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I'm okay... but I'm feeling like... but I'm okay...but news got me like....

The fucking government is in bed with media and media's acknowledging the GOOD NEWS!

People without Covid are in permanent concentration camps in Australia.

Lesbians have to suck the girl dick.

Christians can be demonized, but every other religion is untouchable.

Black Lives Matter wants you to boycott white businesses for the entire month then tweets that capitalism hates black people.

We don't talk about Waukesha.

The recent school shooter's parents got arrested but Timothy Simpkins is out on bail.

Mostly... I just fucking can't.

I guess that's why I'm here. Because you will hate this post, too. TLDR.

I'm watching people rewrite history that I actually lived through and experienced and I wonder if it was always like this.

Maybe I need to sniff some glue or something. OMG.

And DRAMA.NET when I was looking for fun you became a subsidiary of

FUCK IT... I'm pinning this because omg get over the .win and meta shit already. The FP here has sucked for two days. Just dunk on reddit or feature a .win post if dramatic.

I don't care about any .win posters or novelty accounts made by mods. There's enough drama out there without this goddamned motherfucking bullshit.

All Capys are Beautiful! Thank you @christmaspathianflorist for yesterday's submission. Well done Carp! :marseyfuckoffcarp:

Here is yesterday's thread

If you haven't seen them, The Princess Switch movies are hilariously bad Christmas movies, worth watching to get into the seasonal spirit.

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Bonus round this program being stopped apparently, in the long term, caused this

The Sam O'Nella fandom is dying! Click here to kill it faster.

For those of you who have been researching mathematics and philosophy in a Montana cabin, Sam O'Nella Academy is a history/science edutainment YouTuber with a knack for comedic timing and beloved, absolutely dogshit art. As of today, it's been nearly two years since his last video upload.

Since the Academy's last lecture, there's been a schismatic issue in the mind of the content-starved fandom- whether channels that take inspiration from Sam O'Nella are heroes or talentless hacks. You don't have to look far in Sam's official twitter to find users linking copycat channels to "let him know" (or covertly shill their favorite substitute teacher), and siring comment chains full of bickering.

Of all the Academy alternatives, Jake Farm seems to be the best produced. I'll let the channel's sole video speak for itself. Jake Farm is the semi-recent rebranding of a much more maligned channel, Sam O'Nella Shorts, after allegedly coming under new management. Shorts created animatic-monologue videos in the style of the original channel, didn't make the lack of official affiliation clear, and used audio clips of Sam O'Nella ripped from non-YouTube content like streams, podcast features and patreon bits. And boy, did it get SHAT ON.

Sam comes out of his year long slumber to name the imposter:

Guide on how to report Scam O'Nella:

Screenshot of what appears to be a straight up rehost of an Academy video:

Subreddit search for "shorts" gives you everything you could want and more:

Under intense community pressure and mounting channel reports, Shorts went to ground. Disabled comments and stopped posting entirely. Eventually, an adventurous redditor reached out, posted in a weirdly sympathetic way towards Shorts, and was awarded the channel. This gentlesir has his doubts, and the comment attracts replies from suspiciously low karma accounts.

Posting on Reddit did nothing to actually help Jake reach out to Shorts, and did everything for establishing a public "paper trail". It took Jake Farm about 0 seconds to delist all of the previous videos/evidence that was getting reported anyway, obliquely beg for monetization back, and as he helpfully points out in his posts and his video, you can donate to him through Ko-Fi or Patreon. Draw your own conclusions.

TL;DR Imitation youtuber got caught clipping the OG, and the coverup job is unconvincing. Perpetual niche seethe is possible.