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#7 google result for bardfinn Kiwicel has bardfinn divorce papers and will be posting them. Highlights include abuse, deadbeat daddery, drug and alcohol abuse, and arrest warrants for skipping court 🚨EDIT: Divorce docs have been posted🚨

I have news. Someone went to the courthouse in Dallas and got all of the divorce papers and I received them in the post. Someone spent a lot of money to do that. I am figuring out how best to get the paper copies online. I don't know whether it's cheaper to buy a scanner or take them to be scanned. It might be more cost effective to just buy a scanner.

Yes...I've read them. His wife alleges years of abuse of her and the kids. She wanted sole custody and for him to agree to not take drugs or drink for sufficient hours before visitation and wanted that visitation supervised by others. She did not get that. There seems to be many attempts to get him to pay child maintenance. There are even arrest warrants, because Steven could not be arsed to come to court at all...but they seem to get canceled. One of the appearances has a note on the bottom that Steven is to present evidence of progress in getting Social Security Disability. I'm not sure if the papers say that Texas is entirely going to fail to pursue child maintenance from Steven, in the end or if it is simply a continuance of events.

My professional opinion: lol

lmao I know this is one of you, but I want this to be his wife so badly

EDIT: link to bardfinn's divorce docs

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if Bardfinn is a woman then why doesn't he beat himself?

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he probably does beat himself every night

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As long as no more kids to beat are produced, have at it.

I swear to god, that is Bret Hartfinn!


Why isn't this one of the RDrama gifs?

It is


We need tier gifs for this place to work

Are you a member?

I may be neurodivergent but I'm not neurodivergent enough to be a lookism poster

I've just browsed it a few times in the past


Steven is to present evidence of progress in getting Social Security Disability.

How shocking.

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It's a shame he blew all that patent money

Have we ever found that patent?

No one ever found it. It does not exist. Just like his history as a teenage spy in East Germany, it is pure fiction.

Or his girlfriend that lives in the far off land of Canada.

It's not like any of us would ever go to leafistan to look for her tbf

You never know. Online grooming can cross all geographic boundaries.

Lmao did he seriously claim that?

Yay you replied to my 4 months old comment! @carpathianflorist there should be a prize for the person who's old comment made them mess up.

Also you got tricked drrrockzonose


Meh, its whatever. Saw the 4mo after i reolied and was like wait wtf? Why is this showing front page, doesnt seem like new shit

It's meta trolling sweaty. Don't worry @Greu fell for it too and replied to another comment of mine right after yours. I'll be swimming in DC from the awards I'll recieve.

People have looked, but came up with nothing. He's probably full of shit. With such a lucrative patent he should be able to afford paying child support and maybe an apartment that isn't his parents' garage. At best, people think maybe he worked on something that was patented by whatever company he worked for.

Some kiwicel research on his degree and patent claims

aaaaahhhhhh Thank you for the update!!!!!


Akshually , in this case you would use mash'allah, masha allah, or mashallah. Inshallah more or less means "god willing," and is used to discuss things that haven't happened yet. If something has happened, or if you want to congratulate someone, you would say "mashallah," which means "God has willed it." If you're going to pretend to be a soldier of Allah on the internet, the least you could do is research his holy language a little bit instead of just parroting other Yakubian devils.

You're doing God's work alhamdulillah.

The Spaniards didn’t kill enough during the reconquista

How did you find this?

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I am absolutely floored by all of this. Honestly, who could have imagined someone chosing to have sex with Bardfinn and not needing a rope afterwards

A comment by bardfinn before he became a powermod claimed that his wife cheated on him multiple times.

Bardfinn is known for telling the God's honest truth so I completely believe that.

Makes sense how he's able to spend 24/7 jannying reddit. I'm guessing all the turbo jannies are neets/incels at this point

I'm pretty sure that onion article about the 6th grader that was a powerjanny wasn't far from the truth either.

Let's be real. Sixth graders have more going on in their lives than these 30+ year old forever alone, shut-in, turbo jannies ever will.

Old rule of thumb in management: never trust the overly anxious and ambitious worker that's only applying for jobs where they have power over other people. The ones that apply for stuff that pays more but isn't over others is just wanting a raise. The ones who specifically only want the lead/foremen job want the power. They will almost always abuse it.

Sometimes they want to get a better sounding title for their resume before they switch companies

Holy shit @carpathianflorist imma twofer. Gimme gimme.

Also greu shame you. Your a regular here not a pinkie.


Wait what did I do :marseycry:

You fell for bait Sonny. I'm sorry.

