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Man Cries Out As He Shows Off 1000 Bags Of Water He Uses To Bathe In Lekki :marseybath:


A resident of Lekki, Lagos Island, has taken to social media to share his struggles with water scarcity in the upscale neighborhood. In a video that has quickly gone viral, the man shows about 1000 bags of water he claims to use daily for bathing.

Standing beside a massive pile of sachet water bags, commonly known as "pure water" in Nigeria, the man explains his predicament: "This is my daily routine.

Lekki, despite its reputation for luxury and high property values, suffers from significant infrastructure issues, with water scarcity being a major concern. Many residents, like the man in the video, are forced to purchase sachet water due to unreliable municipal supply.

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That's harsh. I hope he isnt doing this for Social Media.

Before he rented the apartment, was he not aware that the place does not have good water? If he was aware of the situation, he is just exposing his stupidity by making noise online. And if he was aware of the situation before he rented the apartment, he probably rented the apartment because he thought he would be making enough money to buy expensive water but the economy has failed him and he doesn't want to be straightforward to state exactly what made him to rent the apartment.

Was he aware of the water situation but his landlord promised him good water and later failed him? If this is the situation, he should be straightforward to tell the public that his landlord deceived him.

I don try this one or two days, the hand pain and stress that fellow it is something else...

Opening many sachet of water and pouring it in a bucket is not easy...

How about putting the sachets in the bucket and using knife to burst through them. Then afterwards you squeeze out the bursted sachets. That's super fast. Try it

This one na clown, Ajah brown water wey we dey use bath and even taste salty sometimes. I have friends in Ajah and there water comes clean naturally. It depends on the areas where you get your place at.

mmm salty water

Can't the water be treated if it's bad? Why rely on tankers to supply water?

The water has high iron concentration or so

It is not totally safe even when it is treated.

It affects skin too if you have a skin that reacts easily.

The best reliance was lagos state water corporation but it no longer functions

Island (Surrounded by water) without water for usages no be Juju be dat?

Rubbish attention seeker.

20 sachets of pure water is even more than enough to bath a normal human being in single process.

Water supply? From where? Water corporation? Dem no get borehole?

I am wondering if it is an abomination to dig boreholes there.

I remember when I stay one yeye estate for Ajah not lekki sef, two bags of pure water for one bath. At least pure water still cheap then

Lagos supremacists should come and hear this

Oh people buy water from tanker in your almighty lagos

My town for Ihiala is far better than your stupid lekki wey no water Γ±o light no road no good health system rubbish

So these lekki rumors are true

Are you guys prevented from sinking boreholes.

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:marseyreading: educating myself a little on this area



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he has never jogged across my local bridge :marseycry:

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He has, you just do not know if yet.

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Twenty-five years ago, families residing in Maroko, then a suburb of Lagos, faced eviction from their homes ostensibly to protect them from diseases associated with slum conditions and prevent unnecessary loss of life. Heavily armed soldiers, under the command of Colonel Raji Rasaki and supervised by the Military President at the time, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, carried out the eviction in the early hours of July 14, 1990.[6]

The operation was executed with military precision, showing no mercy or intent to take prisoners. The soldiers, many of them in their late teens, took advantage of the lack of resistance from the terrified residents, unleashing havoc by destroying homes, forcefully taking women and girls, and causing chaos reminiscent of a real war zone. For these young soldiers, it may have been their first taste of official violence, a brutal initiation stripping away their innocence.

In the midst of the chaos, families scattered in all directions, desperately trying to find each other amid the destruction. Some sustained injuries from flying debris, while others tragically fell victim to uncovered wells hidden in their frantic escape routes. What was once Maroko is now known as Lekki Peninsula, a transformation that erased the painful history of the past, leaving it buried beneath the progress of time.

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what the frick

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eat da poopoo

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you have to r*pe de aids away

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i feel like you should start buying actual barrels at this point

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