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Day 450 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine: comprehensive analysis of the war to date

To conclude a deal with the investigation, corrupt officials will have to pay:

  • from UAH 204 thousand to UAH 2.04 million - in case of a criminal offense;

  • from 2.057 million to 20.4 million UAH - when committing a minor crime;

  • from 20.417 million to 102 million UAH - when committing a serious crime;

-from 102 million UAH to 204 million UAH - when committing a particularly serious crime

If you were caught with small amount of corruption it cost you from 2k to 70k buxx to walk free.

The sum increase till max corruption lvl where it cost you 2 million to 4 million buxx to walk free.

Such laws will help corruption grow :marseythumbsup:

Especially in tax police since it's a good mechanism for racket.


Wrote a post that the hospital case is dead and so Russia is not guilty.

Average pro Ukrainian genius @Cobra_Commander comes says I am wrong and shows and edited video, to low iq to understand edited videos are no proofs and says my general claim is wrong. Offer him to put money where his mouth is.

Runs away like gold showered little b-word :marseyrofl:


It's like how one girl told me how her single parent mom went clubbing and one guy started screaming he finished Hogwarts Business School so her mom came to him and gave him her daughter phone number :marseyxd: then told her daughter she should date him because he is rich/will be rich. So she started dating him :marseyxd: but she then after 5 months dumped him because he lied about finishing good business school in England and was not rich and just played lol whole day. I mean he legit told he finished Hogwarts how more honest can a guy be ?


If Trump start doing what they don't want they will kill him like Kennedy in some random state by some "psychopath"

What an legend


Look Ukraine had successfully counter attacked :soyjakwow:

Ukraine today post video how they attacking Russian in that location, no comments from Jihad Julian

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She actually now does arestovitch og job. Telling unpopular stuff into the mass and normalising it (for the president) like she got rid of couple of generals this June.

Since late 2023, she criticized Valerii Zaluzhnyi, until in February 2024 he was dismissed from the Army. In 2024, she switched to Yurii Sodol, whom she called a "criminal", a "butcher", and a "murderer" on a daily basis. Sodol was dismissed in June 2024.

Like after spring counteroffensive I told it's over for Zaluzhnyy and it wasn't because it failed but because Zelenskyy started losing popularity so Zelenskyy send this foid to start pooping on Zuzhnyy rep and she was the first who started doing it in Ukrainian gov.

She now started pooping on Sirsky so soon it will be over for him.

So she is like XOF to FOX


Who really likes Israel

So why is this post in /h/slavshit ?

He really doesn't want to help khohols

He already made Julian jihad mad

J.D guy told in 2016 before Trump took the office that he doesn't like Trump and now in 2024 he says he likes Trump. He is lying :soycry:

And in last days Ukraine attacked India

So they are a bit in panic

:marseysperm: :sperm:


Who could had predicted this ?

But kinda curious that in December 2023 only 8% were unsure.

But you have to take into account December poll was made by DW so it's less biased than official Ukrainian one (the one I posted now)

@IraniumDonGER I give a hypothesis and I prove it. While you can't answer simple question.

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This is your average pro khohol

I just asked for proof of direct hit of the hospital and they doing unreal mental gymnastics like what's wrong with them ?

@IraniumDonGER seriously how did they even finished school if they can answer a simple question ? Or they didn't even finished it ? It's been now 5 days and no proofs and no open investigation.

Asking for proof of direct hit shows me a 3D model

This is the hospital and if 5300lb directly hit it than there is pictures where that building is turned into dust

He answered to this comment with 3D model. I didn't claimed it was Russian or Ukrainian missile I just asked for proof that 5300lb missile directly hit that hospital.

And they will claim they smart when they can straight answer a simple question


It all happened before the NATO summit a supposed an 5300 lb missile directly hit an children hospital

No it's not the video of that fat black missile hitting a hospital it's a video of that missile pumping and military factory and killing at least 40 workers.

So back to hospital

Here is the missile that supposedly hit the hospital, it lost quite weight and got taller and managed to kill zero children :surejan:

So insiders saying during the NATO summit Zelenskyy offered to start investigating but Biden told no it would be bad for NASAM rep :marseythumbsup:

And it would explain why it went way relatively peaceful except @Szia_uram going full r-slur because I pointed at facts

Now they story went to :marseysal:

Wikihomos even didn't added that story to its dedicated page of Russian hitting hospitals

@Szia_uram Your anger went in vain, a story of big butt bomb hitting a children hospital and killed zero is just pathetic, just like you


A week ago I told you guys why su27 was better than f16. F16 won't even lift and fab1500. So su27 got even a bit better.