Not all sixth graders, didn't you know at least one or two kids who started puberty and immediately turned into insufferable turbospergs? The ones even the weird nerdy kids wanted nothing to do with? There's one kid that I distinctly remember who was so fucking annoying because the only thing he ever wanted to talk about or do was yugioh cards. Had literally no friends.

That was probably almost 20 years ago, how old is Barf anyway?

Yugioh Cards were cool af. Why waste time making friends when you could daydream about Egyptian God Cards? Besides I'm sure that kid made friends later in life after the sperg phase was under control

I hope so that kid was legit obsessed with yugioh when nobody else was and nobody wanted to talk to him because of it. Sixth graders are pretty awful too.

Mid 40s, I believe.

Friends, for one thing

There was a 12 year old janny complaining about being demodded because of someone pretending to be him posted here before

In his own words, what's his "work" on reddit worth per year?


Lol, FB pays people $15 an hour to do what he does.

Ive read the articles all about the hell they go through too. I still bet theyre not half as suicidal as Barf is.


Actually I'd probably cause more sneethe by respecting bard's pronouns.

Based dramatic pragmatism. It isn't about being edgy, it's about pissing off any given majority.



Slay yourself.

4mo ago


Agreed, she has not earned the right to male pronouns.



His check has many zeros in it

Petition reddit to start a "pay for Bardfinn's child support" award? All proceeds going to the child support? It's the least they can do.

Can courts garnish that for unpaid child support/alimony or is it considered different from normal income?

I'm guessing they mentioned it because they want him to use it for child support? Still taxpayer money one way or another. I wonder what his specific "give me money" disability is

EDIT: So apparently SSI cannot be garnished for child support. I wonder why that note was on there

I used to work with someone who reminds me of Bardfinn (down to the domestic abuse charges) and he constantly claimed to be neurodivergent. From what I hear, shrinks frequently mistake NPD for autism and the documented shit that Bardfinn has said makes me think he's the former so maybe he was able to get a diagnosis.

shrinks frequently mistake NPD for autism

Now that is interesting. I didn't know that happened, but I could see that happeneing. It wouldn't surprise me if he had NPD. This is a man who started a fight with his wife in the middle of the night, violently poked her, and then called the police because he thought they would be like. "yeah, you are totally right, bud." To be fair, that may have been meth and/or alcohol talking, but his other behavior screams NPD.

I thought him being a narcissist was a given. Like look at how he argues

Either way, he's pretty fuckin r-slurred because he's being milked by the New Zealand Ranchers and the Rebbit admins for the total salary of $00.00/week

One of the Kiwifarmers there is an expert on all the things he has claimed to have. The one with the Marilyn Manson avatar, IIRC.

Good call, just searched and he seems to think it's an OCD thing. He also thinks Steve works under the table for Contrapoints lol

Has he said where he comes to that conclusion? I always pictured Barf as a Chris Chan but without the rape. Lives in his mom's garage and she supports him.

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track:

The father is in the house, too. Both parents are apparently Republicans that Bardfinn hates and constantly trash-talks online.

it would be a total shame if they were to find out what he says about them online

I think Bard has ultimately claimed that he's had a bomb squad search his parents' home due to bomb threats and that they have been swatted. I can't imagine homeowners not going, "What the actual fuck are you doing online that is making SWAT and bomb squads come to our home?"

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There was asperger's IIRC, but also some point where he was maybe committed and barfed all over himself while possibly tied to a hospital bed? I dunno. There's a lot to digest.

Damn, you're right. This dude is a mess.

And here's his tweet about it

Jesus fucking Christ this guy is just pitiful

But why would one of the few passing transwomen work with an obviously nonpassing one?

Lol the marilyn Manson person is a fucking idiot and their conspiracy sperging is half the reason that thread is one of the worst on the site.

They literally think people on bard's naughty list can sue bard for being on their list. Absolutely stupid.

Frankly, Joan... after your simping for Drewiepoodle... I don't give a damn. Those people have gotten receipts on Bardfinn's family violence and non payment of child support and possible criminal charges in other places

Lmao I'm the person in that thread who contacted Ireland's GDPR agency and posted their response and the absolute sped with the Manson avatar said I'm a Bardfinn "shill" (rofl) because he didn't like their response (spoiler: the government doesn't give a shit). They do good work as far as humiliating Bardfinn goes but they're legitimately angry r-slurs writing fucking novels about how much they hate some loser for getting their favorite subreddit banned.

People need to learn to distance themselves from the drama. Literally all that's going to happen if this somehow blows up, and it won't because Bardy isn't a powermod that normies recognize, is Bardfinn will make an incredibly obvious alt and keep doing what he does. EU supersoldiers aren't going to invade Texas because some reddit janny uses a masstagger clone lmao.


