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Day 450 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine: comprehensive analysis of the war to date
The holodomar happened megathread

Eurocucks seethe

Argentinia remains Naziland

My taters bring all the micks to they yard, but not going to feed you going to let you starve


Slovenia tells the Russian people to go to hell

The deprogram is a stupid subredditd full pf stupid people

French do the right thing for once

The deprogram embraces antisemitism

Uk is on the side of good for once

Russia loses the propaganda war

Communists belong in hell

Learn about the bengal famine and how we shouldn’t let subhumans who take bribes live

Rock and Morty communist fans

Nintendo fans don’t seem to realize they’ll be the first against the wall when communists take over

Hobbydrama sucks

Eastern europeans hate the Soviet trash

Truth hurts the communist

Soviet propaganda enjoyers cope

fricking communist scum proud of being communist scum

Commies are liars

Socialists in Berlin are like Nazis: the city is infested with them.

Soviets talk about breaking chains.

Free speech in the Soviet union


Anti-semetic communist

This is a ballet and concert hall

Berlin tells Russians to go to hell

The old Eastern European gang hate the Russians

Poles also tell Russians to go to


Austin hero fights communism

Open season on Soviet monuments

/R/conspiracy nazi simps

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foids :marseymeangirls: laugh at ukrochads :marseyzelensky: getting kidnapped for the draft

Some MUH FEMALE PRIVILEGE :marseysneed: in the /r/4chan thread

!chuds this is ameriKKKa's future if you let !nonchuds continue to win

Death to all vatBIPOCs.


Le Karma Train comes for us all

My roomie :marseytransgenocide: is a Russian dudette who came here (USA) shortly before le special operation into le "border" country next to Muscovy.

She is a pretty :marseybased: individual who always informs me (lefty Bernie virgidiot-type redditor) about the latest genius takes from le RT spokesman Tucker Carlson (RIP).

Anyways, her :marseybased: uncle decided to go do some "construction" in the region close to Ukraine to make some :marseygolden: rubels (apparently he is a total frickup at home, in debt, etc. etc. basically the average Russian 40-something) and ends up sneakin' over into Donetsk to do sum "medic" for Pre-goes-in...

Well, turns out the US has labelled anyone in le Ride of the Valkyries brigade a meanie poo (aka terrorist) and so now my roomie's gon' hev to lie on all her forms and shit or otherwise she can kiss that beautiful green card g'bye.

What a hard life we comrades most endure, eh?

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If Russia was in South ameriKKKa, its citizens would be the third richest South ameriKKKans
Ukrainian made a big sin today

Khohols send drones today to Moscow through very rich village and by doing it breaking the rules of not touching rich neighbors, it pissed them hard.

Putin gave a fast interview telling khohols launched this attack because couple of days ago he with bunker blaster boinked Kiev spy HQ. And it seems to be true

Apparently couple of days ago was a big explosion in Kiev and there was a earthquake

“Experts concluded that a bizarre vibration felt by residents was not an earthquake and Mayor Vitali Klitschko gave a tantalising response when asked about it on TV last night. “It was Zaluzhny fart””

And that place is now blocked:

So it makes the whole daily mail “it’s not true :marseysoycry:” very hilarious

But problem is touching the rich is the ultimate red line. They were so butt hurt that they criminalized the whole Ukrainian army higher ups in a blink of second that’s why Putin also had to give explanation despite khohol not hitting single building in that village

And even Prighozin got butt hurt

Example of average house in that village:

US of course today rushed and told it doesn’t support Ukraine in striking Russian soil :marseythumbsup:

Source of claim

Top comments are choice cope

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There have now been 33.5 periods of two weeks since this began. In the time it’s taken Russia to not conquer Ukraine, Russia could have conquered Ukraine 33 and a half times!

In related news, the ruins of Bakhmut actually were not taken. Again. Wagner is running out of convicts and pulling out, though.

Another few months should see who gets the ashes of the village.

edit: The invading forces did score a big hit yesterday though, completely destroying a hospital, wounding a 3- and 6-year-old. A far cry from the early days of the denazification of Ukraine in which the Mariupol children’s hospital was annihilated, but perhaps a return to form.

Most productive slavic endeavour

They're literally killing eachother over mangled steel and concrete :!marseylaughpoundfist::marseysoldierrussia::!marseyazov:

Here's whatever's left of Bakhmut

And this is how Mariupol looked like when the brave warriors of Russia liberated it from the NATO globohomo NWO back in 2022

This time for real, tomorrow springcounter offensive 100%

Zelenskyy: Spring Counteroffensive Coming, With or Without Western Warplanes

April 30, 2023

Bakhmut battle allowing Ukraine to target key Russian forces, Zelenskyy aide says

And prepare for counter offensive :marseythumbsup:

4 April, 01:37 AM

Washington expects Ukraine to launch counteroffensive ‘in coming weeks’

Will tanks set up Ukraine for a spring offensive?

