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Making Truth Social Comply with the AGPL

Orange Site discussion

tl;dr: some leftoid bullied Truth Social into releasing their source code as per the AGPL which requires derivative source to be published, naturally he's very proud of himself

He also implies the code is shit and people should look for vulnerabilities (to report them responsibly, I'm sure)

Flagged comments:

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Could have done without all the left-wing whining.

The dispersal from left-leaning social media sites wasn't about needing a place to tell lies, moderation on them was ideologically driven and biased, much like the author of this piece.

Nobody likes to be censored, the left has just been doing the censoring for so long they've forgotten how it feels.

This comment and any others critiquing the author or supporting Truth Social will be flagged, effectively deleting them for anyone who doesn't toggle the flag on in settings. What a great site this is. Actually worse than reddit in this regard.

The tone of this article reads like the author expected this company to be evil incarnate, because they're Republican, and then they just...aren't.

Seems like there is some cognitive distortion going on where people are being vilified, and then that ends up not matching reality.


main document he drafted as a general code of conduct

main document in video, being solution to political divisions

honestly I think the solution document is pretty good, basically call people by whatever username they have, don't make echochamber's on groomercord or reddit and people should only be in those for genuine reasons, not so they can call themselves a "Rustacian" despite never using or contributing.

I ported :marseybug2: THOUSANDS of apps to Windows 95 :marseybsod: (1hr :marseylongpost: but 100% worth the watch if you have :marseylaptop: :autism: )

It's a barbaric country. US support has created another blemish on US history. Was it worth it to ensure safe seas to enable global commercialism, which kept most of the world stable for decades? I do not, but I'll never be in charge either way.

Not just barbaric but also ignorant and tribalistic (I mean this literally), to an extent that most Western citizens don't get since they don't learn about the region's history. Yes, the ruling elites practice barbarism through the judicial system and legalized violence. But the population at large also shares in barbarism. For example, I was surprised (but not surprised) to see that nearly all Saudis deny the atrocities of October 7, like some kind of modern Holocaust denialism.

Hating jews never went out of fashion in the muslim world.

But degrading humans to subhuman status due to culture/ethnicity transcends the muslim world.

Anti-semitism is a European invention that had to be imported to the middle east. One could argue it never went out of fashion anywhere.

Let's not gloss over the absolutely appalling respect many of these societies have for human dignity. Public executions and flogging, discrimination and imprisonment based solely on gender, absolutely zero regard for freedom of conscience when it comes to matters of religion.

We are complicit (if not responsible). Accepted practice isn't an excuse for indifference but criticising your own country isn't a free pass to criticise the culture of others without challenging our culpability. If we sincerely want to help the citizens of these countries that we believe to be oppressed, we have options that we choose not to take. We could offer cultural asylum, give people a route to access our cultural ideals through immigration. We don't, though, because we only believe in human rights when it's convenient.

You, as an individual, may do your best to contribute to the betterment of the world, but when talking about society vs. society, you're glossing over far too many of our ills while ignoring the positives of the others.

Freedom of religion, individualism, capitalism, they aren't “good” or “right” they're just… different. The western individualism (seen most prominently in the U.S.) is not the majority culture, to many, even those who are just as “free” as any American, western cultural ideals are a step backward.

The way you perceive Islam is not the way it's perceived by Muslims in Muslim majority countries, it is not an oppression put upon them by religious zealots, it's a community that they participate in with a deep sense of pride and duty. For every Muslim in a Muslim-majority country who wants to break from their religion, there's an unsuccessful American struggling to survive, desperate to break free from the lonely American pursuit of individual success.

You can hate public executions, flogging, discrimination based on gender and sexuality, and you should, I do, but don't compare societies. We are not better, just different.

These tyrants only get away with repressing their citizens when people like Joe Biden give the first bump of approval due to fantasies about normalization against the will of the people.

The only thing the Gulf states have going for them is oil money and a good hub location on the Europe–Southeast Asia airline routes.

