/h/bots crossover event :marseysnappyhug: Can A.I. Generate the Perfect Thanksgiving?
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I ate an opossum AMA

While camping out last night I snared a male possum while aiming for coon. Figured there’s a first time for everything so I , butchered, cleaned and made a roast of it and rendered the fat for later. It was p good but gamey of course. Possum meat is fairly soft and the texture is fairly similar to summer coon.

Snare it with a foot trap. Say a prayer to St. Hubert then take it out humanely with .22 (9mm nakes too much of a mess with game yhis small). Check for ticks, rabies or infestation. If you have time submerge in water for a while to soften the flesh bc the fur will come off easy.

Clean and quarter and put it in a Dutch oven camp pot with with a paste covering it of salt, pepper, hot sauce, Cajun seasoning, Worcestershire sauce and light molasses

Roast about 3 hours on your campfire. Baste frequently and make some biscuits or potato along with it. Save the brown rendered fat for rind

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Inflation-proof Thanksgiving dinner is possible with substitutions : NPR




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Bacon-wrapped dates I made for thanksgiving 🥓:marseypig::marseybeandrool:
Official snack of rdrama patriots :marseytransflag2:
Lemon & mango ginger chicken soup. Mama Bardfinn’s secret recipe

After we talked about rdrama hot goss, bardfinn made me a nice meal. Xhe wanted me to share the recipe with xher biggest fans.


  • can opener

  • Campbells chicken and rice

  • A dollop of canned tomato

Soup's on!





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Thanksgiving food thread.

Post bird.

Or really any of your food for Thanksgiving here.

Edit: unloved dramatards ruining my thread arguing over frozen pizza and not even including pics.


Key lime cheesecake with meringue :marseyhungry:
Slop is served, piggies :marseypig:
Cheese tray

Presentation by my children:marseysmug3:

Fried rice I made last night :marseychefkiss:

I like fried rice, but this is unironically my best attempt. Rice, tumeric, curry powder, olive (and then seasame because I ran out) oil, diced chicken breast, white mushrooms, lots of peas, couple eggs, oyster sauce, and soy sauce

Cheese and Cracker Selection for hosting friends :marseyblob:
Pseudo panda express, chow mein, honey sesame and kung pao chicken, 85g protein :marseylifting:
Bacon and eggs w/ pancakes
Meatloaf and taters with pseudo demiglace

Bonus dog glimpse

Porkchop with baked beans, stuffing, and gravy.

The author seems to be a fast food expert who discusses their "regular" orders at each of these fast food places and how these limited edition items compare. Very :marseyburger:

I love seeing the different ways that ameriKKKans combine fat and sugar and call it a meal. Milkshakes should be illegal.


100% Rye Bread, fresh from the oven.

These are not as tall as the last 2 times, no idea why lol. Will add cross section photos when it's cool enough to cut.

These are made for a trip cross country, I'll be stopping at a few restaurants on the way, plan to post pictures of what I order.

Pasta with sausage

Any other meal prep Sunday dramatards? Made enough pasta for the week, at least to last until Thanksgiving.

3 in 1 Curry :marseyblob: 🍛 😋
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Average ameriKKKan Lunch

$28 of Taco Bell :marseylaugh:

Moab Diner (Moab, UT) Breakfast

Went to Moab diner during our trip north, was pretty decent depending on what you get.

I ordered the #2 pancakes with sausage patties and eggs over medium. The pancakes were dry and kinda bland, and the eggs were more easy than medium. To be honest I would skip the #2.

Someone else got the #1 with hashbrowns, ham, English muffin, and scrambled eggs. They accidentally served over easy (cooked unevenly) instead, but was painlessly replaced. The other person said the ham was awesome and the hashbrowns were great, the scrambled eggs were vastly better than the over easy/medium as well.

The third person got #5 (The days special) "Sweetwater Skillet" and said it was pretty good, they didn't have much to add.

The place was packed, we went on a Saturday at about 10 am and every seat was sat and it took about 15 min to be seated. Everyone was working like a machine, so things moved quickly.

Overall the food was a mixed bag, I think the meats and scrambled eggs were very good, however the pancakes and eggs over medium were mediocre at best, bland at worst.

Imo if you are here to get the meats or potato sides, I think you would be pretty satisfied. However if you wanted good pancakes, or eggs over easy/medium, I would look elsewhere.