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I Criticized BLM. Then I Was Fired.


Now comes the story of Zac Kriegman, who, until not so long ago, was a director of data science at Thomson Reuters. Kriegman’s crime? Questioning the Black Lives Matter narrative. Kriegman is a person who loves numbers and statistics. As you’ll read below, he didn’t just voice an opinion to his colleagues. He made an argument after having done extensive research. He thought logic would win out. He was wrong.

/r/ModeratePolitics, usually a place with reasonable responses, has a struggle session over this blogpost

The post that got him fired: "BLM Spreads Falsehoods That Have Led to the Murders of Thousands of Black People in the Most Disadvantaged Communities"


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Kriegman is a person who loves numbers and statistics.

autist does an oopsie by noticing things, gets fired

tale as old as time

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autists are actually free to parse new information with an objective...filter

As the warhammer r-slurs are 🚂🚃🚃ing out at epic levels.

The future is trans, chud!

Society told them they weren't women, but they were neurodivergent enough to use their objective "is this true?" filter.

Based and Marseypilled

Muh Truuuuth :soymad:

That's an interesting idea.

It’s a backed-into conclusion predicated on the time-tested complaint that my opponents use and operate on fear while I, the good guy, will speak truth to power.

Literally don't care. I believe everything I read on the internet.


I don’t care either how folks rationalize their opinions since I don’t think most can be convinced otherwise.

Plus, the stakes of internet opinions are far lower than people think, so I believe we should just keep fucking with each other until that’s more understood.

No kidding. A dude at a bar almost attacked me when he brought up roe v wade and having daughters and I told him shit doesn't matter. commiefornia isn't gonna change so chill the fuck out.

Extreme assburger cope

This is incorrect, in reality normalcute twinks just don't care.

:marseynerd: :#marseyshooting:

Can't say they are wrong really, not like anyone will ever be convinced by some r-slur going :marseyakshually: IRL.


Trans Lives Matter

First they came for the Google autist, and I laughed :marseylaugh: because I was a dramatard

Then they came for...

... then they came for the dramatard and I laughed because I was a dramatard

Then they came for me and I killed myself because I was a dramatard and I havent had contact with a real person in years.


Spergs have a tendency to miss big important things, see Burry's political posting.

Who's burry?

The big man-let who saw the 08 financial crisis coming and bet his hedge fund's farm on it.

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Michael Burry


And he did again a oopsie and by laws second oopsie should be punished harder !

Bruh just keep the head down and mouth shut.

Yup you can tell this dude doesn't typically have "transgressive" opinions. The way he writes about his experience makes it sound like he's never been faced by a situation where everyone in the room disagrees with him. I bet 99% of the time he was a lock-step party line Democrat, so he was used to having his opinions generally respected by his peers. Then he noticed some numbers doing something they weren't "supposed" to be doing, did his job as a data scientist and reported his findings, and discovered why nobody who participates in wrongthink is open about it.

Don't be silly, you can't start a civil war that way.

Yeah, talking to coworkers is asking for trouble.

For whitebois? Hell yeah

but how will I get that beauti /r/worksomething credits????????? (what is th ename of that sub)?

James Damore 2.0

replace autist with Jew and fired with genocided and you truly have a tale as old as time

mf said 13:50 didnt he

He thought logic would win out.

There’s his mistake.

If he questions whether trans lives matter next he’ll deserve whatever comes his way

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First mistake: he trusted the science

He trusted the wrong science. Real science says this is all white fragility's fault


Within an hour or two, the moderators had taken down my post.

Getting jannied at work :marseycry:



I'm a Voldemort too now btw