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Bruh when I lost weight the number of people who asked me "how I did it" and got upset when my answer was just "I ate less" was fucking hilarious.

Like I'd say that and they'd be like "oh any tricks?" and I'd answer "No you just have to eat less food." and they'd usually press one or two more times and give up after a few answers like "Yeah exercise is good for you but it won't make you lose weight, really. You have to eat less."

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my brother says the same shit "yea i just stopped eating entire sleeves of oreos out of boredom"

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Chips Ahoy is ok though

know women from cords who’ll post there “healthy” breakfast bowls n workout times n still gain weight n im looking at those “healthy” bowls like girl ur eating 850 cals just for breakfast ffs what u eating the rest of the day 😒😒

Breakfast is the most useless meal of the day and its why people are lard asses

i work nights so my schedule is off but usually fast after waking up for around 3-5 hours then eat a soft or hard boiled egg tomato n some protein. When I used to eat breakfast (toast with egg or bowl cereal) I always got soo hungry for lunch so it’s nicer this way imo




idgi will u pls explain?


just asking kk🤷🏾‍♀️

tomato and a hard boiled egg is healthy and less than 200 cals idk either:marseyconfused:

Which sucks cause I really like omelets, but I'm never hungry until like 11am at the earliest

Just make an afternoon omelette nigga. what, is the egg police gonna getcha?

Yeah I'm talking about when out, though. I'm a hustleandbustlecel, I only make food like 3-4 times a week

I hope u enjoying that EXPOSED RED BRICK fam

I rent that east coast place out to, apparently, three zoomer girls. I dunno, I have a property manager.

The west coast place I'm at now is more of a modern look

Like I said, find a brunch place.


Omelets are brunch food and you can have brunch at 11, r-slur.


The only thing worth having for breakfast is a double scooped protein shake.

If you don't like wheyslop, then seriously eat some chicken or some shit. All breakfast foods are a bunch of carbs and fats, and American breakfast foods are all of that with tons of HFCS.

do u mind telling me what HFCS is pls?

High fructose corn syrup aka sugar mixed with cocaine and extremely cheap so it gets shoveled into anything you don't make fresh yourself.

ty bb I should of figured it out 😩 but tysm 🙏🏾

did ur main get banned again?

ye day b& n pizza’d by impassionata n marsey’d by xirabolt who just doesn’t like me so using chudnny

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High fructose corn syrup. Basically AIDS for your metabolism.

oh snap duh 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ tysm bb

High fructose corn syrup.

Subsidized sugar for r-slurs.

eggs though

I thought about that after posting.

Eggs, and ultra filtered skim milk are also good stuff if they don't give you digestion issues.

I ain't drinking watered down milk fuck that whole or nothing.

I have a bowl of bran topped with a banana and some skim milk. I love solid poops.

Coffee is the non-fat's breakfast aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Black coffee.

Literally the best way to lose weight. You shit like a horse and are sated for ~5-6 hours if you drink enough. You could replace half your meals with coffee and play weightloss on ez mode. I call it the black/brown Diet.

I think I pooped it all out cuz I'm only going once a day lately. First two weeks were insane aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Wait is that why I've been shitting a lot more since I started drinking a lot more coffee?

Vyvanse is the Chad non fats breakfast


Is it better than amphetamine? Doc says they might look into other stuff instead of bumping my dose again next time

I just eat some oat meal with almond milk and whey protein. 450 kcal and I work in an office job.

450 heckin kilocalories?!


Never heard of kcal?

That's a lot of fucking calories even for a fat :marseypuke: Jesus christ lose some weight!

I blame cliff bars. The amount of people who think some glorified candy bar is healthy when they're actually eating 400 kCal over two snack bars. At that point just eat a kit Kat and enjoy yourself.

Breakfast is supposed to be a coffee and a smoke bb.


keep reading bb 😘 that usually is my breakfast 💆🏾‍♀️

Well you should tell those hoes with breakfast bowls.

Also never heard of a peanut dressing, what dat?




sry bb not gonna give u my recipe but here lookit don’t know if they super good but they give u the idea


>3 litres of ranch dressing

>"people" who don't carefully measure out tablespoons of salad dressing to control their calories


using salad dressing


I don't get why are burgers so obsessed with their dressings and sauces they're always extra unhealthy and usually are made to appeal to the tastes of a r-slurred child

Just make good tasting food and you won't need your liquid sugar

This nigga eatin greens :#taylaugh: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Yes, and?


