olds anyway so I think you're safe

an old friend of mine actually did this, he got attached to the kid, but then she found some other guy, married and moved away to some other city.

if i had a best friend


I am unironically triggered by people who spell "best friend" as "bestfriend."

Turns out there is something more cucked than having a daughter.

Not having a daughter and still raising one

Is he a cuck or is he a groomer?

I mean, i hate to be the one to say it but there is that possibility.

He looks gay. And "Gay friend" least disturbing option.

It's also possible that he friendzoned her... i mean, she's pretty skanky looking.

I have friendzoned some single mom kwins and I never hangout with them. He also put real effort in how he dress. When a guy hangout with a girl he doesn’t want to bang he put zero effort in his looks.

She has like 3-5 more hoes years in her before he becomes good enough to be father of her 3 childeren.

OK, so we return to the groomer hypothesis and the most likely scenario, unfortunately.

the fit is pretty good but boots in what appears to be the middle of summer :marseydisagree:

Without them he is shorter than her that’s why he put them on.

sometimes you just gotta stop coping and go to greener pastures

Is he

You meant "was". Dude literally died (or killed himself) :marseyrope:

She has the body of a middle school girl with that complete lack of curves so I’m leaning groomer


hits pipe

Indeed snappy, indeed

*somebody else pipe

you don't even get a hit off the pipe, more like you just clean it so someone else can smoke it

On 9/5/18 I met my best friend. Nearly 5 months later she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Just a reminder that being a father is not about “blood” but about being available with unconditional love and support

It’s a good way to get close to mommy. She’s already demonstrated she’s fertile. Plus women instinctively want to breed with a strong provider. Don’t take the blackpill. That’s for losers. You’re not an incel. You’re a temporarily embarrassed chad. Be a strong male provider. That’s what the female secretly craves. What do assholes have that women crave? Confidence and power.

Don't listen to this advice. Have your own kids within a stable marriage and watch them grow up more successful and superior in every way to the children of single "moms".

Plus women instinctively want to breed with a strong provider. Don’t take the blackpill.

alpha fux beta bux buddy boyo

Alpha and beta are outdated terminologies from wolves . That’s wolf prison behavior. In the wild wolves are just nuclear families and random hanger ons. The mother and father bully the children even when they’re adults and bigger than their parents. In gorillas its the silverback who mates with the females and the blackbacks who get pushed around and bullied by everyone. The silverback is also the oldest ape in the group.

Delusional cope

Well I guess props for trying to stay positive despite being a delusional virgin without a clue

Pseudo-cuck? :marseythinkorino:

Can't be a cuckold if you never fucked the chick to begin with.

Exactly, the proper term is "Beta Orbiter".

Assuming he's not gay (least bad option) or a groomer like others have suggested.

Yikes pretty weird no matter how you look at it. Quite disturbing Redditors think this is acceptable.

Just picturing if some random floppy-haired dork wanted to spend loads of time with my kids my only thought would be :marseypedo:

Certainly not super wholesome guy who just wants to help!

you are my best friend

lmfaoooo never even began for cuckcels

When he jumped on Facebook and saw her post


neohippie look

Every time. Good on her for losing the baby weight, though.

The man above me is a groomer.


If she could afford food after she spends all the welfare on drugs she would still be fat