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this chick sounds like Leslie Knope

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Look at this eager twink:




Do it. I'm on an embaressingly small amount of cocktails on a work trip.

Why do gay people live in such expensive areas? : askgaybros

Because we are superior to straights. Why is this even a question?

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It's Malespo Monday!!! :soyjackwow: :bigsmilesoyjak: (No Nom November Day 20)

:#marseyjam: :#marseyhomofascist: :#marseyjam:

https://i.rdrama.net/images/17005128148732471.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17005128151056788.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17005128152556012.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17005128153255987.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17005128154326808.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/1700512815643335.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17005128157334704.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/1700512815947431.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17005128161652083.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17005128163277674.webp

How does my bannerlord hero look?
Beautiful :marseyglam: ancient :marseygladiator: Roman :marseygrapes: mural of a slave market :marseystocksdown:
Do I cop? I always wanted a legit pair :marseyjetfighter:


All dating apps except for grindr are losing money and going into freefall
POV: you forgot to say trans lives matter :marseysalutepride:

The bombarded community in the background is a nice touch :marseyneat:

The chuds of AGB discuss: https://old.reddit.com/r/askgaybros/comments/17ufe0i/gay_israeli_soldier_displays_pride_flag_in_gaza?sort=controversial

Fake gay soy redditors :soyreddit: reeeee about the real gay chads of AGB :marseyhomofascist:

I hate these whiny cute twinks also bi "people" should be shot inshallah.

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Do any dramanauts have two male parents?

Just wondering because I do. There has to be more of them here.

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  • collectijism : Molested s*x trafficked illegal Guatemalan Bieber
:siren: TWINK ALERT :siren: Thinspo posting!

Jannies go crosspost this to /h/fatpeoplehate.

This is the twink btw https://twitter.com/tyler02020202/status/1720296300699427072

If it weren't for the :pepezoomerhair: I'd be jealous.



Wow he even has the shoulder tearing like me :marseyembrace:


https://i.rdrama.net/images/169911787231317.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16991178725937781.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16991178732080827.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/1699117874107618.webp

Those hips... :marseyslurp:

https://i.rdrama.net/images/16991178744932108.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16991178748740838.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/1699117875247664.webp

:marseyi: :marseyi:


I'd post one of myself if I had a bf to take the picture :marseygiveup:

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How do i be normal :marseynpc2:?

I'm in my third year of college :marseyreading: and i still dont have any friends :marseysnoohug: and I think im gay :marseypridepearlclutch:. How do I just be normal :marseyregular: and make friends and fall in love :marseyblowkiss: and not be alone :foreveralone: all the time? if this goes on for much longer probably just going to rope :marseysoyrope: tbh

alright sorry for blogpost :marseylongpost: but i try to include marseys :marseyexcited: to make it more interesting and less sad :marseydoomer:


  • Ben, Mitch, and Benjamin live in Los Angeles with their 20-month-old adopted daughter, Tegan.

  • The throuple have spent over four years and more than $170,000 on having their children.

  • They want to draw attention to the hidden and emotional costs of adoption and surrogacy.

*This as-told-to essay is keyed on a conversation with Mitch Rolam, 37; Benjamin Rolam, 35; and Ben Rodriguez Rolam, 38, a Los Angeles throuple --- or a three-person romantic relationship. *This essay has been edited for length and clarity. Insider verified their adoption and surrogacy expenses through receipts they provided.

We became a throuple after two of us --- Ben and Mitch, who had been together for 14 years --- met Benjamin on the Atlantis gay cruise in February 2019.

All three of us got ceremonially married in Kauai, Hawaii, in September that same year. And at the same time, two of us --- Benjamin and Mitch --- also got legally married.

Mitch works in finance, Benjamin in e-commerce, and Ben in a beauty company. The three of us live together in Los Angeles with our 20-month-old daughter, Tegan, whom we adopted in 2022.

And we're expecting our second child, through surrogacy, in December this year.

