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Democrats are losing ground with the fastest-growing political bloc: Asian Americans

/r/moderatepolitics has a nuanced take on the subject filled with people arguing respectably.

Notice how they only have about 268,000 subscribers with less than 1,000 on this sub. This article was posted 3 hours ago and is just under 200 upvotes.

/r/politics has eye-rolling takes on the subject and people being utterly flabergasted that a non-white group may not automatically vote Democrat.

Now notice how /r/politics has 8 million subscribers with almost 32,000 users currently in their sub. This article was posted 2 days ago and has less than 130 upvotes.

/r/stupidpol's take is simply to shit on the Democrats but they're a bunch of almost-commies so they hate all American politics

Their sub has almost 80,000 users with about 10% of them being currently active in the sub. This article was posted 1 day ago and sits shortly under 400 upvotes.

/r/AsianAmerican basically says they think Democrats are useless but would never vote Republican.

Almost 59,000 subscribers, 198 users, post sits at 234 from a day ago.

/r/neoliberal sees through the lies and knows that Asians will always vote Democrat except for Vietnamese for obvious reasons.

136,000 subscribers, 1940 users, 200+ upvotes from a day ago

/r/aznidentity has a cynical take on both parties claiming one gives fake support while the other calls them CCP spies. A mod pinned a comment to remind everyone to not vote Republican and to only vote for the party that supports Asians the most.

50,000 subscribers, 378 current users, post sits at 152 upvotes from a day ago.


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This is an amazing thread. I’m going to read every reply.




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The problem with ricecels is that they overcome all the obstacles that hold back the blacks, which makes all of the idpol arguments look stupid. So the blacks constantly try to hurt Asian populations whenever possible, which makes the Asians vote for the opposition.

If Republicans play it right they could bring both latinx and Asians into the fold, and then the Demonrats will be fucked for a generation.

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  • collectijism: Principles are not going to be bent to become worse dems. Cope liberal cause principles are why
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If Republicans play it right

Except they keep fucking up every time they have the opportunity to do so.

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Republicans could win Asians for decades if they acknowledged that it’s blacks assaulting Asians. They pussyfoot around the issue.

It’s probably not worth it to them, Asians are the smallest racial minority in the US, and so cucked by Democrats they’ll vote no matter how many joggers *peacefully bash the skulls in of 107 year old Chinese women.

Neither party sees them as a priority versus pandering non-stop to black voting interest, and white liberals’ white savior fantasy.

there will be more asians than black in this country within a generation or two, and there are already twice as many latinx if you dont even count the illegal ones, republicans need to accept that they wont ever get large amounts of black peopl but of course republicans are r-slurs so..........

I love spics so much


There will always be fewer Asians than woke mayos

They are smallest minority and will be even more smaller. Like American born noddles are white girls in Asian body and guys are it’s never began

Bruh, you westerners always misunderstand Asian culture. We are literally programmed from birth not to insult someone to their face. Just be a republican who says he will act to do something about the black on Asian crime, open up an anonymous donation fund, and watch the money flood in.

But Republicans had more black votes than anytime in the history of the party in 2020 (like 8% of the black vote)! The party is run by idiots. And what's up with trumps pardons at the end of his term? But fuck people like Snowden and assange? This is why I don't serious post. I'm having another beer.

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>But fuck people like Snowden and assange?


The only mistake he made was not droning them.

At least a drone strike would've been good for drama.

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yeah because they're completely r-slurred.

Problem is the old guard Republican leadership is genuinely racist and unwilling to change. The GOP could be a lot better off when the older generations finally give up their lich phylacteries.

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Everyone always gets mad at me when I say Trump was a shift for the better in the Republican party politically. Neocons are genuine racist rslurs and anyone is better than them.

Right wing politics in America is about being a r-slurred person, so yes


Asian immigrants are so based it's unreal. Just their very existence is a slap in the face to both Idpol and the CCP, because they're highly successful in the U.S. (a massive diss to Idpol which requires the constant pretense that "structural racism" stops minorities from succeeding) yet the toxic levels of nepotism and corruption in China stopped them from achieving success there (proving that American society is culturally superior to Chinese society: because we give upwards mobility to immigrants who deserve it while the CCP holds those people down instead). If you guys have any tips on how to find hot Asian singles, please share - I got to get in on some of that sweet Asian action somehow. Dating a hottie who enrages multiple political factions just by being successful would be :marseychefkiss:

If you guys have any tips on how to find hot Asian singles, please share

Daly City, CA


I didn't mean where, I meant "How do you approach them?" Culturally there are some differences.

Politely and respectfully. Try and crack a harmless joke and if she smiles then she is interested. If they're college aged it's best to do it when they're with their friends. If they're out of college then you can approach them one on one. Try being white or asian for best results.

Edit: Be black or white for Filipinas.


Filipinas like basketballs?

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Filipinas know they're bottom barrel for East Asians and the other SEAsians would rather fuck a Thai ladyboy.

They fuck whatever they can get their hands on.

It’s more like they’re more open to dating black guys than other Asian ethnicities in America.


whenever you spot them, do some moves of shadow kungfu

Don’t joke about their sideways pussies

Pass then

Be well groomed, tall, rich, and not fat. Speak a few phrases of Chinese and Korean. Dont talk about kung Fu or Chinese politics.

Like any other woman except for black women. What kind of a question is that? Maybe treat them better than white women, too.

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Go join a gook church. Baptist or methodist.

He said hot. But I guess there are some hot Filipinas looking for a green card there. BTW you know any that won't let her family members eat my dog after we get married and they all move in?

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Universities regard asians as whites. It’s almost like they’re… honorary whites.

