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This Queer Couple Just Found Out They Are Half-Siblings, But Are Dating Anyway :marseyyikes::marseyextinction:

It's a real-life episode of Game of Thrones … or is it an episode of Maury? In a story that will have you literally seeing double, an adorable queer couple named Mercedes and Carly revealed to their almost 600K followers on TikTok that they might be related — and they just discovered this news after two years together. This is a Pride Month gift they'll never forget.

Wait — how could they possibly be related?

Canadians Carly and Mercedes have been documenting their happy queer life together on TikTok, where they've amassed a sizeable following. Their videos include jokes about homophobic family members, their foster dogs, and domestic sapphic bliss. Recently, they uploaded a video where they explained that they found out that their moms both slept with the same guy, leading them to the obvious logical conclusion: could they be half-sisters?

Their resemblance is uncanny.

Their comment sections are flooded with people who are also stunned at their physical similarity, with many joking (?) that they look like twins. Looking at the two, it's easy to see why they might be, uh, concerned about their DNA. Carly and Mercedes do look alike: they both have similar face shapes, lips, eyebrow arches, and even have matching green eyes.

This likely never raised concern for them because dating people who look similar is totally a real thing in the queer community — we call this "dopplebanging," and it happens all the time. Besides, there was no reason for either of them to assume that their looks were more than just a funny coincidence.

Commenters implored them to get DNA and paternity tests.

Naturally, their fans urged the the couple to get DNA and/or paternity tests as soon as humanly possible. "Take the test please you have to know," wrote one commenter, while another implored them to "Take one immediately," to which they replied "WE'RE SCARED." Who could blame them?! Imagine finding out you're related to the love of your life — Danaerys Targaryen and Jon Snow could never.

"If we kiss before we do the test, is that going to affect the results?"

In a follow-up video, Carly and Mercedes confirmed that they did order DNA tests and are waiting for them to arrive. And they're also asking the real question. "If we kiss before we do the test, is that going to affect the results?" they wonder, since the test uses a saliva swab as samples. "Do we have to wait like, 24 hours to make sure our DNA isn't in each others' mouths?" Might be safe to abstain from making out before the test — after all, sisterhood could be on the line.

Still, they're not breaking up over this.

Love always finds a way, right? There's no indication that the two will split up over this revelation, as they make happy-yet-befuddled videos on TikTok. Besides, whatever the result, it isn't their fault and it doesn't change their relationship. It does mean that their dad has a lot of explaining to do. Follow their account for updates on this bizarre sister/sapphic love triangle.

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Yes, they have an OnlyFans.

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This makes me think they’re not related and its coomer bait

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an adorable queer couple named Mercedes and Carly

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So there is no actual evidence they’re related, right? This is a fetish thing they’re promoting for their OF

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Foids? Lying to promote drama and porn?


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Definitely OF promotion. After seeing a few people say they look similar it dawned on them that they could make 1,000% more money with their OF by catering to degenerate coomers.

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You know, as opposed to the connoisseurs who prefer only high-class smut. Like Sears catalogs.

Why would it matter? You just need them to look similar and say they're sisters for the fantasy to work. It's not like you cum harder because their dna is actually similar in reality.

I’m sure other people here have seen the Daily Mail/trash publications articles about “Genetic Sexual Attraction”—the claim that when relatives meet as an adult they can be insanely sexually attracted to each other bc they don’t have the Westermarck effect. Turns out, it’s not true and those people are just fucked up. They use the idea of GSA to absolve themselves of their attraction. It’s basically been debunked but people keep believing in it as it is on TV, tabloids etc.

You're telling me people use made up science to justify their sexual fetishes?


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>It’s basically been debunked but people keep believing in it as it is on TV, tabloids etc.

People keep "believing" it because they're degenerate coomers and want it to be true.

Critics of the hypothesis have called it pseudoscience.[5] Amanda Marcotte of Salon has stated that the term is nothing but an attempt at sounding scientific while trying to minimize the taboo of incest.

She states that most of the publications which have chosen to run stories of couples speaking about "genetic sexual attraction" are not legitimate news sources. As example, she refers to New York Magazine's Science of Us blog publishing an interview with a woman in an incestuous relationship that simply reads like a story of a young girl who has been groomed by her father.

Counterpoint is that Amanda Marcotte is a fucking moron and a journ*list, not a scientist, who gives a fuck what she thinks about The Science™? I’m inclined to believe the opposite of whatever her radlib takes are.

>Amanda Marie Marcotte (born September 2, 1977) is an American blogger and journ*list who writes on feminism and politics from a liberal perspective. Marcotte has written for several online publications, including Slate, The Guardian, and Salon, where she is currently senior politics writer.

Human morality is culturally relative, clutching pearls over weirdos or creepy study findings we don’t jive with does nothing. I don’t care if two adults are voluntarily being degenerates together, it’s just more stuff to laugh at.

Three experiments demonstrate that people find others more sexually attractive if they have just been subliminally exposed to an image of their opposite-sex parent (Experiment 1) or if the face being rated is a composite image based on the self (Experiment 2). This finding is reversed when people are aware of the implied genetic relationship (Experiment 3). These findings have implications for a century-old debate between E. Westermarck and S. Freud, as well as contemporary research on evolution, mate choice, and sexual imprinting.

Now, that said, someone willing to stray that far from accepted norms is probably a freakshow.

There’s also a lot of other confounding variables to take into consideration in these studies. It’s not exactly a secret that most of these are unreplicable garbage.

edit: just read the wiki article, the talk page is half coomers and half pearl clutchers desperately wanting the opposite thing to be true. lmao

Stop standing in the way of their love

Of course you'd look into it. :marseyeyeroll:

I saw it on Dr Phil sweetie 💅🏻

Good thing its not real lol. But yea i think incest people might be extreme narcissists honestly

the science

Is incest less weird if they can't reproduce?

well since they weren't raised as half-siblings, doesn't seem too bad imo

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Not necessarily. However, it's not incest if it's gay.

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Isn’t it weird that both of these stunning and brave LGBTQTIA2+ persons come from backgrounds where their mothers were such whores that neither one even knows who their father is?


This is all just coomer larp anyway but the implication is hilarious.

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>This likely never raised concern for them because dating people who look similar is totally a real thing in the queer community — we call this "dopplebanging,"

No, that's narciscism

And it's hawt