We spent over $170,000 on adoption and surrogacy

Let's add things up.

  • The first adoption agency's fees: We spent $18,200 on our first adoption agency in 2019. We were paying for them to share our profile with expectant mothers, and though we were with them for two years, we only got one failed match with a prospective mother who wound up not going with us.

  • Attorney fees: We spent around $13,000 to hire an attorney in 2021 so we could start looking for matches through private adoption. The attorney helps communicate with expectant mothers and connects us with other attorneys in states where the birth will take place. We also paid $7,000 for an attorney in the state where Tegan was born.

  • Google ads: We spent around $6,000 on Google ads to share our website with expectant mothers.

  • Social-services agency: We paid $4,000 in fees for a social services agency in California.

The whole adoption process, from start to finish, took us four years. And that all adds up to over $48,000.

With surrogacy, which we also started pursuing around the same time in 2019, it cost us $86,000 for five embryo transfers with the first agency we used. None of the transfers were successful. And the second agency we used cost us at least $110,000. Thankfully, Mitch's company covered $70,000.

We're expecting to meet the newest member of our family in December.

All in all, that's over $170,000 we've spent out of pocket so far. We've been keeping track for tax purposes.

These costs don't even include the cost of travel for adoption and surrogacy. It also does not include the amount we're still expecting to pay in agency and attorney fees in December for our second child.

There are many hidden costs, both financial and emotional


Adoption is an amazing and rewarding journey, but only once it finally happens.

At first, we thought we wanted to adopt both of our kids. But that changed once we actually went through the adoption process.

We met dozens of mothers, and we had to commit a lot of effort and time into creating relationships with someone who's probably not going to call you back the next week, all while mansplaining to them why we would be the best parents.

And we had multiple failed adoptions before Tegan, where we went in and held the baby, flying across the country to do so, thinking we're having a baby now, only to be told: "No, we're not going to pick you." It was so emotionally draining.

We didn't have anything in Tegan's room prepared for the longest time because the attorney told us not to fill it --- all it would do is to remind us of her if we got rejected.

There were just a lot of hidden costs. From small expenses like court fees or traveling for the surrogacy and adoption process piling up, to the disappointment of spending two years on something without seeing an outcome.

But at the same time, people are constantly asking us if we're sure we want this, and our answer is: Yes.

When you're planning to have a family --- through the route we're using --- you have to have all these conversations and understand what you want.

It's a big commitment, and there just isn't enough information available for people to know how costly this is.

Best cheerleader?

I don't like vaginas at all no matter what any shape, color or form gross me out, but instead, I love peepeees, like the majority of peepeees I've seen, in person, in photos and videos, fascinated me and everyday I think about sucking peepee.

I (29) have a girlfriend (30), we live together , we used to have s*x three times in a week but now everytime she wants me to have s*x, I make an excuse, I am not confident and have low self_esteem, I don't like to be naked around her and I don't want her to see my naked body, she considered me attractive , I am tall and lean with a little muscle and I'm a soccor goalkeeper, so I do exercise frequently but it's been 5 months that we live without having s*x, although I fingered her a couple of times but when she reaches orgams, I don't feel any need to be satisfied by her, she knows I like guys also and sometimes she makes jokes about it or points out hot guys to me, yesterday I told her you don't appreciate what you have, if I had a guy next to me right meow, I would be sucking his peepee and balls and rub my face on them, she responded that she thought I don't like s*x and she is a little bit reluctant to do so because I don't seem too eager to have s*x or enjoy s*x and she told me maybe she is not the right one for me.

I don't know what to do, do I have low self_esteem, do I need to break up with her?

Thoughts on body builder Max euceda?

