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new stonetoss dropped

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Iโ€™ve seen worse bios

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Totally would smash

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Volcel if u wouldn't


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Doesnt pass on 1st pic, passes on the 2nd

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Agp smirk is literal instant clock but they all do it for some reason

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Moids just take that kind of picture in general. Ask a dude to smile and he'll do one of those

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these are the good pics they've got

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passes after a few drinks :marseythumbsup:

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Chicago 7

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Thatโ€™s not too bad tbh

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AAAAAAAAAAAA :marseybangfast::marseygunshotsuicide:

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This is what ppl donโ€™t understand, kids donโ€™t care about what gender u are. They just wanna know if u have candy, wanna play or to point out all ur insecurities.

things kids don't have to care about:

  • being on a serious competitive sport's team with them

  • being expected to have intercourse with them

  • sharing a change room with adult girld1cks or scary v*ginas

  • be forced to police your language (Although kids SHOULD get in trouble for misgendering)

Although it's funny thinking about trans women handing out candy to random kids.

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Kids aren't socialized enough to know not to call someone ugly out of the blue. They just do it

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Yeah if the internet taught us anything, childrens lack of inhibition is bad for :marseytrain:s, not better.

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what did the author of this comic imply by only hugging the youngest version of themself

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terminator 2 plotlline

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30 year old self: :marseysoyrope:

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trans lives matter more than- ACK :marseysoyrope:


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easily worth the chudding :#marseyclapping:

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Real 5 year old self:

"Why that dude dressed like a girl?"

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He don't pass

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Goddarn that drawing doesn't even :marseypass:

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Was thinking that but honestly with how much shit they get drawing themselves as super pretty when they're an ogre in a thong I'm willing to say not passing is good

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Chuds seething over this beautiful story of self-acceptance!


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Trains reproduce by grooming their younger selves.


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5 year old is happy, 13 year old is angry but 20 year old is happy again (or maybe 20 is surprised? idk). he should have started angry and learned to accept himself. this is a stupid comic

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Nah, 5 year old is just excited, 13 year old has values pushed on him, 20 year old grew past those values but still was :marseyclueless: about the programmer socks in his closet

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ok thanks that makes sense. although it still would have been a better idea to go from "homophobia/denial -----> acceptance"

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Literally me

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Stonetoss be missing a lot these days

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Everyones like new stone toss dropped but no one asks what he dropped.

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Does anyone have the version where he hangs himself? I saw it here a day or two ago.... :marseydetective:

Can't find it. :marseygiveup:

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I guess it makes sense to the five year old because kids are r-slurred.

By 13 and 20, he'd realised that you can't change intercourse and can only become a :marseytrain: so they're rightly horrified at his future decision.

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time paradox, he groomed himself

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Time to update the "girls with a time machine" to "gurlz with a time". Plot twist: molesting your 6yo self is what made you an agp hon

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Do you think libertarians would go back in time and groom themselves if they could? Makes you thinkโ€ฆ :marseyhmm:

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Libertarians reproduce by time paradox!

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Most abusers were abused them selves as kids so it makes sense.

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Since when is promotion of gangbang considered as "sexual threat"?

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