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Attention seeker Marsey

This is me as a Marsey.

(Drawn using Inkscape. The font is Verdana.)

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@ all the foids and jannies and power users

I’m all 3 🥰

By Allah i have never seen such a wretched creature



You were also all three until recently, don't be so smug bitch


das rite nigga i decided to 🚂🚃🚃 im now a :blackfemboy:


I would say trains are the biggest attention seekers by nature but I literally never hear about ftm unless they’re de transitioning or killing them selves.

Except Eliot Page i guess.

or pregnant bb like the most manly thing a nigga can do is to push a baby out they cooch 🙄


Lmao that too.

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i knew u had that BBC just like i said in the ghost thread 👀🍆


:horny: for that boyclit huh




i didn’t think this thru 😩 im not even a manlet :marseyrain:


im not even a manlet


I'll decide that. Height please.

:marseycrying: 5’8 and a half :marseysulk: I wore flats to prom :marseysob::marseytears:


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liked your blonde marsey better

You don’t have to neg me to get me to notice you 🥰

actually one of these days i was thinking ''damn i havent seen frozenchosen comment in a while. i wonder if she finally got something going for her in her life besides posting on this shit website''

i then promptly wondered why the fuck i was thinking about a random user on rdrama


just kidding

he meant legacy foid

![](/images/16499800632315226.webp) Excuse me but you forgot the gimmick posters.

"Appearances are often deceiving"

gimmick posters have the appearance of doing it for the attention, but deep inside you know

you disappear inside the gimmick

you do it for the lolz

there is no 'me' to look at, so it's a pure form of expression

very gay, much queer, :marseythumbsup:

I'm too selfish to be a gimmick, personally

The nightmare has you and fear is its greatest weapon.

I'm too selfish to be a gimmick, personally


what can I say, I like the attention, I like the seethe

The nightmare has you and fear is its greatest weapon.

Gimmick nonsense and carp's fart fetish are the most repulsive thing on this website :marseysneed:

i don't really consider gimmickposters to be attentionwhores for the most part :marseythinkorino: dunno why tbh

I guess it depends on the type of gimmick. I personally hate drawing too much attention.

By the way, I finished that Marsey and Sylveon crossover art you asked for. I don't know if you actually care but I did it anyway :marseyangel:

"Appearances are often deceiving"

it's cute!

:#marseyexcited: :#marseysylveon:

Foids of rdrama in shambles.

And carp


carp is an egg waiting to be cracked

won't be long if he keeps hanging out in the discord



>carp is an egg waiting to be cracked

yeah im finna crack that niggas skulls with my bare hands

Straight bussin down bad finna fr fr

he already said foids




DId the abandoned marsey (you know, the sad one in a box) ever get assigned a code?

I've got a few days of backlog cued up—about 15 Marseys plus Chapose's new Emoji Marseys (Emarjis?). It'll be marseyabandoned whenever I get to it in a few hours.

Update: It has been a couple hours. 26 new marseys.




:#marseycool: :#marseychartgaussian:

The emoji names are goofy because Chapose said he actually wanted to make a fairly substantial set of these, and so for consistency I figured I'd just use the actual names for them in the Unicode standard. There's dozens of different variants on smiling for some reason, and I have no idea what to call the different emotions for them.

:#marseykingcrown: :#marseycodecellove:

:#chudsey: :#chudsey::#marseytransgenocide: :#!chudsey: :#!chudsey:


Lol at MarseyHankHill

And also marseyrofl would make a fantastic marseytantrum simply with a different mouth.

I'm not doing it though.


Did the idea of making a sort of user submitted form with the appropriate fields that you just rubberstamp y/n ever go anywhere

It's still something we're wanting to do, but getting the automated image processing right (because almost no one ever submits them quite exactly how we need) is a little bit of work. I've been experimenting with automating my manual pipeline even more, which will make the future form much easier.

because almost no one ever submits them quite exactly how we need

For now, I think the image requirements (200px wide, transparent background, etc.) should be added to the emoji megathread. The first place I saw them was in a different thread.

As of like a half hour ago, I think I can cope with just about any variation of transparency or sizing (unless someone purposefully needs the Marsey not to fill the bounding box), but once we get settled on what the actual human-labor-intensive parts are, for sure.




(Drawn using Inkscape. The font is Verdana.)

:marseyclappingglasses: :marseypainter:

Normalize posting your Marsey-making workflow

Hey what's up guys


why tf did this make me laugh so hard lmaooo

I :marseyloveyou:

Hi MarseyIsMyWaifu. What are your favorite things to do with Marsey?

:marseyscared: we don’t want to know bb im p sure mimwee an alt for kero the wolf


Hmmm, probably have sex with her

how do you know if she consents?

:#marseyscared: :#marseycrying:




I always look to give Marsey my undivided attention


it me

The nightmare has you and fear is its greatest weapon.

actually make the marsey:


The nightmare has you and fear is its greatest weapon.

This should be a mandatory badge for the discordcute twink powerusers.