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Female white (racist) Uber driver savagely beaten and robbed by 7 Black Xweens.

Apparently it was because there were more passengers than seats but it obvious that yt foid driver is racist.

Coward Janny has locked the post. :marseybongojanny:

Some Redditors noticing things in the comments

Pick better clientele. The few horrendous months I did ride share I pulled away from so many shady looking people.

A lot of deleted comments with neat replies from wokies.

It would take one video of a white person hitting an uber driver to prove you wrong

So do you always carry this mindset everywhere you go and label blacks before they have a chance to display their character?

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Looks a bit asian oops it's mayo:

Thats disgusting, she did absolutely nothing to them and they just went wild. How is this not all over the news? All over the media?

oh sweaty... did you not learn about reparations in school? that's why we need CRT SMH


Holy shit she still gave them the ride despite not having enough seats and they still beat her ass. Lmao.



She told «оей блять, сволошь» it’s clearly bipoc on bipoc violence

Not seeing this coming makes me think she's a bit r-slurred. Never imply a black person is doing something rude or unusual if you're going to be alone with them later.


Do better, she clearly said "BLYAT" when she was hit for the first time.

NATO disinformation. A Russian woman would never disrespect nubian queens. Africans are allies of the Russian Federation.

Those are Afro American they all have evil mayo nato blood in them

Finally someone says what we're all thinking and points out that Slavs are more african than africans.

that study supports the trans-racial struggle:

>But a person's self-identified ethnicity—or the ethnicity her doctor assumes she is—doesn't "necessarily correspond to [her] underlying genetics," Bryc says. In a mixed population like the United States, it's perfectly possible that a European American could carry the sickle cell variant that's more common in African-Americans. In order for personalized medicine to live up to its potential, she says, doctors need to "consider the person" and her or his ancestry in all its complexity, rather than just falling back on reductive census categories.

Life fuel for mayos, they can officially call the self bipocs

The American dream is having a tenuous connection to a ethnicity more or less completely foreign to you, from a place you’ve never been, and making it your entire identity, and blaming personality flaws on your self-ascribed racial/ethnic identity.

While ignoring the place you’ve lived your entire existence in, where all your important relationships are, because lol that’s boring

Yeah she called her an Asshole too


Dashcam says 2020, june 25th, but this was made the day it was uploaded on public freakouts? it claims she was attacked on 6/18/22, too. is this a scam?

Scams on Gofundme? Impossible!



Every time I see these I think "I should try do this myself"

yeah honestly you should. the only "proof" thats required is a few sentences and a good sob story

Dashcam in my car says 2016, year in that date means nothing

it means you and her both are lazy motherfuckers. have you taken your christmas decorations down yet?

That I did dw

I did, but they're stacked in the corner of my living room.

Finno Uralic Russian orcs are Asian.


I can't help but


:marseysalat: emoji Slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them.Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites! :marseysalat: emoji

Reported by:

this joke just keeps getting funnier every time i see it on pol

That's why it's here.

That's an interesting trend you've noticed there.

Yes that’s right TAKE ACTION, dont just notice!



“ them being pieces of shit has nothing to do with being black”. -43 downsorens… :marseythonk::marseythonk:

This is why we need to solve systemic racism, these poor black women are just doing what they have to do to survive in a country run by white supremacists

This poor black womxn need reparations for the horrific abuse they suffered.

That one Xween went even harder after she broke another one her nails


I thought she was mad at the racist yt driver because her hard skull broke the Xueens nail.

Being a mayo foid she probably supports the Ukrainian fascist, so she deserved it. The Russian Federation backs the Nubian queens.

You cant understand Russian? Im disgusted.


I bet those Kweens got to WALK to a nearby FOOD TRUCK to get some late night munchies before heading back to their apartments with EXPOSED BRICK on the 16th floor!


:marseyceiling: :marseyceiling: Are the white wom*n extinct yet?! :marseyceiling: :marseyceiling:

:!marseyextinction: :marseyextinction:

Black queens fight back 👊🏾



Yes snappy, it's all a jewish psyop.


Imagine still picking up blacks on ridesharing apps in 2022. :marseylaugh:

Yeah you should be giving your car to a Black person for reparations instead, smh

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Joe Biden is thinking too much again and may also need a timeout he doesn't even think that trans lives matter.



She's pretty but looks too young, is she canoniclly 700 years old too?

Trans lives matter sweaty.

Because of your incessant animeposting, I have banned @Patrick_Bateman for 30 joedays



Fuck you you fucking bitch



Factcheck: This claim has been confirmed as correct by experts.


I agree on every point

Factcheck: None of this is real.







This feels fair and just too @Wuzizname ty wise schizocel.

Trans lives matter!

Why can't I have nice things



If she wasn't racist before...

Hey I noticed something....

Ahem, "savagely hustled and bustled by 7 urban youths on their way back from church"

Her ancestors were probably slave owners. She deserves it.

She is clearly a Communist woman

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This story will get picked up by the news for sure.


this is why blacks refuse to serve other blacks except they can get away with it

>Assailants are black. I'm thinking this thread gets locked between 350-400 comments. its late at night so may have a bit more mileage.

actually the post was locked at 257 comments. how foolish of him to think jannies sleep

The only mindset I carry with me everywhere is my H&K USP compact in 9mm in case this happens

Imagine this happened to you but you were armed


I love to victim blame so it's her own fault. Doesn't she know to apologize for slavery the moment she picks up any BIPOC customer? Why aren't they teaching how to behave properly in civics classes throughout the country?

it’s ILLEGAL to teach HISTORY at ALL in the chud states (the South and anything not coastal and Florida)

I used to do Uber in college to get some spare cash on popular bar nights and gamedays. People tried to cram like 9-10 people into my car all the time. Every confrontation just ended with them acting like entitled fuckwads and me sitting there arguing for like 10 minutes with drunken r-slurs. Just one of the tradeoffs of working with drunk college students. But hey, earning $200 in like 5 hours ain't bad.

And you never got a beat down for it? I'm sure you're sad you missed out on being on the receiving end of a teaching moment.

BIPOCs are always exempt. :marseyblm:

Looks like the driver's wh*te privilege got taken down a notch!


-37 points

you always carry this mindset everywhere you go and label blacks before they have a chance to display their character?