People need to learn to distance themselves from the drama.

This is why I prefer rdrama to kiwifarms, dense sneeding is so rare it's funny, and there's fewer people so I can maintain a mental image of most active posters in my mind. Something something Dunbar's number.

EU supersoldiers aren't going to invade Texas because some reddit j-slur uses a masstagger clone

That would make a great Ben Garrison parody.

I agree with everything you said except "and it won't because Bardy isn't a powermod that normies recognize"... I think that Bardfinn is recognized.

SSI and SSDI have different rules, SSDI is basically early access to your retirement social security based on disability, you have to have paid in to get it, SSI is for the never employed, r-slurs, etc.

odds are bardy had a job at one point before :marseytrain:ing out

Reading these, one of them says that he showed that he was indigent and was assigned a public defender.

that just means long term unemployed now, probably had a job back when she was beating her wife

Well, I think it means that he has no visible means of support save his parents and that lucrative patent for something every person online uses every day. I'm just lol-ing at how he larped as some granny and he's younger than I am.

"I wonder why that note was on there" Probably because he was saying to the court that he couldn't show up or pay anything because he was in the process of getting they went, "Okay... at least come here and prove THAT, then if you can't do anything else."

I know when I got my crazy check they paid all the way back to the time I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Some people supposedly will get 25k-30k in back pay for that. So with them wanting proof barf is in the process of getting it probably means yes. Then again idk if they garnish welfare for child support and that's pretty much the same thing.

They probably don't want him having visitation rights if he has no money.

Disability: Lack of connection to reality

Remember, it's your responsibly to mention Steven's arrest record every chance you get.

Also, it's been two days. How fucking hard is it to take some pictures of paper?

Hi :marseywave:

How fucking hard is it to take some pictures of paper?

I know, right? Fucking mail them to me. I have a scanner and a cell phone with a camera. I could have neurodivergentally transcribed them by now, too. God damn.

It’s probably a LOT of papers, if Fartbinn is as crooked and pathetic as this sounds.

You're probably right. I don't know what the paperwork typically looks like, but this sounds like a mess and the kiwi informer said the person paid a decent chunk of money to get these papers.

I can’t wait to see the papers myself. NGL, I know that sounds pathetic, on my part. But hypocrites are one of my biggest pet peeves, and he is one of the biggest. Combine that with the way he spits on the graves of those who suffered and died in the Holocaust, and the European theatre of WW2, by, literally and passionately, calling everyone who even slightly disagrees with him a “Nazi”, and I want to see him go down. I have a family member that I will never know, except as a picture on the wall, that was killed in WW2, in France. And that white trash freak calls me a Nazi because I call a spade a spade.

Imagine having someone like this saying that you are potentially violent and then you find out that the asshole abused his wife and possibly a step kid.

God is there anything more cucked than letting your boyfriend/husband abuse YOUR kid, that isn’t even his?

The person who went to the courthouse first said it might cost hundreds of dollars to get it all IIRC.

God damn, I forgot about that and I think you're right. Based kiwi or kiwi-adjacent

He can take it to Kinkos (It's fedex something or other now) and they will put it through a machine and email it to him I think. It's been a long lonnng ass while since I did it, but they put docs on a DVD for me.

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track:

My husband occasionally does that but I think it's a buck a page to scan, so if it is hundreds of pages...that is a lot of money.

That's probably the fastest way to get banned from reddit.

I've made a tradition of burning reddit accounts via bardfinn.

There's people gotta know, dammit!

I really wonder why reddit hasnt damage controlled bardfinn out of his mod status yet. The chances that this will blow up at some point are pretty big, and they have absolutely nothing to lose if they ban him. But I guess anyone who works at reddit isnt really the brightest guy out there.

Do NOT play the rigged lottershe!!!


My guess is that it is a combination of him doing SO much work for free, and the admins being blinded by their degenerate ideologies. They truly don’t understand that “normal” people would have a problem with someone like fartbinn stalking and harassing people, grooming their children and not supporting their child. Just look at the Aimee challenor incident, that proves their values.

Most of all, they do not tolerate doxxing. To fire suspend someone over it would be a tacit embrace of doxxing. They only caved in for Aimee Challenor because the doxx spread too rapidly to control, to the point where most outraged people had no concept of what doxxing is.

They could easily find another reason to permanently suspend Bardfinn. He recently repeatedly personally attacked other users in an admin run sub. He does that a lot. The admins really ought to finally stop that behavior. It's so gross...the "I have you on my list as making a comment in 2019"...and this dude's a mentally ill deadbeat dad wifebeater.