Also su27 are less vulnerable to new orlan drones that destroyed at least 6 HIMARS in last 30 days

and I don't count HIMARS in Odessa since we didn't got any visual confirmation other than that Ukraine kinda stopped using ATACMS.

So bad week for khohols, it's spring counteroffensive got the final sayonara and President Trump survived (it's technically incorrect to presidents "ex" but you can call them un acting)

Many Ukrainian brigades got mad and wrote if they were the shooter they wouldn't had miss.

And khohol glowie genius leader dropped this yesterday


Soviet Union was successor of Russia the same way Russia is successor of Soviet Union. Soviet Union was the one who paid the Soviet debts and continue doing the Soviet treaties and other shit. It was the biggest part of Soviet Union in every field. Ukraine as other republics gladly dumbed all Soviet debts at Russia and rejected all the claims of being Soviet successor, to start as new virgin countries and yet the khohol that has the only dictator in Europe that illegally gave himself that power and shits every day on Ukrainian constitution, decided to talk about laws :marseyxd:

And let's look at it theoretically, like for example UN decided to vote to kick Russia out. Who will actually vote to kick Russia out ? :surejan: US won't because that would just kill off UN. And despite all the flaws UN does good job protecting Israel from criticism.

But I love how he asked the audience to rise the hand if they took part of Greco-Persian Wars 499BCE

Like for real Russian UN change happened 33 years ago of course non of those that sit in that room was in UN back then.

So Ukraine again throw some sand dust to the eyes instead of celebrating

"Sayonara my lovely spring counteroffensive"


At least local pro Ukrainian will say Ukraine is winning since its Ukrainian goal to reach 1991 borders and Russian goal is to grind down all Ukrainian that can hold a gun. And we can see how Ukraine is closer and closer to its goal :marseythumbsup:

Also don't worry it was never about helping Ukraine win, it was never about isolating Russia, it was never about forcing world order on Russia and punishing it for breaking it, it was never about punishing Russia for taking other country land and setting a precedent that countries can do war of conquest after ww2, it was never about showing western might with sanctions, it was never about destroying Russian economy, it was never about punishing Russia so China would fear west, it was just a straight lie. It was about killing Russian and reducing their military capability :soyjakwow: what Russia has now more people and better military capabilities than in 2022 ? Yeah that was also a lie :marseyseethe:

@Szia_uram catch phrases: Ukraine can't win fast enough :surejan:

And things will get just better for Ukraine since NATO straight called China its N1 enemy

This week on choosing beggars:

Party on the front lines


In case he deleted his post like he deleted his post where he was crying that the world care less about Ukraine than Palestine :soycry:

Crying that world don't care about supposedly "Russian" 5200lb missile strike on children hospital that killed 0 children. It's already sounds absurd. But I already proven before that 1st it wasn't x101, such missile would had left a huge hole

And as you see only some windows are blown out and looks like shrapnels. X101 doesn't has shrapnel but AD missiles have

2nd there was no direct hit on that hospital.

Being khohol or devil advocate I wrote when this happened that Russian hit a civilian building in Kryvyi rog and killed people:

This is Soviet building and its a lot thicker than the hospital.

So Ukraine had real story but they decided Kiev and capitalcel lives only matters and started to dance around that absurd story about children hospital.

Warmonitor3 probably realised Palestinian lives matters and just absurd crying that outside world wasn't impressed about story of 5200lbs bomb managing to kill 0 children while 1/3 of Gaza casualties are children. That story is just vanilla.

But now he copes about nukes Ukraine never had. By Soviet laws all nukes were property of Russian Soviet republic and were even guarded by soldiers that were from Russia :marseyxd:

Expecting more from west is also low iq. West failed to protect Ukrainian electricity that means west for real has no AD to spare

This winter will be very problematic for Ukraine and December 2023 polls showed 48% Ukrainian want to continue fighting and 44% want peace talk. 7 months later is safe to assume more want peace talk.

So what that warmonitor3 wants from US ?

He should go hold some bakhmut

What did Rudolf Höss have to say for himself? : HistoryMemes

Bottom text


That's how pro Ukrainian expected first trial of Busha to sound but it's clown world

According to prosecutor Martin Bílé, 27-year-old Filip Siman joined the Ukrainian volunteer battalion Carpathian (Nazi) at the end of March 2022, despite the fact that he did not have special permission to do so: the law prohibits Czechs from serving in foreign armed forces without the president's permission.