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Bahrain, Qatar, they all remind me of that quote from King of the Hill—they are monuments to man's arrogance. Desert cities hitting 50+ °C air temperature at midday which means air conditioning everywhere; vapid luxury in the form of expensive garish cars, shopping malls, and weird buildings and monuments, all while local chiefs who oppose stupid and unrealistic white elephant vanity projects are executed in the back alley.

This is one reason why I would like more nuclear power: it'll take some of the money away from the Gulf.

Clearly you dislike gulf countries.

The points raised are a mixture of facts, fiction, jealousy and dislike.

You want them to boil in desert heat with some environmental appeal, while many countries pump the air full of pollution from factories or massive ICE cars

I haven't heard of back alley executions over there

I don't feel hate towards someone spending their money on 2 cars or a holiday house or whatever luxury shoes, or paint their house whatever color. Why does it annoy you so much.

Why hate on people with different taste, very strange

I get it's ok to hate on gulf countries without backlash more than hating on say Denmark

FWIW I'm not from there and don't live there

CandyCall - Send AI Prank :marseyjumpscare: Calls

Edit: :marseystonetoss: Browsers?

Edit 2: She also wrote a paper about "Algorithmic Reparations":

Rooted in theories of Intersectionality, reparative algorithms name, unmask, and undo allocative and representational harms as they materialize in sociotechnical form. We propose algorithmic reparation as a foundation for building, evaluating, adjusting, and when necessary, omitting and eradicating machine learning systems.


We make this case in the body of the text above, suggesting a move away from fairness, replaced by an anti-oppressive, Intersectional approach. We intend for this approach to guide algorithmic design and to act as an evaluative standard by which existing algorithmic systems are judged, adjusted, and where necessary, omitted or dismantled. Our proposal is thus geared towards building better systems and holding existing ones to account.

Years later :marseywave2: 4090s continue to melt


How Freedesktop/RedHat harass other projects into submission

Freedesktop/RedHat's CoC team is worse than you thought

Strags respond


See also: Part 2

Spoiler: the :marseytrain: bans him :marseyscream:

Orange Site discussion


The HN comments get to the core of this:

A moderator on Vaxry's groomercord changed a transgender person's pronouns from "they/them" to "who/cares". Vaxry did nothing about it, and even supported this change, stating that the person was making too big a deal about their pronouns

lmao based

Also someone posted screenshots from his Groomercord where he pings everyone asking for hentai:

Reddit discussions:


Microsoft reportedly begins showing full screen Windows 11 ad on Windows 10 PCs as end of support date looms

Windows 10 PCs that are in-eligible for Windows 11 are seeing full screen warnings about next year's end of support date.

The full screen prompt that is now appearing on some Windows 10 PCs thanks the user for their loyalty using Windows 10, and warns that this end of life (EOL) date is approaching. It also wastes no time advertising Windows 11, encouraging the user to learn more about how they can transition to a new Windows 11 PC. Notably, there's no button to tell the prompt to never show again.

Windows 10 PCs that are in-eligible for Windows 11 have two choices when it comes to wanting to remain secure beyond October 2025: Buy a new PC with Windows 11, or pay Microsoft for extended security updates on Windows 10. Pricing for these extended security updates hasn't yet been revealed for individual users, but business customers will have to pay $61 for the first year, per device.


I wonder if :marseyhillarybackstab: will intervene



Anime was a mistake

This is a recording from an official conference/workshop/whatever for xorg- something that is used by most Linux distributions for their desktop environment, so it's not some small or unknown project by any means.

I won't mention anything else, just skip around the video and tell me if you notice anything




:smugtranstwitter: Yeah, I was under the impression y'all had literally any clue what you were talking about with this line, but seeing as the NYT case has now proven that you absolutely do not need an overfitted model (and can, in fact, use an overfitted prompt to replicate the body of copyrighted texts) I'm not sure why anyone would find this line of thought convincing.

"Overfitted prompt"? 🤣 🤣 🤣

You don't know what overfitting is, yet you still have the audacity to share your opinion on the thing.