I want to bury my face in his chest

Nofap :marseycoomer2: makes me gayer

I've seen testimonials online :marseydatingprofile: about how nofap :marseycoomer2: makes people realise that "femboys" are just "man butt" but I watched a YouTube :marseymetokur: video :marseyzeldalinktwilight: of Ryan Humiston talk about stretching but he wasn't fully shaved :marseybingus: and it was like whoa....nice

Just had to get this off my chest :marseymimic:

This fat gay has been having a mental breakdown over twinks for months now

In tears over seeing a twink couple

Mad that Troye Sivan didn't have any fatties in a music video

Pretty sure his excuse for being fat is some heart condition he has

He has hundreds more videos but they're all so similar and it's boring to try to sift through them :snooze: but I've been following his mental breakdowns for a while now

@ThatHoeOverThere stand with Israel

:marseyautism: Does this guy who is flirting with me like me? :marseygigaretard:

Would you take this as he likes me?

This guy messaged me on Grindr and then arranged a meet up for drinks. Once we met, it was apparent that he is the most beautiful thing I've laid eyes on. He asked a lot of questions and it was kind of hard to ask him questions. He wanted to hang out later that night but I couldn't.

I told him I was looking for friends because I was intimidated and he said he was primarily looking for a boyfriend right after I said that, but agreed he needed friends although he has since told me he is always doing something.

He said something about hanging out this past weekend but neither of us really made plans and I let the weekend go by. I could see him looking at my profile over the weekend but he blocked me on Grindr. Should I text and clear the air?

Background: A pick-me gay is a fairly entrenched concept in the gay community. It's basically the 'not-like-other-girls' of gays.

I've gathered a collection of reddit threads discussing the concept.

/r/AskGayMen: What are your thoughts on pick me gays?

Most controversial comment: they choose assimilation instead of liberation which spawns debate on heteronormativity with hypocrisy of the comment being pointed out.

Most upvoted: no one should put down others to make themselves feel better ...folllwed by r/notlikepthergorls.

Ah the duality of gays.


That wasn't too spicy. Let's see what if there is anything better in /r/AskGayBros where OP laments being called a pick me for not 'personally believe in neo-pronouns, because I think the 11 color Progress Flag is ugly as frick, because I think most mainstream gay culture is shallow and materialistic, and because I want to improve the material conditions of people I strongly dislike and strongly disagree with.'.

(ALMOST) Most controversial: wish there were more gays like you. Tired of the multiple flags and pro nouns shit which spawns some back and forth about OP being a pick me c*nt and the person replying being sanctimonious af.

Most Upvoted: Stop worrying about what the crowd is doing. Just do you....followed by this whole lotta' nothing.

So there appear to be a range of opinions on the topic. Only a smattering of drama here and there.

So I turn to the last bastion of drama, /r/XenogendersAndMore.

Specifically this pickmegay/trans starter pack.

Nothing TOO spicy because this sub is literally an echochamber. But it's pretty funny because the starter pack itself reveals the author seething over people not being on board 100% with everything they say.

Anyway, /h/gaybros, what is your opinion?


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How do you imagine the s*x life of Mitch and Cam on Modern Family?

Despite his smaller frame, Mitch loves to dominate Cam's pudgy butthole with his swollen ginger peepee. "Squeal like a pig!" is a phrase that Lily has spent years overcoming with her therapist, and to this day she cannot watch Deliverance or Pulp Fiction. His dominance in the courtroom translates directly to the bedroom, and he overrides all objections from the defense.

Cam's pent up sexual frustrations from the rural locker room are finally unleashed on Mitch's delicate anus. Finally taking on the roles of Quarterback with Mitch as his Center, Cam calls all the plays and never allows for a time-out. He drains the clock as he drains his balls deep inside Mitch.

Fizbo isn't all smiles. When he's not inflating balloons or squirting water from his lapel flower, he's inflating his peepee and blowing loads on Mitch's face. His predilections are not satisfied by the sensual or by kink. He's the master of ceremonies and Mitch's body is his three ring circus.

Sprinkle sprinkle

This is why I always tell y'all to not be moid pickmeishas :tayaaa::tayaaa:

Ignore this post if you're a crusty old gay though :marseysipping::marseysipping:

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