Bruh a nice bleu cheese dressing on some leafy greens is to die for. You just have to measure it. Plus if you get a nice yogurt dressing it's got a much better taste:calories ratio.

some salads like frisse taste better with a bit of oil n vinger tho n a good peanut dressing on spinach is to die for 😋 (measured out tho I track my cals so I’m talking bout like at most 2 tablespoons for a dinner salad)

I don't get why are burgers so obsessed with their dressings and sauces they're always extra unhealthy and usually are made to appeal to the tastes of a r-slurred child

Cuz dey tasty. Like 2 table spoons of 1000 island on a burger (plus tomato, cheese, lettuce, 2nd type of cheese, ketchup and mustard) is amazing and there's no reason I can't have 2 a day

Eh, I use vinegar and oil based dressings and they aren't bad. I use a food scale to measure how much I add though, which is definitely much less than when people just dump it on.

Ranch is disgusting and defeats the whole purpose of having a salad.

Imagine having to count calories and not just keeping an insanely fast metabolism well into adulthood. I eat like a pig and my BMI hasnt ever gotten up to twenty.

It never even began for dietcels


Mine is starting to slow down. Sucks because I'm also not working on solar fields anymore so I'm walking less


What's funny is that on Amazon there is like 25 different calorie free salad dressings for like double normal price but it's so awesome cause there's no calories.

Calorie free foods and drinks are a lie and fatty cope

Except water ofc

I have a blockage in my stomach that prevents me from eating much and have lost 110+lbs in the last year. Holy fuck it's easy to lose weight if you just don't eat

110+lbs in the last year

This nigga on the Auschwitz diet

110 lbs from how much? Are you a sapient bag of bones or were you a fatty?

Homeboy forgot to mention the anecdotic car accident that took both his legs.


I was a bit of a fatty, I was somewhere around 240-250lbs, just hit 130's this week. Most of the weight was in my cock, so please don't talk about how small my pp is now.

How does it feel to be two times less heavy? Does walking/working/living feel different?

I was surprising healthy for being that heavy, the blockage is unrelated to being a fatty, but definitely have noticed improvements of course. Namely not getting winded every time I climb a set of stairs, and being able to bend and move with ease. The flip side is that I was a pretty strong dude, and now I'm a weak little fella, but nothing 5 gym days a week and anabolic steroids can't fix. I still can't see my cock when I look down because it's too small, so please don't talk about that.

I still can't see my cock when I look down because it's too small, so please don't talk about that.

weak bait

Hahahah I'm only shit posting with the last bit. I promise I'm being truthful about the rest

Hey congrats on loosing the weight n im sry u got that health issue going on to tho

Yeah, I ain't even mad about the weight loss, it's like the one silver lining. and appreciate you, I'm getting some pretty good healthcare now and nearing a resolution pending my latest biopsy so things are looking real positive.

So you're not just a fan of the machinist.

Lmfao no, the pfp is deliberate


You know that feeling when youre hungry? Yeah you just ignore it

Fatties: :#marseyoverseether:


I think fatties turn away from religion because they don't like how religions often have mandatory/optional fasting you'd have to do.




If you don't want to eat less, then the other answer is to run. Like a shitload.

The problem is that most fat people are way too weak willed and currently unequipped to burn a thousand or more calories per session. Some of them also eat like 6-7k calories per day, so this advice isn't even theoretically applicable to deathfats.

Nah I do distance running these days actually and I always tell people not to run to lose weight. If you're already an established long-distance runner it can be a huge part of weight control, but if you aren't already doing dozens of miles a week, you are physically not capable of running enough to keep yourself in a deficit. You're straight-up just gonna hurt yourself trying to run enough, even if you have the willpower for it. Plus running makes you REALLY hungry, so you're going to need exceptional control around food anyway. And it's really easy for people who don't have control over their intake to use "that huge run" as an excuse to eat fourteen eleven-pound black forest hams in one sitting.

I adore running and it's super good for you, but it's not for weight loss. You literally have to eat less that's all there is to it.

I always end up disagreeing with people on this subject.

I ended up turning into a fat cow back when I was an alcoholic, and I have lost and kept off about 70 pounds of weight through lifting and intense cardio.

The first few months were hellish, yet forcing myself to jog until 10k steps along with doing high rep sets allowed me lose the first 40 pounds in a matter of months.

However, this path to recovery is only viable as a path to recovering back to what you were before, as in chronically fat people don't tend to know anything about serious exercise or dieting. I had entirely cut out alcohol, along with replacing breakfast and lunch with protein shakes.

