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CHUDS seethe at loving couple!!!!

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I've never understood why bitches care if a dude has a fetish for them. I mean shouldn't you just be happy that someone in the world has a fetish for the thing you are?

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Plus if they're specifically attracted to you on a pathological level, you don't even need to worry about cheating

Exactly, how many one-legged midgets that are willing to burn me with a crack pipe are there?

You're my one and only Stephie.

Doxxing is against the rules :marseyrage:

Shit sorry, I meant HodorTheDoorHolder

I have two legs and I’ve never smoked crack


I believe the first bit, but your being on rDrama proves the second bit is a lie.


But I never drunk alcohols or smoke anything also didn’t use drugs and I am hire in rdrama

You sound lame :#marseyjunkie::#marseyjunkie2:

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Hell yeah, you're whoever you wanna be baby

Now that’s a healthy relationship lol


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As a :marseychonker2: I thank God every day for chubbychasers.

As a :marseychonker2:

Yikes, do better sweaty.

I'm trying, it's an illness :marseysob:

Put down the fork nigga

Or the chopsticks if they're a :marseychingchong:



Goto a gym.

lol just put down the fork

I respect fats less

No one calls it a fetish though when someone likes slim attractive women.

A fetish is when something that disgusts a lot of people turns you on, so that's why 🚂🚃🚃s don't like chasers and fat people don't like fat fetishisists.

Accepting it means accepting that they're disgusting to most people, and that's triggering.

She is ultra lucky. Like only 3% of guys would date freely a obese hole and she found a Chad. But she is sending bad example to other holes, giving them hope like they have a chance to find such guy but doing minimal math their chance is maximum 0,2 x 0,03 = 0,006

Because women

:#marseychonkerfoidpat: :#marseygigachadpat:

Fat foids gets so few chances to mog anyone, just own it bitch

I wonder if she was fat when she met him

I was 15 - that's weird

Definite yes :marseyagree:

Definite yes to it being a fetish :mysides:

Definitely not the "dunk" she thinks it is, either. :marseypedo: :marseychungus:

Happy birthgay bb🥳😍 I love ur dramatard ass 🙌🏾



If this is real, there is no way he isn’t getting some on the side.

Not all men want to tear things down.


If you like fat bitches or dudes the corn syrup has gone straight to your brain. I would tell you to an hero but you're already doing that with your dietary choices.

Sounds pretty low test bro.

You fuck fat bitches that are more lard than person.

I fuck tall muscular men's asses.

There is nothing more high test than making a strong man submit to my will. Straggots will never understand the level I play on. Have fun fucking the pillbury doughwoman

A Starbucks barista is not a strong man. Facial hair does not equal a strong man. Go fuck a ripe greasy construction workers ass and then come back and try and preach to me boy.

I have fucked gangsters, marines, construction workers, body builders, rock climbers et cetera.

You fuck fat rolls because you can't a find bitches pussy under the layers of fat. I am superior to you.

Did you fuck somebody you love? Because chad here sure did.

I have indeed found a long-term bottom. I've got to go sleep now.

Happy hunting, Moby Dick!

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Why are there so many architect memes it cant just ne that tile guy right?

He may just have a super low libido and doesn't care. I doubt it, but that could be an explanation

Straggot cope, dude just likes being in the mud with pigs

I watched the video and she says that she's undervaluing herself because she doesn't feel like his equal sometimes. I think she's not valuing herself enough and not putting in enough effort. She either doesn't care about him or doesn't care about herself. Either way, that's not attractive. This is why moids don't like fat women. Also, their loud obnoxious attitude.

She’s fat, of course she doesn’t care about herself.

Yeah, fatties tend to have a lot of self-hatred that they overcompensate for with attitude problems. The mindset is "Hey, I might not be classically beautiful... but I can make up for it by also being a bitch!"

Source: My Ex-Wife (fat, bitchy, and a cheater)

Your ex-probably aged like fine cheese in refrigerator

Yeah, she used to be really hot, but she became an uggo fast. The weird thing is that as she became an uggo, her personality got shittier also. You'd think a woman who has less to offer in terms of her looks would try to make up for that by at least cultivating a nice personality, but instead she just became a raging narcissist constantly trying to push her idiotic "moral" views onto me (as if cheaters even have morals).

It’s defense mechanism like she don’t want to accept she lost her looks

I wonder if that's why she cheated on me. Like she felt sexually undesirable or something (which is accurate, because she's an uggo now) and instead of putting in the work to improve herself like I was, she decided to find somebody with lower standards.

Not that it matters: all cheaters are human garbage, but it's interesting to speculate sometimes on how the normies think.

She did it for her self to prove she is still sexy. It has to do with media since you know most movie directors and book authors are man they write woman kinda unrealistic and like man. I mean like in media a hole need to put effort to get man attention and not every guy is ready to bang her… basically guy’s reality. In real world is different, woman any age or shape have to put zero effort to get sex.

There should be some kind of historically and culturally accepted practice to restore honor after someone brings shame to you or your family.

Sometimes, even radical Islamic fundamentalists make some good points


>she says that she's undervaluing herself because she doesn't feel like his equal sometimes.

I mean, she just isn't.

That’s why I am mean towards obese kwin, bitch need to know what a joke of human she is

We don't like the rolls of fat with fetid sweat in between. Caring about personality is the first casualty of straggotry.

It’s nice see that not every man in the world is shallow. Beauty’s only skin deep.

Her skin is really fucking deep, though. She's not even a cute chubby girl.

I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.

I mean, how long do you think her lifetime is going to be?

i like how they always say it’s what’s on the inside that counts, bitch your insides are filled with custard and lard too :marseyxd:

I bet she already has tons of health problems

I don’t see why anyone cares if he’s into fat girls or whatever. Then again I don’t really care who anyone is fucking as long as it’s not my girl or a child. Way to many people are way too concerned with who other people are into outside of their own relationship.

I care. He is giving the wrong type of people a sense of worth. Fat should be rejected now and always.

You post here you. If you had self worth you wouldn’t.

pastors go too shitholes too save people in medieval times too

trans lives matter

you should exercise and eat well

I am against fat acceptance, matched with a girl on tinder in September we are supposed to need this August and spend some times together she was like 150lb and 5’7 and now she is 180 lb and she is like 21. That what fat acceptance is doing

Dating someone who is fat isn’t “fat acceptance” in the you’re so healthy kind of way when they aren’t but not everyone cares about health. Who waits months to meet someone they met on tinder? Strange very strange. Sounds like she’s the best you have going for you tho so…

She is from Poland so we were supposed to meet in Germany. My local girls are shit tier.

We live in society chud. Caring about social norms is the norm

Is him dating her somehow against social norms?

It's low-status and low status is maintained by mocking low-status individuals. Without mockery he wouldn't know he's a loser.

In last 40 years a average burger foid gained 1 inch 5’3->5’4 and gained 25lb 150lb->175lb that’s fat acceptance

Don’t think you’ve got room to talk about low status friend.

Don't think you've got room in your pants for your fat gut.

Jesus FUCK its so over


I am a 49 year old black man My wife left me 12 years ago and my 2 daughters twerk in the background of DaBaby music videos and my sons a 6 9 piece of shet that can't even do basketball. Instead he spends money on white women on the internet. I am losing money because I got fired from my construction job for having sex with another builder on site. This is my situation and this is why I am on


Ive always wanted to fuck Lena DunHAM and Andy Milonakis at the same time. Lucky guy


@Salvador6feet6 looksmatch 2022

I get so many likes from that type of girls, it’s sad

Onlyfans check