:smugtranstwitter: Please continue loudly declaring that you know nothing.

Overfitted prompt

:smugtranstwitter: Yeah. What else would you call what the NYT case has put up for display?

Edit: Actually nvm u probably wanna ignore as much of that as possible huh?

If the work its transformed enough to get away with saying it is your own, it is no longer a copyright violation.


Strangely enough it is.

In United States copyright law, transformative use or transformation is a type of fair use that builds on a copyrighted work in a different manner or for a different purpose from the original, and thus does not infringe its holder's copyright.

:smugtranstwitter: What an actually fricking pathetic piece of shit you have to be to try to lie so blatantly. If you take someone's written work and re-edit it so that it follows a different narrative structure but still use their work completely word for word, saying the words you stole in front of a camera and making the written work into a video, you're still a fricking plagiarist, and if people believe you when you call it your own work, you're still a plagiarist.

:smugtranstwitter: So what you have is a for-profit "tool" for the mass violation of the copyright of all training data for any user who knows the right prompts to use. Does that not present a massive security and copyright concern? Not just for image generative AI, but also for text-based LLMs? If literally anyone can recreate the full body of copyrighted text with "overfitting" as simple as "what is the next paragraph?", should the people carelessly profiting from these "tools" not be held liable for that?

Whatever device you used to post this comment is a copyright violation.

:smugtranstwitter: It's really just "haha you use iPhone capitalism good ooh-ooh-aa-aah-throws shit" logic this morning?

BIC sells copyright-violators for less than a buck.

:smugtranstwitter: Well that would be a great argument if you lazy wastes of human sperm could be bothered to pick up a pen and learn to draw.

Aww, thread wasn't going the way you would like?

:smugtranstwitter: No, I was expecting people to actually contribute thoughtful conversation, rather than pretending buying a pen and tracing the Mona Lisa's face is the same as a generative AI recreating the Mona Lisa's face in full when told to draw a smiling woman in a Renaissance style. Guess that's my mistake to expect anything resemble critical thought from the people who can't grasp Starship Troopers and Helldivers.

Don't quote me on this but I believe you can also violate any copy right with a pencil

:smugtranstwitter: Wow, crazy. It's almost as though there's a difference between the fair personal and/or transformative use of copyrighted work and generating the body of copyrighted works to present as your own.

:smugtranstwitter: The U.S. is a failed society actively in decline. The contradictions of capitalism are sharpening, and AI is seen as a golden goose for an ever more enshittified tech industry that has for so long been drowning in cheap venture capital and wall street investments that simply don't exist anymore, almost entirely on the premise that AI will eventually be able to automate much of the skilled labor that these venture capitalists still have to pay so much for. Between Disney's deepfakes, or video games and animation studios trying to use AI-generated assets and voice actors, or even this most recent class of utterly incompetent programmers who just have ChatGPT write their code for them and they just tweak it until it just barely passes muster, it's clear what the suits at these big tech companies pouring so much money into AI want to do with it, regardless of whether or not the technology even has the potential to do so. If you want to talk philosophically, why should we treat generative AI like technology that came before it? It's clearly not being used like other technology that came before it, and this isn't the turn of the 19th century.

I mean....ok. You threw a bunch of labels I barely understand at me in an attempt to ignore my point. I guess if that's your coping mechanism, more power to you.

Given your post, these comments, and well our interaction I don't think you're in a very stable position mentally. This isn't the behavior of a rational or productive person, and I admit I probably shouldn't keep goading you on. Have a good life, and hopefully one day you stop jumping at shadows.

I don't speak for anyone else, but I fundamentally don't respect copyright or IP and think both that is has no moral basis and that practically speaking it's detrimental to mankind.

:smugtranstwitter: Ah, got it. Just loudly yelling that all art should be subsumed for profit until eventually there's nothing left. Lemme guess, you're also one of those who don't get the satire of Helldivers 2 and Starship Troopers?

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