JANUARY 27 2023 :marseythumbsup:

Will not give away ‘fortress’ Bakhmut, fight as long as we can: Ukraine President Zelensky

And thing is khohols don’t want to launch any offensive it’s suicidal Russia has manpower, tech, air and etc advantages and the even won bakhmut with numerical disadvantage and now are softening Ukrainian AD to be able to use jets. Time is on Russian side it’s a bigger country with more resources and still has cards. It’s comical that Ukraine needs to launch an offensive against a stronger opponent that is turtlemaxxing like every day Ukraine becomes weaker in relation to Russia and launching offensive becomes harder. The only counter against Russian strategy could been sanctions but they grandiosely failed. And bongs getting angry asking where the counteroffensive :marseyxd:

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Breaking Slavshit News: Russians invade Russia. Mass evacuations in Belgorod.

Russia says its actchyually Ukrainians. Ukraine says they dindu nuffin and its actchyually the Freedom of Russia Legion

Legion enters Russia with tanks:

Helicopter response:

Possibly downed helicopter:

Belgorod evacuation:

Is this the great civil war(tm). Probably not. I imagine the attackers will dissipate back across the borders once a big enough response is mounted but it seems like they have got the element of surprise going for them right now.

Confirmed downed helicopter:

Looks like shit is getting real chaotic. Whether this police uniform thing is real or just people panicking, it seems like its a confused shitshow.

Free Legion has demo'd a bridge:

Free Legion might be digging in:


Day 461: russia takes the gloves off for the 60th time

lmbo vatnigs

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#2 Weekly Laughing at /h/slavshit


Sal calling! Sal calling! Weekly slavshit thread incoming! :marseyjam:

/h/slavshit has been crazy :marseykingkrazy: these last few days, Ruzzia has finally taken BathMoot from the hohols. And as we know, the west has fallen, and millions must die now. Here are some highlights.

Day 450 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine: comprehensive analysis of the war to date

Carp posts epic meme saying "watch this go nowhere in 2 weeks" to own the vatnigs, much seethe ensues.

Pizzashill steals the top comment with some r-slurred nonsense about pressing F16? (But I thought the cap was at F12? What keyboard is this man using?)

wait til ukraine starts getting f-16s lol. You're really gonna see some vatnig seethe then. :marseypizzashill:

We just need F-16s, trust me two more weeks and Russia loses


It's hilarious how vatniks went from "Ukraine will fall in three days" to "Russia won't fall to Ukraine" :marseyxd:

The cope has been unreal, even in victory ziggers can't stop taking Ls.

F-16s won't change the course of the war, it's already set - Russia's in a quagmire but too arrogant and proud to back down now that the world is watching. What f-16s do is allow Ukrainians to kill more Russians and trash more of the pride of Russian technological accomplishment (that the west was supposed to cower in fear of) on the way to that inevitable end.

I'm only quoting this comment because he says Quagmire :marseyquagmire:

This shit is without a doubt your most r-slurred take and you need to stop. Oh okay let's give them an entire air force. All they need is billion's worth in planes, a separate billion's worth in training, reallocating a shitload of their soldiers (while their biggest advantage is manpower) to become airmen to fly, maintain, and coordinate the aircraft. And all we need to do is send them all the fuel they need to train their pilots and then use the jets operationally when we're barely keeping our own above currency. Then we just give them all of our missiles that we haven't been building hardly any of in years. They can use this to, what, invade Russia? Why do they need the jets when they're already winning? :soyjakyell:

You shouldn't arm foreign militaries with billion dollars worth of an air force because you just shouldn't, ok? :soyjakyell:

Hohol BIPOC @Budgerigar copes about the "Neonazis" :marseyhomofascist: in Ukraine


@Transgender_spez brings out of the facts and logic. founded 2014 founded 2013 founded 2014

And I could keep going

least clueless lib !commies

For r-slurred hohol shills, remember that the only correct answer to ziggers sneeding about "muh Russian genocide" is "yes and?" with you being portrayed as the Chad :gigachad2: and them as the Soy wojak. :soyjaktantrum:


Some r-slur says.

Carp, when am I getting my bet money back? I correctly predicted this shit was going nowhere

I wonder when he's gonna get his money back :marseysal:

Salvador Cucked by Facts and Logic

@UraniumDonGER has made his remindme bot fact check @_____ whenever he posts Russian propaganda the truth, which has caused some sneeding from the illiterate shitskin brave freedom fighter. In addition to that, he also made an entire thread dedicated just to seethe at me correct my ignorance.

You can add to the next round that @RemindMeBot is now fact checking Salvador shit when he posts to Slav shit


Meanwhile, Salv's post.

