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When you get meme'd so hard that you finally have to address it because journos are blaming you for a massacre.

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they quoted Refinery29, which is a suspected white supremacist LGBT publication

lol wut


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Loads of the terminally online use "suspected white supremacist" to call someone/something white supremacist with zero evidence and not get sued for it.

But it's Refinery 29. There's no way it could ever be close to white supremacy.

Look at it


...are you a subject matter expert in white supremacy online?


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White Identity Extremism*


Who knows I don't speak Tariqese.

1st story: “how our iPhone data may be used against us post-Roe”

It would be cool if that was the issue that got a lot of people to care about government spying. But I am sure it will go nowhere


It looks like white liberal nonsense to me

anything bad is white supremacy, including black supremacy

What’s confusing about that?


that's a subsidiary of Vice Media, a company founded by the leader of the Proud Boys. So keep all that in context

He's saying that Vice is white supremacist because they were founded by Gavin McInnes (despite being clearly super woke now). And that Refinery29 is suspected of being racist just for being associated with Vice.

He's literally doing the exact same thing as the article and smearing them

and that's a good thing

In this hit piece, they quoted Refinery29, which is a suspected white supremacist LGBT publication




If you scroll down you'll find my article " What the Great Replacement means for our Aryan Bloodline"

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I was more hoping for something like "Why Grindr Shouldn't Remove the Ethnicity Filter"

Hinge has an ethnicity filter and their fuckin FAQ says it's to help out minorities :marseyxd:

I honestly think they're genuinely trying to be woke, it's fantastic

I fucking wish they had a weight filter though, it's infuriating that 80% of girls (that I meet to steal their boyfriends ofc) have a BMI in the high thirties :marseydespair:

I think they know what they're doing. It's fucking pathetic to cry that someone doesn't want to fuck you, no matter what the reason. They're sowing the seeds of sneed

New bait sub: we act like angry black incel girls, but post stupidly attractive selfies whilst crying about no one wanting to bang :marseytroublemaker:

That sounds more like gilnetting than baiting. Within 2 weeks it would become gooner fap fuel.

Foiled once again by the gooner menace.:marseysigh:


Twitch has that too, but you can't sort by white. They have really weird tags.

Lmao I ran into the exact same problem so my pragmatic solution was to filter out black, white, and latinx girls. Only Eastern Hemis for me, they're the only ones who can keep it together

I'm in the deep southeast, it's all white whales as far as the eye can see :marseysob:


We need an Ahab marsey.



White foid supremacy maybe

There's Alexandrias in America


Imagine humanity goes extinct then the ayy lmaos send archaeologists here and they figure out Alexander's story, that he built cities everywhere with his name on them then they find out there are Alexandrias in the Americas then there's a huge academic debate over whether it would've been feasible to conquer the Americas with iron age tech and why there is no other sign of contact between Eurasia and Americas over the next centuries god that'd be so cool.

The only Alexandrias in the US that I’ve heard of, and could pass for cities, are the ones in Virginia and Louisiana, with former now just being a part of the DC metro area now.

The one in Virginia is mostly suburban

Imagine being a city, given a charter and arms by the king via the grand old dominion of Virginia and being a pretty decent center of commerce for your era, only for some guys in wigs deciding to build the political and social center for the entire country across the river and you eventually becoming the gathering place of stay at home foids during the day. :marseylaugh:

There's Pyramids both in Egypt and Mesoamerica, obviously terranites could cross the sea already :marseybigbrain:

Who the fuck reads this shit?


So... much... foid nonsense :marseysick: :marseypuke:

Tariq has the hottest, most r-slurred takes on every subject. I fucking love him

In this hit piece, they quoted Refinery29, which is a suspected white supremacist LGBT publication, that's a subsidiary of Vice Media, a company founded by the leader of the Proud Boys. So keep all that in context


Was the movie Buck Breaking insane in a fun way or insane in a boring way? I'm trying to decide if it is worth watching.

I'm just gonna post this clip from the film, you be the judge


Jfc I just spit out my drink lmao

Factcheck: This claim is currently being debunked.

Factcheck: This claim is currently being debunked.


Factcheck: Yes.

Go back to reddit

Factcheck: This claim is 100% true.

I need more people like this in my life

hes in like every single hidden colors movie too if you wanna see more.

Meme made from the movie's insanity

This is actually real though. Never heard of delphine lalaurie?

watch it with the Grillcast's commentary


Prophet Muhammad's fondness for cats is conveyed in his hadith: "Affection for cats is part of faith"

Definitely worth a watch

My only complaint is that there are several places where the experts have an opportunity to say "Big Black Cock," but chose not to and use some boring words like African Phallus instead

E: A black Kween talks about the documentary

I watched the whole thing, worth it