Link to Wikipedia

In Ukraine, he received basic training and went with a group of soldiers to the Kyiv region's cities of Bucha and Irpin to perform missions.

According to the indictment, the Czech repeatedly misappropriated the belongings of both dead soldiers and civilians. It is stated that he appropriated a number of jewelry items, cash, branded sunglasses, etc.

Speaking in court, the man denied that he wanted to enrich himself by collecting valuables. According to him, all the units were based in abandoned houses of Ukrainians, so the valuables, money or electronics they found were taken "to the headquarters". The Ukrainians' belongings were taken in case the Russians recaptured the facilities.

I steal it so someone else doesn't steal it even tho Russian didn't steal it the first time.

As "trophies" he brought back from Ukraine Gucci glasses, a breathing mask from an-225 and gold and silver bars, as well as other jewelry.

He said that he removed gold jewelry from the killed because "that's what everyone did." And confirmed that the Ukrainian military not only robbed but also shot civilians near Kiev in Bucha: "We were the police, we were the court, we were the firing squad when it came to this."

Where the frick did they found bars ? Is war legit like battlefield bad company single player campaign ?

Who could had thought the Reddit battalion can be this wholesome

YouTube did a genius move

It's 2022 and YouTube banning pro Russian Russian artists… oh wait it's 2024 and YouTube banning those artist by request of Baltics :marseyxd:

Russia directly approved new law to ban YouTube by September

Baltics population is 6 million and now YouTube will lose two countries with combined population of 155 millions :marseybrainlet:

Like it would been understandable if it was 2022 today or US has requested this ban, but Baltics ? :marseyxd:

Edit: I read this article in another place that didn't mention this:

the Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission (LRTK)

the Baltic country threatened to fine the video platform nearly $ 55,000

Also all the artist they asked to ban are boomer artists whose main audience ain't even on YouTube :marseythumbsup:

The YouTube foid that was leading this case as true foid. 55k is literally nothing, it's probably not even 0,001% of money they been making from Russia


Pretty much everyone was expecting :marseysal: but a lot more :marseysal: :marseysal: :marseysal: happened than expected.

Before the summit started it was assumed Ukrainian would do some big push to have some gains to show at this summit as winning but nothing happened not even missiles strikes.

Even Russia prepared for this summit better by doing breakthrough in couple of sectors and bussy blasting Kiev.

During the summit there was a lot of talks about nothing like for example this:

And this

Then not even 24 hours after those statements they did a 180 flip. Biden told no and

Poland had interesting ideas about fixing refugees problems

"I think many Poles are outraged when they see young Ukrainian men in hotels and cafes, and they hear how much effort we have to make to help Ukraine,"

So they started a "volunteers brigade"

"In Poland, we are beginning to train the first Ukrainian brigade composed of volunteers from inside Poland. We have up to a million Ukrainians of both genders, and several thousands of them have already registered for the draft,"

"Interestingly, many of them want to serve and rotate their compatriots, but they say: 'We don't want to be thrown into the battle without being properly trained and equipped.' And we're going to do this for them," Sikorski said.

Oh heck yeah, that's why they run away from Ukraine and the mobilisation :marseyagreesuperspeed:

"And then they will be available to the Ukrainian government as a unit with the right to return to Poland after their rotation," he added.

He encouraged other European countries also hosting male Ukrainian refugees or with significant Ukrainian minorities to do the same.

"If every European country did that, Ukraine would have several brigades," Sikorski said.

Realistically this move will push Ukrainian to find a job or move to Germany since Germany just can't do similar move because of ma ethics

Then Poland promised Ukraine it would shoot down missiles that are heading towards Poland in Ukrainian sky. But of course did a flip :marseykickflip: by saying NATO should shoot those missiles but nobody reacted or commented so it went :marseysal:

Then NATO promised to give Ukraine 40 billion next year but just a month ago countries decided to tell no to nato idea of giving Ukraine 40 billions but honestly it's impossible to track all the money heading to Ukraine. Wikipedia stopped updating it and froze it at 380 billion since November 2023 and we know that Ukraine got at least 50 from eu, 61 from US and tons of smaller aids packages this year. Yesterday tho Biden gave Zelenskyy only 220 millions.

Biden was the star of the show tho

So as expected :marseysal:

Absolutely KING Biden moment :marseykneel:

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