!leafs we have our own hole, this is a great day for Canada and therefore the world


Police said nine people are facing charges in what authorities are calling the biggest gold theft in Canadian history from Toronto's Pearson International airport a year ago.

Peel Regional Police said Wednesday that 6,600 gold bars worth more than $14.5 million U.S. and $1.8 million worth of foreign currencies were stolen. The gold was melted down and used to purchase illegal firearms, police said.

Those charged include an Air Canada warehouse employee and a former Air Canada manager who gave police a tour of cargo at the facility after the theft. A jewelry store owner is also charged.

“This story is a sensational one and which probably, we jokingly say, belongs in a Netflix series,” Peel Regional Chief Nishan Duraiappah said.

Peel Regional Det. Sgt. Mike Mavity said the gold bars, weighing 923 pounds, and foreign currency ordered from a refinery in Zurich were transported in the haul of an Air Canada flight on April 17 last year.

Late that afternoon, Mavity said, a truck driver arrived at the airline's cargo warehouse and gave an airline warehouse attendant a fraudulent document.

He said that the bill, for seafood that had been picked up the day before, was used to pick up the gold, and that the duplicate bill had been printed out at the Air Canada warehouse.


Op says 300 sqft apartments are bad, shit flinging in the comments

!leafs how much do you hate Toronto/Vancouver renters?

Canada now has a higher gender gap than China

How did this even happen? According to this random statistics site, immigration for men and women have been mostly equal throughout the years:

But there is a significant difference (11%) in male and female international study permit holders, most of which will attain permanent resident status after their diplomas are completed. Who would have thought the mostly-unregulated backdoor immigration method would cause issues in the future :marseyclueless:

Soon we'll have hundreds of thousands of currycels unable to find a jeetess mate. :marseypajeetitsover:

It's important to note that the gender gap data only includes ages 20-29, so the overall gender gap is probably still lower than China's. However, the gap will trend towards that percentage in the next few decades.


It's an archipelago called Haida Gwaii (formerly Queen Charlotte Islands :marseyredcoat:). The tribe that it was given to, Haida Nation, has a global population of... less than 5,000.

Despite this, private landowners in the archipelago will not have their land seized, they just now exist on Traditional Indigenous Land. Some people pointed out the vagueness in the agreement regarding land ownership:

In spite of this deal, it appears that the Haida nation is continuing with lawsuits that seek redress for the loss of those lands under fee simple status.

Given this, I find the claim that this agreement does nothing to private property to be misleading in the sense that the agreement fails to address the private property question entirely.

Not only is this a poor model for the rest of the country (ie promises FN sovereignty and pretends to codify fee simple at same time, for the same land), it seems that the circumstances here are not often found anywhere else (ie no overlapping FN claims to the land).

Those are Specific Claims, and not "lawsuits" but Canada's way of not giving back fee-simple lands.

Canada will fight tooth and nail to prevent giving back fee-simple lands to FNs, even if there was an incredibly strong and undeniable strength of claim to title, SCC judges would probably still not grant title because it would set a precedent to dismantle a lot of fee-simple lands. Not all of it, it would be a super high bar, but there would be some large sections that a few FNs could take back if it weren't for the Specific Claims process. Also this is where Canada sends FNs if they want to fight over fee-simple.

They want the government to just evacuate everyone currently living on the island and hand over their properties to the injuns? :marseyconfused2:

The "Specific Claims" system appears to just be Canada's form of reparashuns :marseybipocmerchant:

By the way, this is what the president of the tribe looks like :marseymayo:

One commenter linked her article in "IndigiNews" on the subject:

So they want it to be their sovereign land but they also want to still have access to publicly-funded amenities like healthcare. Lmao.

The author also keeps putting words like "Canadian" and "BC" in quotations, which is extremely obnoxious. This is her btw:

Over all, I think this was a terrible idea and the BC government should have given all the land to me instead because I would put it to better use. :marseythalmor:

Canadian children are the sexual property of the homeleSs



A Montreal tenant was audited and ordered to pay the tax he had failed to withhold on the monthly rent to his non-resident landlord, as required by law. As a result, he was ordered to pay six years' worth of tax as well as the compounded interest and penalties. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) could not collect against his overseas landlord, so the Canadian tenant was on the hook.

Last year, the tenant took the Minister of National Revenue to court, arguing that he did not know his landlord was a non-resident. The tenant, whose Italy-based landlord owned a single unit in a Montreal building, lost the Tax Court appeal on the grounds that they were a Canadian resident paying rent to a non-resident landlord, and were therefore required to withhold and remit 25 per cent of the rent to the CRA

“It is concerning,” said Mr. Luu. “But it's very hard to go after the non-resident, so they put the burden on the tenant.

The 2024 Tims experience

Why do we keep going there?


Alberta Health Services is investigating after an undocumented woman says she was denied an emergency C-section at an Edmonton hospital last month.

Perla Estrada, 35, said a doctor told her to go to the hospital on March 25 after an ultrasound revealed she had low amniotic fluid and needed a C-section.

She said at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, she was told she had to pay $5,000 upfront for the procedure and that no doctor there would see her unless she did so.

>Advocates and health experts say nobody should be denied emergency medical care because of their immigration status.


!leafs i cry every day that not enough of my tax dollars are spent on foreign nationals

just had a job interview for a bilingual position and was asked two questions in french and I blanked


Building Heritage status is RAYCISS

Jeet adjacent couple buy heritage house and immediately try to modify it

The couple, who identifies as mixed-race, told the board they only discovered their home was a designated heritage property last year, when they began looking into modifying the house's steep stairway from the sidewalk.

Because of that heritage designation, they learned, they'd need to get permission from the city before making any major changes to the property.

BUT fear not, they're brown so rules need not apply because someone, somewhere, was probably racist once.

[the couple are] asking the city to remove the heritage designation from their century home because they say the original owner was racist.

The two-and-a-half storey, 9,000-square foot house in the Yonge and St. Clair area, was built in 1906 for Stapleton Pitt Caldecott, a former Toronto Board of Trade president who was opposed to immigration, a University of Toronto historian says.

!leafs they're probably gonna get the status removed. Aint no judge gonna die on this hill


Pinay said there are 154 homes in the community and only 22 — all part of a new subdivision — have water lines connecting them directly to the water treatment plant. The 132 homes without direct lines get their water from cisterns or private wells.

more than 1/10th of all Canadians use cisterns or private wells. I literally use both.

Are you qualified to attend the world's most annoying people meetup?

@iStillMissEd wanna be a janny

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