I can do a half marathon in just over 100 minutes these days (that's usually ~1800 cals burned), and getting in 5 mil steps per year on top of lifting 4x per week allows me to eat sickeningly large burgers on a near daily basis. I'm 6'2" and I weigh less than a statistically average American woman.

How'd you quit alcohol? I wrote down a quick pros and cons about quitting last Saturday, then woke up the other day, severely hungover with a fucked up knee and the memory of getting blown by a dude... So I really think I need to quit. And if it helps with weight loss that would be cool too

Can't say for him but I started having weird myoclonic seizures the morning after drinking any large amount so I had to cut back :^)

I lived in Florida at the time, and when I mentioned that I was having serious stomach issues from booze + that I was trying to quit a high volume daily habit to a doctor during a visit, they gave me a one-time script for some Ativan.

I ended up tapering off of a couple of ativans per day down to .25 mg over about 2.5 weeks, and I've had literally zero benzos or alcohol since about half a decade ago.

Switching to what some filthy hippies refer to as "Cali sober" has done me well, as in I quit hard drugs + booze and switched to mmj. I'll still drink kava with some zero alcohol beers if I want to pretend like I'm drinking, it feels sort of similar to having about 2.5 real beers.

Was the Ativan for withdrawals or something? I don't drink every day and don't seem to have any kind of withdrawals, just when I do drink, I don't have a cut off point... I quit for a few months and was going to AA which seemed to help but feels pretty lame

I should try and pick up weed more, but I tend to get anxiety from it. I have a really hard time attending to "leisure" activities so if I could chill out and just play a video game or something, it would probably be helpful... How much is your exercise routine a fill in for the substances you were using previously?

lol quit drinking, start smoking weed everyday. Pure addiction transfer.

I did the opposite because weed is for cute twinks.


Yeah, I’ll trade one addiction for another that’s significantly less likely to ruin my life and kill me

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Yeah, I was drinking to the point where I was at risk of dangerous wd symptoms if I were to try going cold turkey.

Exercise sort of fills a void in regards to substance use for me, by keeping me from rock bottom, but I still love to smoke before going to the gym.

I got into doing psychedelic drugs and toking in early high school, before I got serious about lifting weights. They didn't really get in the way of my routine, but by the time I was doing hard drugs and drinking a case of beer on a daily basis, I didn't care about my body, weight, job, etc.

The runners high is real, yet it combines really well with some edibles. Also, ever since I quit drinking, I can actually play games for long periods of time. I used to have like a one hour limit before I'd become more interested in being a drunk asshole than actually playing.

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Thank you Penny, very cool.

That's not a trophy, chud.

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You quit alcohol by deciding that's what you want for you, everything else is details. You can make it dude, believe in yourself.

How do I save my knees btw? Am currently one such long distance runner you described and I'm trying to keep form but I'm somewhat nervous of destroying my joints.

I'm a big fan of zero drop shoes. That and form form form. The heels in standard running shoes put your knees and hips at an unnatural angle and there was a study a while back that showed that it increased the force through the knee a significant amount. The heel-toe drop also makes it harder to run with good form.

Formwise you want short, fast strides at any pace with your feet landing directly underneath your hips (usually means a forefoot or midfoot strike). If you overstride you put horizontal forces through your knee that it wasn't designed for. Knees are really good at handling vertical forces, but horizontal forces are dangerous. So you want your steps as short as you can get them.

Yeah, the serious runners I know eat way more food than anyone else I know and don't gain any weight from it. It burns a lot of fucking calories.

Should've said "Sure, come to my seminar" instead.

>they come to my seminar

>its literally me telling them over and over to eat less fucking food


They get mad when I mention that overeating is an addiction and the easiest way to stop is to stop getting enjoyment from food and just see it as fuel, or replace it with another addiction that doesn't make you fat (amphetamines are a great choice for gigalards)

Food is really one of the least efficient drugs as far as dopamine goes.

Adderall really does make you see food as fuel. You treat it the same as needing to fill up the car with gas

Literally this. Hell, just cutting out breakfast and having a normal sized coffee (espresso) is a massive help.

Yeah, when I was like "fuck, i got so out of shape" due to personal life i knew what had to be done.

I ate less/better foods, and I also was in the gym 5 nights a week for 2/2 and a half hours, . Also ran my dogs around the lake at the local park on sundays since sat/sun were relaxation days. Good exercise, proper diet and consistency is just so important for that.