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Unironic “if you’re not racist, why aren’t you watching the latest Disney show”


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I'm actually really enjoying it mr black man


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wtf is that harvey weinstein's son?

Not only is he lacking a soul but also self-respect and standards

New soyjak template



imagine being alone in some parking lot and soy posing for a selfie like this, then going "THATS IT WE GOTTA BANGER PROFILE PIC"

In short, white people are not supporting non-white centered stories.

Aren't these the same people who shill for diversity by saying "People are more engaged in a production when they see people on screen that look like them!" Wouldn't this then be the ramifications of their own ideology?


:marseyceiling: :marseyceiling: Are the white wom*n extinct yet?! :marseyceiling: :marseyceiling:

:!marseyextinction: :marseyextinction:

Also, wasn’t Squid Game like the most popular Netflix show ever? Presumably some of the audience for it were mayos, given the viewing numbers.

Stop noticing things.




Asians are white, Koreans especially.

Koreans are whiter than anyone else on the planet at this point

Asians are white now get up to speed sneed

You're not suppposed to enjoy the content, you're supposed to just watch it anyway

Stop adding 1 + 1 and putting the round peg in the round hole and NOOTICING THINGS :marseyraging:


Stop noticing things. :marseyglow:

Why does he have to look like such a caricature? The woke Marvel comic shit has been pretty fun drama to watch if you're neurodivergent enough to follow Richard Meyers.

Their comics have been shockingly bad woke IP farms for 10 years now. I need to rope for caring this much about any type of capeshit.


I need to rope for caring this much about any type of capeshit.

You're too hot to rope :marseynut:




:marseydisagree: :marseyno:

How the FUCK do you know? @Shreddedmanlet, post vegan bussy pls :marseybegging:

this is him plus if you go on his profile there's a couple of "why am i so hot" posts lol



Decent enough for an Asian vegan :derpthumbsup:

Hapa + manlet = it's overcel

He cute

I feel like it makes Pakistani/Muslim culture really relatable too. It's sad that they're nailing it perfectly so far and not getting rewarded for it.

if you are not rewarding disney, you are not a part of the solution sweatheart.

Yea i dont get how low viewers by disney standards even matters. Dont worry, capeshitters, your gray sludge will get made either way

"Why aren't you watching the kids show with lots of 13 year olds in it? Are you racist or something? I may be a 33 year old man, but I enjoy helping marginalized people of color: it gives me a raging social justice erection. In fact, 13 year olds are also a marginalized group so that's twice the social justice!"

:#marseypedo: :#marseybaby:

Jesus Christ, I already feel like an old perv for occasionally finding 19 year olds hot, but these people have literally zero shame.

>I already feel like an old perv for occasionally finding 19 year olds hot

Choose your chud level:

A) ![](/images/1655991935123556.webp)

B) ![](/images/16559920636873236.webp)

C) ![](/images/16559919540475187.webp)

D) ![](/images/16559919906319876.webp)

E) ![](/images/16559920156220505.webp)

C. What can I say, Hilldawg was a hottie in her 20s and 30s. I may not like her political views much, but I would have hit that.

A nerdy, goofy-faced racist that will let you get some on the side? Pretty ideal

Very fuckable until D, E is for GILF appreciators

Marveltards deserve this show and every show after it to fail. They will eagerly accept every new pile of steaming hot shit that Disney shovels at them with a grin on their face.

Marvel tards don't know what oversaturation is, there's 10 Disney/Marvel tv shows and 7 movies released in 2021-2022.

Even actual fans don't want to watch all that shit.

