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Dog ate my purge (storytime?)


Yeah so basically what the title says. Whenever I'm at my moms house (divorced parents) I can't purge in the bathroom because it's too close to the living room, which is where my mom and sister are most of the time. Plus the potty is actually foul like I'm 75% sure there is something growing in there.

Anyways, the walls at my moms are a lot thinner than at my dads so I usually take a few big plastic bags (like for the trash cans) and I purge into those when/if I need to purge. I hate the smell so I usually tie them shut and double bag them immediately after cuz it's really just yuck. I kinda feel bad wasting so much plastic but the need to get everything out always outweighs my worries about the environment.

Anyways so yeah last night I did the thing into one of those trash bags and also threw away some of my own trash because like might as well use the bag for what it's actually meant for!! I left it open because I was like 'okay whatever I'll clean up my room some more and then tie it shut'. But i was like way too tired cuz it was 1 am and so I just went to bed

So I left it open throughout the next day and my dog is a nosy little shit. Like he's soooo much worse than any other dog I've had, he will knock the trash bins over, including the one in the bathroom with my tampons and shit and just eat whatever he deems to be tasty enough. I mean I guess he's just being a dog but he really goes out of his way to be gross!!!!

I always try to keep my door shut because i don't want people seeing the giant trash bags of vom in my room but I was literally just going to the kitchen for TWO SECONDS and the fricker SNEAKS IN and I don't even notice until I head back and HE'S EATING OUT OF THE TRASH BAG. I'm like OH MY GOD MAX??? and my family is like what did he do??? And I'm playing it off as 'he was eating off a plate' HE WAS EATING OUT OF THETRASH WITH MY VOMIT IN IT. WHAT THE FRICK

What do I even do will he be okay??? I'm lowkey concerned for him I don't think it's good for him to be eating vomit . What if he gets sick and vomits up the vomit???? Idk maybe I'm overreacting/overthinking but like GODDARN?? Anyways yeah that's the story lol. #justbulimiathings

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Middle East is like an r-slured tv war show I barely watch.

To you guys it's real life lmaooooooo



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