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The :marseytrain::marseyfemboy: fetishized my playstyle.


As far back as I can remember I've enjoyed fixing things in pvp video games. In the original Tribes I would keep the base operational. :marseythebuilder: This obviously extended to keeping things alive in the first place so I wanted to make it as annoying as possible for people to wreck my stuff. Timing heavy mortars to explode on the flag or entrance of my base as people came flying in was :marseychefkiss:.

EverQuest came out and I decided to try Cleric because my friends had other roles covered and my :marseyautism: logic told me I was repairing my party. I got very good at it. Timing, recognizing patterns and predicting what was needed where and when. In TF1&2 I was always bouncing between Engineer and Medic.



I played healers in hundreds of games and then Overwatch comes out.


!coomers Do you recognize this photo?

Mercy was pure :marseyflamewar: and the seethe :marseyoverseether: she caused people was palpable. The salt I could taste :marseysaltlicking: was enough for my daily sodium intake.

I don't remember which happened first, OW going to shit or the "Healslut" meme. But it felt like the twin :brainletbush: towers. It was like the omnipresent threat of getting called a cute twink all over again.



I didn't stop playing Mercy(or other healers) but it was annoying running into people who tried to push the fetish on me.:ohgodwhy: B-Word leave me alone I am trying to improve your game and make the other team hate their existence. :marseydarkbrandon:

It still has generals on 4chan years later. This is a Toaster.



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That's also the playstyle I love the most. Though I hate first-person stuff, and healing in MMO groups is too much responsibility.

What else are you playing these days? I have the most fun doing random WoW PvP and doing druid stealthy heals to troll enemies.

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I had been playing Exoprimal but I'm between games right meow. Some people claimed it was like OW but it really isn't. I am playing Armored Core 6 until I find the next thing to scratch that healer itch.

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