Its amazing how middlebrow this guy is. Like he can brag about having a new york times best seller, put that hat on his profile and then gleefully shill the most gross, empty live action cartoon commercials and insist its because theyre important. Its the moviebob brain disease

Like why arent black people or asians or women watching this show? Yknow the same people who get solely credited for making black panther, shang chi and captain marvel big hits. Like the implication is that only white people refuse to watch other stories but the way they treat them like the thing only flopped because of them it seems they do think theyre the default for watching other stories

Also muslims are like a billion people if they cant watch ms marvel maybe the show is juvenile dogshit or poorly represented contrary to what the middlebrow disney shill industry of fake authors says (pick one)

cause i'm fucking 33 i listen to NPR and the view

Everything I saw about this is that it's actually a children's show, so of course most adults aren't watching it. The fact that the main character is a 14 year old girl or whatever alienates marvel's main demographic way more than race here

Lol I'd actually like to see an age breakdown of marvel's popularity. Definitely feel like it's a millennial thing more than gen z

You're right, to an extent. There's a subset of die-hard capeshitter manchildren that watch absolutely everything pushed out by Disney, the literal consoom funkopop meme. They exist.

The whole reason I skipped out on it is because the trailer felt like some Disney channel children's show. Plus outside of Loki and Wanadavision the Marvel shows have been pretty underwhelming.

Show me your foreskin

i'd never allow myself to haveone

Yet the show is more endearing than 90% of MCU content. I feel like it makes Pakistani/Muslim culture really relatable too.

Isn't the main character gay? Is LGBTQS2++ culture and trans lives matters supported by muslim cultures and by Pakistan? :marseythinkorino:


Thanks to my Marbel moobies, I no longer see Muslims as animals. I see they are people, just like me! Wowzers! SO relatable!

I appreciate this tweet. As someone who saw Black Panther 10 times in theater


>As someone who saw Black Panther 10 times in theaters




Oh damn no the Islamophilic propaganda is getting to me save yourself fellow chuds I'm going to ge

:marseyhypno: :marseyhypno:

Hijab is a symbol of freedom, 9 actually means 19 allahu akbar

the show is more endearing than 90 percent of mcu content

This bleach tastes better than than rat poison

And no kamala is not gay thats america chavez the latinx. Ms marvel is the cringy fanfic writer. Yes she writers superhero fanfic in a world where superheroes exist, meaning she writers fanfic of real people. Its really creepy

@Wuzizname don't know what any of this means it sounds cringey but @Wuzizname do know that trans lives matter.

Many people consider The Wire to be one of the best shows ever made and that was at least 50% non-white focused. People will watch your non-yt stuff but it has to actually be good.

It doesnt even have to be good it just has to be not for children

Animes are popular (and a disaster for the mayos)


Anime characters are white

Do NOT play the rigged lottershe!!!


I'm a proud member of house racist what's the other house members excuse for not watching this powerful important program

:marseysalat: emoji Slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them.Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites! :marseysalat: emoji

I'll never watch a superhero show. A studio needs to spend 5x the production value on a season vs a movie (due to it's length) to maintain the same visuals and action. Normally they won't, so you end up with 75% padded out bullshit.

I would! It’s just that I don’t want to

One of our mods is a legitimate nazi I feel sick I'll be migrating to SRD soon.


rude and aggressive to an innocent fish



The Flash


Legends of tomorrow

Sorry Marvel but DC already drain the YA super hero genre.

>Children's show


>Faux-progressive Muslim bullshit

It's a show for literal children, with an unfortunate amount of soyfaced shitlib manchildren.

Unironically it’s probably because it’s summer vacation so minority families are just throwing their kids in front of the tv or Walmart brand tablet to let them watch whatever is on Disney since statistically minority families do not travel or do outdoors activities with their kids


Lol it's the Warren barbershop guy


Lol really? Thats embarrassing

Couldn't tell if this would be about Ms Marvel or Kenobi

I’ve been watching to keep up with the drama.

The show is just not good. So far it’s 90% “hey look, Muslim show” and 10% girl with the lamest superpowers yet.

It’s not very funny, the action isn’t good, the main character is a decent actress at best, the only struggle is girl vs. mom/cultural expectations.

It’s feels like Turning Red (which was lackluster itself) without the CGI charm, and Pakistani-Muslim instead of Chinese.

She’s not white? Looks white enough to me

Wasn’t going to watch more capeshit regardless

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What a broken buck

Why would i watch shows on the disney racism channel