My article was about Swiss revisit its laws that forbid to transfer its sold weapons to 3th parties. Majority of Swiss population is against such change since it’s a move toward losing neutrality. Neutrality is main Swiss export. They been neutral since 1516 (their words) official from 1815. Changing this status for khohols is just not economically worth it. Their weapons export is 1 billion when their gdp is 800 billions. The effect on banking would be a lot more than 1 billion if they legit let other countries transfer Swiss weapons to Ukraine. So even if you understand a bit economics you’ll understand there is nothing to win for Swiss in this event. Of course sal is uneducated idiot Who decided to laugh at my economical knowledge even after last January I told sanctions won’t work. But I didn’t know the Swiss laws before and apparently it will takes years for them to make final verdicts to let their weapons to be transferred to Ukraine. So it’s just Swiss dancing around burgers to not piss them off and just wasting time hoping soon the conflict ends so Swiss neutrality wouldn’t be touched. There was nothing about west losing the war in that article. So as you see Sal is just a r-slur that couldn’t even find a good way to dunk on me.

If you can read r-slur then good for you, I can't so whatever this ESL tried to say is lost on me. :marseyshrug:

UraniumJogger's bot in action.

Factcheck: You really believe that shit? lmbo dumbass neighbor 🤣


I am flattered that you “created” a bot that follows exclusively me on /h/slavshit

But you should get a new job since there will be even more khohols in your country that you’ll need to feed


Some r-slur makes a Salpost to Salv and for some reason Salv starts incelposting :marseyconfused:

I legit want real demographical stats of Ukraine right now, homos classified all demographic since mid March so after more than a year the “official” numbers of refugees is still 8,1 millions.

For inkwell research we need to know how many women left what’s their age group and etc.

Why do you need to know that

My university has language class for people outside university that just want to learn the language. It did anonymous pill asking Ukrainian if they want to go back. They got results 90% told no.

Even here Politico needs to clownmax instead of saying 2/3 of Ukrainian don’t want to go back they use 1/3 want to return home.

In politico poll it’s clearly 2/3 for sure don’t want to go back and 1/3 mb want to go back.

Knowing Ukraine has 3th worst fertility in the world. They also are on second place in Europe in divorce rate, only Portugal divorce more. Now imagine over 70% their childbearing women left and will never go back. So we can already determine Ukraine will never repay its debts but what will happen with empty land ?

The biggest conclusion we can already make is that Arabs were smarter sending their men to Europe instead of women.


lol look at this worthless mutt seethe :marseylaug#h:

Still mad Morroco won Eurovision ?


PizzaShill owns the chuds

Pizza makes a post about some nerd shit that I can't be bothered to understand, just keep in mind it also causes seethe.

I love how pizza interprets his own backpeddling as a win

stay classy brother

literally what?


no patriot system was hit --> ok maybe it was hit but not destroyed (you are here) --> ok it was destroyed

find where I ever claimed the patriot wasn't hit lmbo.

In fact I said Russia likely sent a swarm of missiles and hit one, you claimed it was one missile.


The holhols launched THIRTY patriot missiles. In two minutes. $160M USA tax dollars, all so they could FAIL to defend the launcher, which was, if we're honest, completely obliterated.


An actual good post

To finish with this week's post, I want to talk about @kaamrev 's good summary on the Ukringe situation and how Putin got pwned, there's not much to say, go read it, it's great.

That's all for this week, have fun lovelies.

!nonchuds !effortposters


what do you think it's like to be the tiny robot driving a suicide drone :marseysteer:

Sometimes its best to just grab your pack, wave goodbye:marseywave:, and leave it all behind :!marseywalking:

This is Budanov

He predicted that the war will end in 2022

Yet media continue using him as ultimate truth

Here he says war will be over befor summer 2023

Here he says the war is almost over

Here he says Russian Russian will run out of military cow tools by end of spring and it’s important because he told that on mid March 2023

Here a article made 3 days ago praising how great his predictions skills are:

Here Washingtonpost sucking his pipi hard with 1400 comments:

Here he talks about plans for Crimea after he liberate it and it makes sense because the interview was like from April and like we know “ In a Jan. 31 interview with The Washington Post, he expressed the need to bring Crimea back to Ukraine by summer.”

Early in May he realized his epic prediction ain’t coming out. So he went ape shit:

And told “We will keep killing Russians anywhere until the complete victory of Ukraine” but of course it’s not February 2022 so only in some east EU countries the support for Ukraine is more than 50% so

Ukraine’s spy chief says his words about killing Russians “anywhere in the world” were misinterpreted :marseyemojirofl:

What’s important that west use him as most trustful land one with most realistic prediction in office if Zelenskyy

But question is how could anyone give such high position to a millennial ?

This guy seems like an educated fellow. We should listen to him.

zaluzhny looks pretty good for a dead guy :marseysal:

version with sound

:shadowrage: House Edgy has joined the war on the hohol side :marseysunflower:

Seriously which :marseybong: though it was a good name.

:marseyturkroach: :marseystocksdown: :marseysaluteussr: :marseystocksup: . :marseyflageu: :equals2: :marseyconfused: (russian economy will SURELY collapse any year now :marseylaugh: )
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Every military aged Russian male is about to be mobilized

John McCain 8 Years ago

Downvoted into oblivion too

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