Have you tried being white and/or over 6 ft?


If Republicans play it right they could bring both latinx and Asians into the fold

Republicans are going to nominate Trump lmao.

Lowkey Trump was weirdly popular with non-Mainland Chinkcels and non-Bananas.

A Taiwanese housewife unironically said Trump was elected President because it was god's will.

>The problem with ricecels is that they overcome all the obstacles that hold back the blacks

Isn't the issue with this argument that immigrants almost always are curated to be some of the best? Hell african immigrants probably also overcome all the african american obstacles too

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That's a good hypothesis if you were trying to uphold a hemorrhaging worldview that makes you feel good about human equity but I'm afraid one sub-group of 10-11 million worldwide kinda clinch it, by nailing 40% of the Nobel Prizes for Science 1950-2000 (despite their upbringings being famously trash, as highlighted by Woody Allen and Larry David and Howard Stern), many of the showbiz jobs, comedy writing gigs, professorships, finance jobs, etc., etc.


I feel like the jewish question is more about community and nepotism which developed over hundreds of years than any sense of inherant intelligence racial buff

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Its a self fulfilling success style opposite to black people, besides Orthodox Jews they value success and education making them smarter as a group on average and are well established in top industries due to being pretty much white even throughout extremely racist times. Why wouldn’t a qualified familiar guy get hired by his ceo uncle of whatever as an extreme example of nepotism

Every time period that people say they hate jews, the jews become more of a community that props each other up.

When african americans were persecuted and subject to predjudice they were pitted against each other. And that mentality persists in poor communities today. Its absolutely cultural rather than racial but at this point a big part of it is up to them to want to change IMO

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Yeah I agree. There’s not a single man on earth that can truly think black people are lesser or inferior after meeting a Nigerian immigrant

No it's definitely both. You don't make such hugely disproportionate contributions to knowledge or control so much of society with just nepotism.

Perhaps not Somalis, but Nigerians have a median income $7000 more than the US average and 59% of them are collge educated.

And if you're working in the tech industry and nooooticing things, you'd notice that almost every qualified black engineer speaks with either an African or South American accent.

A ton of them that came before the 1960s came from nothing and became successful

I mean by the looks of it they already are.

If illegal immigration is stopped, good luck for those nail salons, restaurants and Asian landlords in Oakland/SF/LA/Vancouver who need cheap labor.

I can't even express how much I hate redditors.

>I believe we should keep ilegal immigration happening because it provides cheap labor, why yes I'm a communist how did you find out? :#chadsnoo:

>rightoids say that immigrants steal their jobs, but have they considered that immigrants are a source of labour, cheaper than the native population?

Two things Redditors believe at the exact same time, somehow:

  1. There should be a nationwide $15 minimum wage

  2. We can't lose access to cheap labor because that would destroy certain segments of the economy

Ricecels only tolerate Spics because they have a conservative family culture thats similar enough to Asian culture that they're preferable to mayos and other races and they also work harder.

The one thing that brings different races together: beating children with flip-flops

Weird how when one does it their kids study criminal justice or sell weed and when the other does it they have to sue harvard for not letting them in enough

Cuz you're getting the cream of one demographic and the scum of the other.

Tired meme

Being true doesn't make it a meme. Half of the senior codecels in my workplace are from South America.

It's untrue

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You do realize that Biden passed a bill that is called The Covid 19 law. Which is about the hate and Discrimination Asian Americans were getting due to Covid. It was passed to protect Asian Americans rights against Discrimination and hate crimes.

:soyjakanimeglasses: uhm chud actually we have an asian american month now so hate crimes dont exist anymore


The only ricecels that care about asian american month are filipinos and lesser asians who keep calling for Asian American and Pacific Islander unity.

Not one self-respecting high ricecel gives a shit because there are no discounts or coupons that go along with it.

asians have to vote democrat because we care a lot about black people (because they are our never-changing voting block)!

Is basically the democrat voter argument. Asians hate black people lol

More than any other race and they also hate Philippinian because they are black

Is that kind of like how Poles are honourary negroes?

What’s the opposite of honorary

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t. bestselling artist, originator of marseyxcore

:marseyking: Hail to the Cat :marseyking:


Didn’t know about it, but rest of Asia don’t like Philippines and call them Pacific Islanders

Tons of Asians simp for black people. Every time a black person beats some innocent Asian minding their own business there's always some Asians talking about how "This is actually white supremacy in action!"

some asians

Yea the ones who live with only white people lol

Whiteness is a mental illness I agree

3rd gen asians aren’t just honorary white

True. I notice they're normally foids as well.

Foid nonsense transcends cultural barriers

Who could have guessed that Asians would get tired of getting basketballed?


>Values also tend to get more liberal over time.

>20 years ago: Gay marriage should be legalized, all people should have equal opportunity.

>Today: Puberty blockers for kids, communism is cool.

>It should not be difficult to see how someone might support the first set of values and not the second.

Why are you asking me to notice those things?

LOL. Go on, vote Republiqan. See how that works out for you.

Nearly every Asian and ruralcel: votes republican

Dems: :marseypikachu2:

:marseyxd: dramatards just can't resist trainbaiting

Edit: actually that doesn't look like one of us

Asian ain’t democratic especially since now they are considered white (not by woman)

If you know the language and is even somewhat involved in the Asian community, it should not come off as news to you.

From what I gathered, and speaking from my own experience, I mostly lean Democrats because I think the dems at least pretended they care. Now it looks like the GOPs in my are care about Asians more than the dems.

I have never voted straight tickets, and I guess I never will.

Look at that piss poor engagement ratio! ShareBlue is hiding the truth!